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Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by DomBXC, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. DomBXC

    DomBXC Extra Enthusiastic About The Sandlot

    Am I allowed to build maps or stuff for the sandlot (Like for example, build a secret maze for the lobby)? I would really love to help :D
    Or just simple permission for like the lobby, or easy lobby, or some other small place would be great! I would have so many things to do if allowed! I would love to build a secret thing at spawn!
  2. LegoStiko

    LegoStiko Who is the Derpiest one of all? VIP Helper Elder

    You can ask moderators if there are any projects that need any help with. Most projects made for lobby, easy spawn, or any other main area in the server are made by helpers, senior helpers, moderators, elders.
    But mostly elders, moderators, or senior helpers with an elder star. But you can start by making stuff for other players to help with role-plays, making parkour, and much more! Just ask around.
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