Accidently Dropped My Sword Into a Hopper in an Enderman Farm in Easy

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by captain_ODG, Jul 25, 2020.

  1. captain_ODG

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    So today I was grinding XP at an enderman farm in Easy Survival owned by @MagKat, when I accidentally dropped my sword into the dropper system meant to collect enderpearls and other enderman drops. I did /seen and MagKat has not been online for over a month, so I am not optimistic about my chances of reaching them, but I was wondering if by any chance someone has access to that claim, or if MagKat can come back online to help me out?
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  2. Floofin

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    I cannot help get the sword back, but if you aren't able to, I sell maxed out things for 1k each enchantment, so just PM me in-game if you need
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  3. _Onion

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    Hi, I’m sorry that you lost your sword. If a moderator can’t get it for you, i’d be happy to help you get a new sword. Could you list the type of sword and the enchantments on it so I can help you get another one? Thanks!
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  4. captain_ODG

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    Thank you so much for the offer, but its ok, I would feel bad if you got it for me free of charge. If I am unable to get my original sword back, I will probably take up @Floofin on his offer and pay for a new one.
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