Arenas, Skywars, and HG closed until further notice

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Jan 16, 2020.

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  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    There has been escalating drama, bullying, and name calling in the Arenas server. Frankly, I am appalled at the behavior I have seen and I expect better from all those involved. You know who you are.

    I am closing all PvP servers until further notice.

    EDIT: This is not permanent. This is until I see some behavior changes and everyone being treated with respect. Please take this time to re-read our rules and treat your fellow Sandlotians as you want to be treated.

    EDIT 2: It's open again.
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  2. Floofin

    Floofin Floofier and floofier... VIP

    Ok, Its Unfortunate it got to this point. :\
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  3. winged_gator

    winged_gator Adept

    I understand I haven`t been on PVP in a while but I have been on non moderaited servers (once) and I got bullied a lot so I understand and am fine with it

    EDIT: whooo! first time being one of the first comentors! (I`m used to seeing if I can be a first and finding 999,999,999,999B comments before me)
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  4. FqdedColors

    FqdedColors The One VIP

    I Can understand This With The New Wave Of people Coming To The Server (Due To Minecraft's Recent Success) There Are Bound To Be People Who Are Mean And Have No Common Sense, To Think That You Can bully People On A Family Friendly Server

    My Regards
    -Khan (xX_Does_FitXx
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  5. NekowoNyan64

    NekowoNyan64 Programming Neko VIP

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  6. StarSans

    StarSans Expert VIP

    I wasn't aware of this, a shame that this had to occur
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  7. GemTheGerbil

    GemTheGerbil Rodent lover VIP Helper

    I think this is a good call, I experienced an escalation, too. A break is just what we need. It makes me sad to hear that it got to this point, especially since I love the PVP, but I don’t love arguments!
    Thanks, c0w!
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  8. GrassPelt

    GrassPelt Master Helper Elder

    I feel like we've seen a similar situation to this in the past... *cough* factions *cough*

    Regardless, also keep in mind that it only takes a few (in some cases one) to ruin it for everybody. If you break the rules, or hurt someone else, it won't be just the other player feeling the pain. At this point, you've also hurt everyone else that doesn't do what you've done, and is looking for a good time in friendly PvP. As long as you learn from the mistakes, we can move past this situation, and have an even better time going forward.
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  9. KevinBoyette

    KevinBoyette Artisan

    Why not just ban the problem players? I don't see how shutting down the servers for everyone solves anything.

    That's like taking away a cat your dog bites, in an attempt to train the dog not to bite cats. Then, you bring the cat back a week later assuming all will be fixed. Guess what, the dog is going to bite the cat again. :confused:

    I rarely play anymore, but hey, that's my two cents. :cool:
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  10. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    If it was just one or two people, that would probably be sufficient. However, to me - with no knowledge of any specific details - it sounds like it may have expanded to more than that. Hostility and bitterness spreads like a virus and can infect usually perfectly healthy individuals. You can take medicine to combat the infection, but you still need bed rest to heal the whole body. Time away from the negativity will allow everyone to reset and hopefully return their mindset to a better state. That's my ha'penny's worth (since two cents would probably be overpriced. xd)
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  11. Rockclimbergirl

    Rockclimbergirl Professional Homework Doodler VIP Helper

    I'm glad you are taking further action into this problem. Thank you
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  12. TinsGoneTinsane

    TinsGoneTinsane An Iron Can With A Potato Head

    Even though PvP is one of my favourite things on Sandlot, I understand why you temporarily shut it down and I hope that this resolves the negativity we’ve been seeing recently on these servers! :)

    Edit: I just realised I wrote resolved not resolves xd
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
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  13. Giraffon

    Giraffon Expert Helper

    I play some other games that have PvP elements to them. It kind of brings out the worst in some people both winners and losers from what I've seen. Think about at schools when teachers punish the whole class for the actions of a few. What does that do? It encourages the class to police themselves a little better. It's also a life lesson. The world is like that. It only takes a few bad incidents and then there are new laws or policies that affect everyone. It's just kind of how the world works.
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  14. KevinBoyette

    KevinBoyette Artisan

    Depends on the problem. You don't ban pipes because someone makes a pipe bomb. You ban the bomb-maker from society (i.e., Sandlot). :cool:
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  15. GemTheGerbil

    GemTheGerbil Rodent lover VIP Helper

    You have a point, but I think that in this instance, Giraffon is right :)
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2020
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  16. Sharp_Knivez

    Sharp_Knivez Adept VIP

    Hey, cow sorry about what i and other people did. I wasn't calling anyone names. I just was mad at **redacted**, **redacted** was calling **redacted** and his friends **redacted** So Please understand that i did nothing to harm anyone. I did say a few times **redacted**" But i won't do that again.

    What i think should happen is keep the pvp servers down until *redacted* gets talked with.
    *redacted* should be talked with. Thats my concern.

    EDIT: I agree, everyone should be treated with Respect. And to all of the people
    that we're in this argument, I'm not mad at you guys at all.
    I just liked to play pvp. So if that could stop happening that would be appreciated.

    Moderator note: I have modified your post. I don't want anyone to be called out publicly.

    EDIT BY TNT: Okay, i agree thanks for helping.

    ANOTHER CRAZY EDIT WHY SO MANY EDITS: Sorry, i didn't know calling people out
    publicly was not allowed, Thanks for editing it, i will edit that out if you would like?
    Please tell me. Thanks!


    Last edited: Feb 15, 2020
  17. NightKing16

    NightKing16 Mad_ VIP

    Callous and malicious remarks are never needed. How does anyone benefit in the long run? I think it is totally the right decision if it is causing upset in the community. Respect!
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  18. RainbowRat2004

    RainbowRat2004 Theatrical Ratical VIP Helper

    It's a real shame it had to happen, but I understand why it got to this point. There's no fun in it if everyone's arguing.
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  19. NekowoNyan64

    NekowoNyan64 Programming Neko VIP

    To be honest, this almost always happens. I won't name names but I know some people have done this. Although, I have been stroking the flames, but I've seen always seen this happen. I wouldn't suggest just closing.
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  20. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    Has it really gotten that bad? Wow... I hope things overall get better and everyone will be able to properly enjoy the PVP worlds. I know drama happens at times, but it must have been REALLY bad if we are at this point now.

    I'm glad it's temporary, at least. :) Hope things get better sooner rather than later.
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