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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Dec 28, 2015.

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  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Hi everyone!

    The elders, helpers, and moderators have all been working very hard over the past months, and I am incredibly excited to announce that a new Arenas 1.8 server is nearly ready to be launched! There will be more details coming later, but for now, here are the questions I can answer for you!

    So what's the big deal with 1.8?

    You won't see much of a change, but upgrading Arenas to 1.8 will allow us more flexibility in our future arena builds, and will provide better plugin support.

    What will happen with my inventory and balance?

    I am planning on migrating all your inventory and enderchest contents and your balances to the new server. I will also be migrating your PvP/PvE stats, like kills, rank, wins, etc.

    To properly copy over your data to the new Arena server, the current Arena server will have to be shut down while I copy the data over. If it's not shut down, then any money or inventory items from the time I copy the data to the time the new server is ready will be lost. I don't want that to happen. I will try and minimize the downtime of the Arena server, but we do have many other servers you can play while it's down. Go explore Hogwarts or try something new!

    When is it going to be relaunched?

    It will happen some time on December 30 (yes, that soon!). I will do my best to keep the downtime to a minimum, but I want to make absolutely sure everything goes as planned. I expect the current Arena server to be taken offline anywhere from 2-4 hours. I will be making backups before I make any changes so that if something catastrophic happens, we can always do a rollback.

    So it's just updating to 1.8? What took so long?

    You'll see. :D
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  2. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA VIP Helper

    Yay! Make sure to visit the smoothie shop in the mall, I did the walls c:
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  3. TheOneCrafter

    TheOneCrafter PVP Master Helper

    What are you talking about? I thought c0w was just updating it to 1.8 :confused:
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  4. TrueVioletMU

    TrueVioletMU Adept

    lol way to put 'em on the cliffhanger xd
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    THE_GLOSS Expert Helper

    I can't wait! :D
  6. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Sandlot Chef Helper

    I worked on this waaaay before I was a helper even before the spring batch I think ;) hope you guys like it!
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  7. Yengetsu

    Yengetsu Ruler of all JoJokes

    will there be a place where you can have no armor
  8. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Artisan VIP Helper

    So excited. :D
  9. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Sandlot Chef Helper

    Maybe maybe not...
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  10. Yengetsu

    Yengetsu Ruler of all JoJokes

  11. Sush1dd

    Sush1dd Expert

    I knew it as soon as you posted the 'coming soon' thread!
  12. GoldenZdude

    GoldenZdude Artisan

    . . . we wil see . . . ;)
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  13. TigerGod295

    TigerGod295 Expert

  14. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

    I am so excited for you guys to see this.... It's all so awesome...

    To be truthful, I didn't really help much :p
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2015
  15. powermaster30

    powermaster30 Expert

    WHAT!!!! new arenas this is awesome bros
  16. probablyabee

    probablyabee Expert VIP Helper

    I wonder... c;
  17. umm i do have a mob arena waiting to be checked in creative at meh plot @c0wg0d
    heres the ID
    ID: -16:-36 Recommended if u do /plot visit Earthquakenate
    i cant do the wall cause of meh mouse auto double clicking but are u able to do that?
  18. Gamedude3

    Gamedude3 Adept VIP

    Yay! I can't wait to get home and try it out!
  19. Cherry_Keen

    Cherry_Keen ham’s daughter VIP Helper

    I'll be on around 9:15 PM EST time. I had an unexpected change in plans. Excited :)
  20. _IshDeFish_

    _IshDeFish_ Expert VIP Helper

    @c0wg0d, your shutting it down on my birthday.... HOW DARe CHU!! YOUR DOING SOMETHING KYLO REN WOULD DO!!!
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