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    Hi everyone! We are less than a week away from the grand re-opening of our Easy Survival server! I am creating this thread to inform you of some things I am certain everyone will be asking (or has already asked) about the new server. Please read this over so you have a leg up on what to expect for the re-opening.

    If you have any questions I didn't cover here, ask away and I will do my best to answer you.

    What Minecraft version will the new Easy Survival use?


    Does that mean I have to connect to The Sandlot with Minecraft 1.15.2?


    Will the doors be weird?

    In all the other servers, for now, yes. But in Easy, the doors will be non-weird. We still recommend using Minecraft 1.12.2 when playing on other servers on The Sandlot.

    Will there be a jobs system like old Easy?


    Will there be a mall with shops where we can buy stuff?


    Will the mall sell EVERYTHING?

    No, there are still going to be some items that require Minecraft skills to obtain, such as wither skulls and beacons.

    Will we be able to create chest shops to sell stuff?

    No. I want the economy on Easy to be focused on working jobs and using the money you earn to buy things in the mall.

    Can we still sell stuff to other players?

    Yes, and you can still use the /pay command to give money to other players. You will have to either drop items on the ground for the other player to pick up, or place a chest that they have trust to open.

    Will we get the new nether stuff when 1.16 comes out?

    Yes. We have decided that we will RESET the nether when 1.16 is available. This means that for now, the nether on Easy should only be used for resource gathering, because everything you build there will be deleted when the nether is reset.

    Will there be resource worlds like on Normal Survival?

    Yes. They will be reset monthly just like Normal Survival.

    Will we be able to build in The End?

    On the main island, no. With the addition of End Gateways, I wanted the main island to remain pristine for two reasons: 1) to keep it looking nice as people use the Gateways to travel to the outer islands and use the portal to return to the overworld, and 2) to provide a battle arena to fight enderman and collect enderpearls.

    If we can't build on the main island, can we still summon and fight the Enderdragon?

    You must fight the Enderdragon in The End resource world only.

    Will there be a community Enderdragon fight?

    Yes. I am going to wait a while before we have the fight, to give players time to gear up. I will post an announcement when we have the fight, and I will most likely host a livestream of the event. The End Resource World will be unavailable until this fight happens.

    How many claim blocks do we get?

    You will start with 1,000, and you can gain an additional 240,000 based on how long you play on the server. You gain 250 claim blocks per hour played.

    Will claims be removed from inactive players?

    Yes, claims will expire if you have not logged in to the Easy server after 1 year.

    How big is the world?

    The Overworld is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks.

    The Nether is 2,000 x 2,000 blocks and will be expanded to 5,000 x 5,000 blocks after the nether reset.

    The End is 10,000 x 10,000 blocks.

    The resource worlds are all 5,000 x 5,000 blocks.

    When does Easy re-open?

    Easy Survival will be re-opened on March 28th at 10:00 am Arizona time! To see a countdown, visit here:


    To celebrate, I will be livestreaming for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT from 10 am to 10 pm on the new Easy Survival as I play together with you guys! It should be tons of fun and I'm very excited! Hype!

    Is it going to be laggy?

    There's a very good chance that it will. I have done everything I can to ensure we have a smooth re-opening launch party, but Minecraft 1.15.2 requires a lot more CPU power than 1.12.2 does, and I am expecting we will have a substantial number of players joining (even cheracc!) so please do not be disappointed if you can't play right away or you have a laggy experience. There is plenty of land for everyone.
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  2. SupersonicE9

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    Thanks for the information, c0w! Looking forward to it!
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    Ok, thanks for the info c0w!
  4. LunaLovegood

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    I love how ridiculous this question is, but it is a legitimate concern!
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  5. isasmells

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    so excited!
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  6. DogboyOz

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    With the claim blocks being claimed per hour played, couldn't this be exploited by AFK-ing?
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  7. c0wg0d

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    No, you don't accrue claim blocks if you are AFK.
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  8. DogboyOz

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    Ah, awesome!
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  10. iamneko_

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    Cool! thanks for the Info c0w!
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    Thanks for updating us! Man, I'm excited to get on and do this!
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  13. trubuhl

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    Ever wonder what c0w does while we are all busy building Easy for him? Yep, he stands upon his throne (c0ws don't sit) and directs it all.

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  14. DogboyOz

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    Are there going to be biome spawns like in Normal?
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  15. TruWolf_

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    From that snapshot above your comment I would assume yes, as you have a icy portal to the left of c0w's throne and swampy one to his right
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  16. isasmells

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    Yes, there will be! :)
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  17. trubuhl

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    Yeah but there are only two in the picture, right? We named them "Too Hot" (jungle) and "Too Cold" (snowy). The main spawn is, of course, called "Just Right". Can you guess what the Theme of New Easy is? ;)
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  18. isasmells

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    so, does “too hot,” “too cold,” or “just right” have your smelly socks in it? :eek:
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  19. KRiskKaT

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    Fairy Tales? which I would be totally pumped for, just sayin...
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  20. trubuhl

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    Hmm actually I don't know if we have a theme. I was just making stuff up, as usual ;)
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