Free HungerGames weekend and 5 new maps!

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  1. c0wg0d

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    In about 2 hours, we will be launching 5 new HungerGames maps made by our amazing community! To celebrate the launch, we will be making all kits available to all players for the whole weekend (through Monday's nightly restart)! Please join us and check out all the hard work that went into the making of these maps!

    Mario Galaxy by @SupersonicE9


    Dinosaurs by @briberry


    Giant House by @tmuo and lxvestruck


    Countryside Village by @_Hatter


    Candyland by @Gemlikedyourpost

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  2. kabo0m

    kabo0m I love blowing things up!

  3. MCtwilight

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    These all look absolutely amazing!!! You all are such talented builders! I can't wait to play them all. Amazing job, everyone!!
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  4. tmuo

    tmuo :D VIP

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  5. GemOLantern

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    It’s the final countdown!!!
  6. Floofin

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    dun dun dun dunnn
  7. LifeLearner

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    I came.... I died.... a lot.

    (Probably because I did not know how to choose a kit for 2 games, and chose poorly after learning how to do it. :rolleyes:)

    Thanks for the maps everybody! They were fun, and are a great addition to our map library. I know that you worked hard to make these giant maps.
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  8. Monkey_Chicka

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    These are such beautiful maps. Thank you so much to all the builders! They are really amazing.
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  9. MCtwilight

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    Amazing work everyone!!! I love all the maps!
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  10. fxzzysocks

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    These maps are so beautiful and I love them!!! They are all so fun to play on, I've had so much fun. Love them all!!!
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  11. Lavarocks

    Lavarocks Master

    I absolutely loved the Mario Galaxy one! The only issue I had with it was it was kinda hard to find chests besides the spawn area, but the build was very impressive! ☺️ (Probably the best in my opinion) the other 4 had much better loot distribution, but weren't as impressive as the Mario one. (Plus I just really like Mario lol)

    All the maps were very good overall. Nice work!
    Thank you to the map builders, this is my favorite mode on the sandlot and it's very nice that people are playing. (I even log in quick just to check if there are people on hg, haha.)
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  12. _Hatter

    _Hatter Mad_ VIP

    oh wow i didn’t see this!! but tysm for all the love on the maps, and i cant wait to play my
    map for real!!<3
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