Happy birthday to you! - Monthly birthday parties in the Sandlot Lobby

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  1. MCtwilight

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    Hi all!

    Starting February 19th, the Sandlot will now be hosting monthly birthday parties for everyone that has a birthday that month.

    This will include games, prizes, and certainly lots of partying as a way to celebrate your birthdays!

    The first birthday party to kick this off will be February 19th, at 3PM EST. This party with also include January birthdays, since that is the only month that's gone by. However, the following parties will always be the second Saturday of each month. (There will be a new post or thread created that contains the date and when there's going to be a new one.)

    3pm EST

    2pm CST

    1pm MST

    12pm PST

    11am AKST

    8pm BST

    5am AEST (February 20th)

    3am AWST (February 20th)

    Please do not share your actual date of birth without permission from your parent or guardian.* This is just to generally celebrate all birthdays of that certain month.

    ***With parental consent, you may post if you have a birthday in the month of February or January in this thread:

    Some screenshots of the event:
    upload_2022-2-13_17-51-42.png upload_2022-2-13_17-51-55.png 2022-02-14_22.26.53.jpg

    We hope to see you all there! Let's celebrate together. :)
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  2. _WG_

    _WG_ Honey Crisp

    I really love this idea! It’ll be fun for there to be a big player gathering. If this works out, would it be possible to do something similar for other big holidays?
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  3. Disco_Duckling

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  4. Virgeric

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    I'm in May!!!!
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  5. TeamDucks

    TeamDucks Ducky VIP

    I'm in august, lets go!!
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  6. october...
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  7. drxgonroar

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  8. Hamburger_Moment

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    me when in January O_O
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  9. MCtwilight

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    This party will also include January birthdays too!
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  10. WanderingLlama

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    This sounds fun! I'm so excited :)
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  11. MCtwilight

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  12. KoolWhip515

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    I would love to join!

    if i had a new enough computer!
  13. kabo0m

    kabo0m I love blowing things up!

    July :p
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  14. tmuo

    tmuo :D VIP

    this is so cute
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  15. Monkey_Chicka

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    Another May birthday here! :)
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  16. ashington__

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  17. Sokington

    Sokington Never gonna give you up

    May <3
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  18. HenryUnknown

    HenryUnknown Adept

    That's really thoughtful! I'm sure this will be enjoyed!
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  19. HenryUnknown

    HenryUnknown Adept

    I'm on Halloween! ;)
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  20. im in june!
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