Hunger Games Community Tournament and Free Kit Weekend!

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    Starting this Saturday, May 16 at 10:00 AM Pacific/1:00 PM Eastern, there will be a community led tournament in Hunger Games! To celebrate this tournament, all Hunger Games kits will be free to use for the whole weekend! In addition, the shop will be disabled for the duration of the tournament.

    The tournament is being led by @MCOnion, so any questions should be directed to them. Here is how he has informed me that it will work.

    Bracket Structure

    For the first round, everyone will be able to play. Then, half of the players will move onto the next round. This will be determined by first the number of kills a player has, and then if there are more spots, whoever stayed in the longest. This discourages hiding the whole game while still rewards some players who are able to hide out for a long time. Near the end of the bracket, there may be more than half of the players who move on as games must have at least 4 players to start.

    MCOnion will stay out of the competition and act as the scorekeeper. He will have a notebook with everyone's name and can record all kills.

    If players break the rules and try to play in a round they didn't make it to, a moderator will remove them from the game. Spectating after a game has started is okay.


    If these guidelines are broken, the player will be kicked out of the bracket.

    1. No teaming/trucing
    2. You may not hide in places that every kit cannot realistically access past the point where 1/5 of the players are remaining. (For example: in a 32 player game this would be 6, in a 15 player game this would be final 3)
    3. As a spectator, do not give hints to alive players on other alive players whereabouts/inventories/kits. This makes the game less fun for everyone and is unfair to other alive players.

    The top 3 winners of the tournament will win monetary prizes in Easy, HG, and Arenas. There is also a bonus prize for most kills throughout the tournament.

    First Place
    $1 Million in Easy
    $500 in HG
    $600 in Arenas

    Second Place
    $150,000 in Easy
    $100 in HG
    $250 in Arenas

    Third Place
    $75,000 in Easy
    $50 in HG
    $100 in Arenas

    Most Overall Kills Bonus
    $50,000 in Easy
    $50 in HG
    $50 in Arenas


    We would like to thank the following players for their generous contributions to the prize pool for this tournament.


    ishx_ - 500k
    xrchie - 468k
    MCOnion - 107k
    FastPablo1- 100k
    Mickeyheart - 100k


    Kyukuro - 550
    MCOnion - 150


    RMicky - 500
    GemTheGerbil - 500
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  2. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Woohoo! So excited for the event to happen!

    I wanted to add that I will be hosting an “arena tour” after the tournament finishes. This will consist of whoever wants to join me in playing 1 of each arena game.

    Can’t wait for the event! It will be lots of fun :D
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  3. TheBigBurger

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    Just wanted to make an opinion, the arena money prize seems a bit low. maybe bump it up to 1,000 or something?
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  4. _Onion

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    The prize amounts all depended on how much money I was able to get donated from players. I don’t think it’s that low because the focus of the prize is on the $1 million in easy, and the HG and Arena money were basically add-ons for players who don’t play Easy.
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  5. tmuo

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    @_hxneyy :eek:

    i think i might take a break from our project this weekend
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  6. spenksmells

    spenksmells :P VIP

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  7. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Time Traveller

    oh, i understand :) i might be able to donate a bit if im online
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  8. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Time Traveller

    wait i just realised the tournament is at 4:00 am for me :(
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  9. LifeLearner

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    Set that alarm! buzz, buzz, buzz
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  10. _Hatter

    _Hatter Mad_ VIP

    Sounds fun! Are donations still open or is the prize fixed now?
  11. CoolKaterz

    CoolKaterz Expert VIP

    I don't know what time this will be for me :(
  12. _Lard

    _Lard The Voice of Reason

    18:00 for all the people in the UK
  13. DogboyOz

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    Actually 3am because daylight savings ended...
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  14. GemTheGerat

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    Yay, awesome! Can't wait!
    *cough* I donated 40 dollars into the HG fund :p *cough*
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  15. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Sorry :(. You might still be able to make it to the last rounds or the arena tour.
  16. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Oh I'm so sorry, I forgot about that, I'll make sure to mention it the day of the tournament
  17. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    The donations are a fixed prize now, but if this event is a success, we could host another HG event when the new HG plugin is released and you could donate to that.
  18. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    If you are in the london timezone, it would be 6PM/18:00.
  19. Floofin

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    1mil in easy? No teaming? I’m in!
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  20. iamneko_

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    sIgN mE uP
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