IMPORTANT! Name change support and what it means for you

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  1. c0wg0d

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    The Sandlot will support name changes soon (most likely sometime this week). This is a Very Big Deal. I recommend you read this post, then read it again so you understand just how big of a deal it is.

    Why should I care?

    As I'm sure you know by now, Mojang (the creators of Minecraft) have allowed players to change their Minecraft name. You can change it once every 30 days, with an additional 7 day grace period where your name cannot be used by anyone else if you want to change it back.

    Names used to be the unique "key" that unlocked all of your data on every Multiplayer server you've ever used, including The Sandlot. It's what kept track of your claims, your plots, your locked chests, shops, stats in PvP games, balances, enderchest contents, your sethomes, job stats, and the list goes on and on. Basically it's everything that makes you you, as far as Minecraft goes.

    I have been working hard on updating all of our old plugins that used to store everything with your name as the key to use the new Mojang key, called a UUID (Universally Unique IDentification).

    Hunger Games balances, kit purchases, and stats were the last pieces of the puzzle that were updated to UUID, and I am very confident that ALL data on ALL servers across The Sandlot are now UUID ready. This means that name changes should have no effect on loss of items or data, and that we are finally able to support name changes.

    That being said, it is going to be YOUR responsibility to notify us if there is any information that has vanished or is otherwise incorrect once this name change support goes live. A report that says "I think I had 600 tokens in HG before, now it says I have 10" will be ignored. Backups will be taken of course, but restoration from backups is tedious and should only be done as a last resort.

    Minecraft identity

    Your name is the only identification you have on The Sandlot. People know you by your name. If you change it, people won't know you. Let's look at this scenario.

    I, c0wg0d, change my name to b33fg0d because I think it's funny.
    I tell everyone, it's me c0wg0d, isn't my new name funny?!
    A few weeks pass and my computer breaks.
    I can't get online for a couple more weeks because I'm waiting for parts.
    The 37 day grace period is up for the name c0wg0d, and @b12arr01973 changes his name to c0wg0d.
    Who's the real c0wg0d now?!

    This is the reason that I, personally, do not like name changes. It's going to be a constant struggle for anyone that has changed their name to tell people who you used to be, and many players will no longer trust you. You should think very carefully about changing your name.

    Rules regarding name changes

    When we get a new whitelist request for a player, we expect them to have a clean and family-friendly name. While you are now free to change your Minecraft name, it still needs to be family-friendly and follow our rules.

    If your new name violates our rules in any way, you will be temporarily banned for 30 days, and you will be required to choose a new family-friendly name before being allowed back on The Sandlot to play. This is not negotiable. If your name is extraordinarily rule breaking, your ban will most likely be permanent with no chance for appeal.

    Additionally, if you change your name to something that is very similar to a moderator name, like c0wg0d1 or hamsrus2 or V1rgeric, you will most likely be banned until your name is changed to something else. We cannot allow others to attempt impersonating us or giving us a bad reputation to new players who don't know the difference.

    Forum names

    The forums will be updated to support name changes as well. I am investigating ways to make this as easy as possible for you guys. When I have more information about it, I will let you know. It is probably going to take me a few weeks until I can support name changes on the forums.


    If you have any questions, ask away!
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  2. TRBHCharlie

    TRBHCharlie Adept VIP

    Thanks c0w!
  3. RennyBoi_320

    RennyBoi_320 Expert

    Thanks c0w! I will most likely never change my name though! :D
  4. zilory

    zilory Expert at Dying While AFK VIP Helper Elder

    Thanks I know a lot of people have been asking for this, though I won't be using it myself.
  5. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandma Mickey Helper

    I won't be using this, but I know TennisPlayer wants to change his name to HuskerBlue like it is on other servers. :)
  6. I won't be using this but some players will I don't want to lose who people think I am. Also wouldn't name changes make choosing helpers harder?
  7. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Yes, much harder.
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  8. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    Thanks, C0w! Although it's very unlikely I might change my name.
  9. charlemane72

    charlemane72 Adept

    I used to be cklineman, but changed my name before the sandlot. I like my current name, and I have no Intent on changeing it again.
  10. TheAfkOne

    TheAfkOne Most visits to AFKland daily VIP Helper

    Thanks for all your hard work on making us able to change our names on Sandlot @c0wg0d :D

    One question - Will this affect forums, too?
  11. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Read the post again. :)
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  12. pieagle

    pieagle aesthetic VIP Helper

    Thank you so much, c0w! I know how much work this must've been for you :) My name will be changing in game to my forums name (So it will be _PieMonster_) As soon as the server gets this update, just so you'all know its me ;)
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  13. Eossa

    Eossa Adept VIP

    I, c0wg0d, change my name to b33fg0d because I think it's funny.

    Did whovi tell you a bout *b33fG0d* ?
    And I'm never going to Chang my name ever.
    And thank you c0wG0d for all of that <3
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  14. CreeperSword

    CreeperSword Expert VIP

    I changed my name to :creeper::267: (CreeperSword) I have this on many signs i made. For example; in my rp it says Mc name: CreeperSword Rp name: Creeper Rp age: 42 (aka teph) and the rest of my rp info

    the aka teph is in the "age" row because that's where there is the most room to put it.

    I posted this so there is no confusion when my name gets switched over.

    This hopefully means i can have my In-game skin on my forms account instead of the steve head
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  15. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA VIP Helper

    Yay! Now I can not be a steve anymore! In 17 days I might change my name again to something but I'm not gonna tell you because you might take it!
  16. Frazure

    Frazure Part time Firebender and Cat whisperer VIP

    Awe no but you might not be a helper anymore if you change ur name! :eek:
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  17. Luigi8831

    Luigi8831 Sandlot's Owl Helper

    Thanks c0w! Just a few questions:

    I don't think I want to change my name but if I did it would probably be changed to something like:
    *~*Luigi8831*~* or Luigi_The_Owl (or ProfiterowlWings8831 lol)
    would that be allowed?
  18. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Zebra Expert Moderator VIP Elder

    That should be tied to her UUID, so she should be good to go.

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  19. Prestihatitator

    Prestihatitator Weird Science! Helper

    You can't have names with ~*'s in Minecraft, I believe.

    I've changed my name so many times I feel bad lol
  20. Luigi8831

    Luigi8831 Sandlot's Owl Helper


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