Important VIP info, price change, and a free Sandlot sticker!

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  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Hi everyone!

    Since @cheracc has transferred ownership of The Sandlot to me, the VIP payments need to be transferred from him to me as well. Please read the following carefully!

    Renewal Price Increase

    Our operating costs when cheracc last updated the VIP payment info were around $2,000 per year. With the expansion of Build Battle and Skywars, that cost is now nearly $3,000 per year. As such, we are very slightly increasing the renewal price from $5.65 to $5.95.

    Current VIP Players

    If you currently have a subscription set up, you will need to cancel that subscription via PayPal, and renew by selecting the Sandlot VIP (Renewal) package that costs $5.95. This is very important! If you don't update your subscription, the money will continue going to cheracc and sit unused in his account instead of benefiting The Sandlot running costs.

    Free Sticker!

    As a thank you for being the awesome and amazing community members that you are, you will receive one free Sandlot die-cut sticker with each VIP purchase (new or renewal) made between March 1st and April 15th!

    Slap it on your laptop to show your friends your awesomeness! (Not the screen though, that would make it way too hard to play Minecraft properly.) Alternatively, beg your parent or guardian to put it on the bumper of your car! (Sorry Moms and Dads.)

    The sticker will be sent to the address given with your payment, and you will receive one sticker for each subscription in your household.

    The sticker is 2" by 9.3" in size and will look like this:


    I have updated our store to reflect all these changes. If you have any issues with the new store or have any other VIP/payment related questions or concerns, please let me know!

    You can find the store by clicking "Become a VIP" at the top of the page, or by following this link:

    For a step by step guide on how to purchase VIP, please see @RatMazeMind's amazing guide here:
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  2. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Thanks c0wg0d!

    We appreciate all you have done, now do, and will do for The Sandlot!
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  3. DogFriend202

    DogFriend202 trying to be the best she can be

    Thanks c0w!
    Ooohhh... I might get VIP now just for the sticker :p
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  4. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA VIP Helper

    er my gershhhhh
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  5. Alliecatgirl

    Alliecatgirl The Stalking Kitty

    Stickers make everything better :p
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  6. _Lyra

    _Lyra Adept

    I might have to buy VIP again because of the sticker, because, its a sticker.
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  7. Alliecatgirl

    Alliecatgirl The Stalking Kitty

    As I said, stickers make everything better
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  8. Pigichu

    Pigichu That strange animal in the corner

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  9. linmoy

    linmoy Grandma Mickey Helper

    Thanks c0wwie. Also, congratulations on becoming owner! You're gonna be amazing. :)
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  10. Pigichu

    Pigichu That strange animal in the corner

    He already is amazing o_O
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  11. zilory

    zilory Artisan VIP Helper Elder

    Okay thanks for the heads up c0w! can't wait to get my sticker :D
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  12. balachdrama

    balachdrama Designer/Musical Actor/Writer VIP Helper

    Oh my gosh, c0w! Congratulations on your promotion to Owner! Woo! *Clap Clap*
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  13. TraitorBreeze

    TraitorBreeze Pancake Maker VIP

    I might get VIP for my b-day- and lucky me- my b-day is april 8th! I might get this amazing sticker before it goes away!
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  14. llamas22

    llamas22 Expert

    Wow! Great job c0w!
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  15. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    Dad and I completed payments, eagerly awaiting the sticker... *checks mailbox for the fifth time :p*
    Great job c0w! :D
  16. Park_Mochi

    Park_Mochi Short Potato VIP


    Congrats on your FABULOUS promotion, Mr. c0w!
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  17. _Razz

    _Razz Redstone Warrior Moderator VIP Elder

    Can I put my sticker on my forehead?
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  18. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

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  19. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Cinnamon Roll Expert VIP Helper Elder

    Love the sticker idea! But my computer is too textured...maybe it can take a turn on my rtic travel cup. ChanCe67T can put one on his laptop though.
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  20. Park_Mochi

    Park_Mochi Short Potato VIP

    Can I put the sticker on my dog?
    Can I put the sticker on my pencil so I can look at it when I draw?

    You know what I'll just put it in my room.
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