Lobby Tour - How to join all Sandlot worlds, and what's with the spiders?!

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by c0wg0d, Sep 29, 2014.

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  2. Castellen

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    nice video c0w. :)
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  3. DerpyGirl919

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    lol even though i dont need these tutorial videos i still love watching them! :D
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  4. General_Jinjur

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    I love that mooing at the beginning. It cracks me up every single time xd
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  5. TruWolf_

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    hey i know bout the spiders but there is a huge battle in the lobby with blazes and zombies and skeletons and zombie pig man and more is that sposed to happen?!?
  6. hamsrus1

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    Yes, this is normal. We like to do events in the Lobby where we spawn different mobs and do fun minigames.
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  7. Same here. I just read your post Jinjur and I watched the beginning and I was like "HAHAHAHA!!"
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  8. ajr12103

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    c0w I LOVE your videos!! I've watched most of them! and *BOOM* (head blows) compared to you I know like NOTHING about servers!
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  9. ajr12103

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    hey wait a minute IM in that video!
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  10. stillstills

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    hey, me and 456bulgogi are going to start posting vids, and i'm wondering if we can post on Sandlot. - Dep
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  11. c0wg0d

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    Yes, feel free to record videos on Sandlot.
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  12. stillstills

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    Thanks!!! your the best! (no affence) oh and it could be a while before we start :/.

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  13. stillstills

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    Also, GREAT vid!!

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  14. Avatar_plays_MC

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    I loved that amazing vid c0w :):D
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    Just subscribed to c0w's youtube channel :D:D:D
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  17. Wodddie

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    If you can't find it in the video, or don't understand, look for a Helper (the players with the pink stars) and they can either explain or show you
  18. Kyukuro

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    First of all, use the command /spawn this will take you to the main Lobby area where most of the warp signs are located. If you turn around you will see this:


    Click the sign that says: "I want a Teleport Book"

    It will take you to a room where you can then press a button to receive the book.

    From there, Hold the book in your hand and right-click it.
    It will open up this:

    All you need to do from there is click on the text of the server you want to teleport to. If you stand still for 2 seconds, you will be teleported to the warp sign for that server. Then you need to click that sign and you will enter the server.
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  19. CaptainFinner

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    Woo! I luv these videos c0w! Once I saw like 7 straight before my parents made me stop:p
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  20. OllieBartel

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    Wow, c0w. I have seen quite a few Minecraft YouTubers, and you are very good at explaining what you need to explain. You also organize your videos much more than some other YouTubers that I have seen. Keep up the good work, c0w! ;)
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