Mark your calendars! Easy Survival's grand re-opening will be March 28th!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    That's right, the moment you've been waiting for is one short month away! Easy Survival will be re-opened on March 28th at 10:00 am Arizona time! To see a countdown, visit here:

    To celebrate, I will be livestreaming for 12 HOURS STRAIGHT from 10 am to 10 pm on the new Easy Survival as I play together with you guys! It should be tons of fun and I'm very excited! Hype!

    EDIT: Here is our group photo in the lobby just before the opening, and the tab list showing a maxed out lobby with 100 players! :O


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  2. trubuhl

    trubuhl Lurker Moderator VIP Elder

    Uh oh... it's coming... after so many years, Easy is finally resetting!! :eek::O:D
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  3. Xhyin00

    Xhyin00 Novice

    let's goooo! so excited to play on easy for the first time :D
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  4. trubuhl

    trubuhl Lurker Moderator VIP Elder

    I wonder what version of Minecraft Easy will be on...
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  5. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Entitled

    timezone plz?
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  6. trubuhl

    trubuhl Lurker Moderator VIP Elder

    Phoenix time zone. Check c0ws link for a clock countdown.
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  7. BoosieTheTiger

    BoosieTheTiger Sneakin' through grass on leopard feet silently

    calendar's marked! oops, the month of March is officially the month of celebration for Easy!!!!
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  8. cheracc

    cheracc Master Founder VIP

    I'll be there! It's on my calendar
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  9. alex7ktrc

    alex7ktrc Sandloticus Maximus Helper

    So excited!!
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  10. isasmells

    isasmells Witch doctor VIP

    whoooo hooooo!!!! i’m so excited!
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  11. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    I don't think I can make it... I have a ton of homework pretty much every day except Thursdays and weekends (which are meant to be for working on a huge research paper). I'm still excited though! I hope everyone else enjoys it.
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  12. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    Some things to look forward to:
    1. Figuring out what's actually been added to MineCraft in the last few versions and getting to play with them for realz! (Don't get Drowned in ignorance! Pillage the wikis so you know what to expect! Always Bee prepared!) 8D
    2. Having the server full of more players than it's had in months! (Including people we haven't seen for awhile!) :D
    3. The Great Easy Land Rush! ("I claim that spot! No, not there! Over there! A little to the left. Yeah, right there! Now go away and don't build anywhere near here!") :p
    4. Watching c0wg0d try to maintain a 12-hour long video stream! (We can watch c0w watching us watching him!) :confused:
    5. Having an excuse to put all things on hold and play MineCraft all day! (As if we need a big event for that...) xd
    What are you most excited to see or do?
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  13. RubyGirl

    RubyGirl Queen of Redstone

    What will the time be in AEDT?
  14. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    I believe that would be 4:00 AM on Sunday, March 29th. Check the countdown clock in the original post to be sure. When that countdown hits zero, it will start regardless of time zone.
  15. RubyGirl

    RubyGirl Queen of Redstone

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  16. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    xd The party will still be going when you wake up and if you are able to join.
  17. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    ^ This is part of the reason I'm doing a long livestream--so I can have fun with as much of our awesome community in a single day as possible!
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  18. hi_yes_its_glass

    hi_yes_its_glass Programming Neko VIP

    (happy neko noises)
    its on a saturday for me oWo
  19. beanie_03

    beanie_03 Mispelling Mississipi

    I’m very excited for the reset. I haven’t been active on Sandlot in a few months because of school, but I’ll be using this as an excuse to get back online and hopefully meet some new people in the process.
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  20. GemTheGerat

    GemTheGerat Rodent lover VIP Helper

    Yes... I may not make the livestream or grand opening but I will come visit!! :)
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