No Fishing In UHC?

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by __Excel, Nov 12, 2018.

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  1. __Excel

    __Excel Professional cat petter VIP

    I recently tried a little bit of UHC, and I was trying to get the achievement for catching fish, and I even made one of those fish farms, only to realize that you can't cast a fishing rod in UHC.
    If this is intentional, then I just want to know why we can't fish.
  2. zilory

    zilory Artisan VIP Helper Elder

    It is intentional unless c0w just forgot to revert it back to normal. It just adds more challenge the game so you can't just set up an AFK fishing farm and skip a couple days of work in a few hours.
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  3. __Excel

    __Excel Professional cat petter VIP

    Ok thanks!
  4. trubuhl

    trubuhl Don't follow me - I'm lost. Moderator VIP Elder

    Confirmed intentional, as Zilory said.
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  5. JackenKracken

    JackenKracken Stealthy creeping through the long grass... Moderator VIP Elder

    It varies from month to month...currently you pretty much have to fish for food.
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