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  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Minecon Earth is coming soon! A worldwide livestream will take place on November 18, 2017 at 12:00 PM Eastern Time!

    To find the time in your timezone, see here:,240,cn3

    For a countdown timer, see here:

    Mojang is not hosting a large and eloaborate Minecon in a convention center this year. Instead, there will be smaller but no less official viewing parties of the livestream all across North America, as well as one (at the time of this writing) in London. The full list of official parties can be found here:

    The events at Microsoft Stores are free, and appear to be set up as first come, first served. The first 50 people in line will get priority seating. They may be allowing more than 50 people inside, but you will at least be able to meet other Minecrafters. (the information given is a bit vague)

    There is an option to RSVP and register for the event. To RSVP, (the option is a bit hidden) go to the page above, find your closest/desired location, go to the link, scroll down to the "Space is limited" area and click "Find an event near you," put in your location's state/city and click it, scroll down to "See more event details" and click it, and press RSVP.

    The events at Super League Gaming do cost money, $10.00 USD per ticket, and you get access to their party on November 18th.

    Both event locations offer games and other activities besides the livestream, and you might be able to meet other members of The Sandlot! If you can't make it to one of these parties, don't worry! You can still watch the livestream from your own home too!

    Sandlot Meet Ups and Safety

    If you would like to attempt to meet other Sandlotians for Minecon Earth, the rules listed below must be followed.
    • You may share which event you are going to, but your parent or guardian must approve of your post before submitting.
    • ALL communication about when and where to meet up at an event must be contained within this thread. You cannot send individual players private conversations on forums or in-game.
    • Do not share phone numbers, email addresses, or social media accounts with anyone.
    • Only meet in a public location where there are a lot of people, preferably at the event itself. Have a parent or guardian with you for the meet up. Do not enter vehicles or leave the event with people you do not know.
    • You may post pictures of the event afterward on this thread or in our REAL LIFE photos thread here:
    To have a successful meet up, I would suggest the following:
    • Get to the event early.
    • Wear the Sandlot T-shirt or carry a small Sandlot sign. You can use the logo at the end of this post to print out if you would like.
    • Check this thread often to see if people are posting where they are (e.g., inside the store, to the right, by the big creeper head).
    I will be attending the party in Tempe, Arizona at the Harkins Tempe Marketplace 16 theater with @PrincessPolite, so if you are going there, I'd love to meet you! I give bear c0w hugs, so be prepared. :D

    If you do go to one of these viewing parties, make sure to tell everyone about The Sandlot and why you love playing here!

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  2. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Thanks @c0wg0d!

    LifeLearner, LegoBoyo, PaddlerDude, and S1lv3rback (Mr. LL) are registered for the event at the Microsoft store in Tysons Corner, Virginia. We will have a Sandlot sign and T-shirts.
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  3. MCOnion

    MCOnion Sandlot Chef Helper

    Thanks c0w for the information!

    If anyone is going to the Bethesda, MD event please tell me. If there is some other people going I will think about it.

    Also @LifeLearner that event is less then an hour away so I may see you :)
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  4. Cherries_03

    Cherries_03 Airbender Helper

    There’s one less than half an hour away from me- I might go if someone else plans to, but otherwise probably not. I won’t be sharing which one it is though.
  5. Cherries_02

    Cherries_02 Pint-sized maniac Helper

    There's one literally 10 minutes away from my house lol.

    So it's basically just viewing a livestream with a bunch of other minecrafters? Will there be games and stuff and will we be able to meet Youtubers in person? Also do you know if we still get minecon capes if we attend? :p I looked up information on the website but there's not much lol.
  6. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind Perpetual Mental Maze Runner VIP Elder

    Based on what I read and my own intuition:
    Basically, yes.
    Looks like most places will have food, prizes/giveaways, and games of some sort. There is no mention of special guests so I wouldn't count on that, but it may vary from place to place.
    I wouldn't count on that either, unless they do some sort of giveaway on the live stream or allow people to purchase them.
    No there's not. xd Honestly, I think they're still feeling their way through it since this is the first time they've tried this. I'm sure there are still a lot of unknowns on their end as well.
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  7. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 is hiding Moderator VIP Elder

    I will be attending the event in charlotte, nc at the microsoft southpark store, and will wear a sandlot shirt. I'll be handing out some flyers and sandlot business cards. let me know here if you'll be going there! would love to meet some people :)

    just as c0w said, if you go, please help us advertise sandlot! if you are in line or sitting waiting, talk to some of the other people about our server! help us grow our community even more! if you want, you can make your own flyers by drawing some stuff up, or if you feel like doing extra, print out some of the sandlot logo c0w has put up and make some with that. get creative!
    there really isn't a lot of information available. it is similar to other minecons in that there is vague and not enough information (cough.)
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  8. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 is hiding Moderator VIP Elder

    @Jordy_Keen yes, it's a viewing party of the livestream. the microsoft store events will have free food and giveaways, and probably pc's set up with minecraft, and I'm assuming the super league gaming ones will have food and games.

    youtubers would have to announce which events they are going to, if they are going to any. since most of the events are microsoft stores, big youtubers would have to worry about such a large crowd showing up and messing with the party or causing a large public disruption. with big minecons, they can have security, designated meet and greet areas, and panels for people to attend.

    I don't believe there will be capes. remember that these are not complete "minecons," but parties that applicants who have worked with mojang have set up all over for minecrafters. there are so many events over the us and in canada.
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  9. CandysGoneCrazy

    CandysGoneCrazy Illogical VIP Helper

    Wow! This sounds awesome! I'll most likely be attending the one in Syracuse, NY, but if one pops up closer, I'll edit this post! :D
  10. DadMight

    DadMight Hero VIP

  11. tmuo

    tmuo professional napper VIP

    There is one 10 minutes from my house, and so I can't see my parents saying no! I really hope I will get to meet other minecrafters/sandlotians there! :')

    i'm going! :) not allowed to share where tho, but i'll most likely be holding a sign bc i don't have a shirt :)
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  12. zilory

    zilory Master VIP Helper Elder

    Man I really wish I could go. It would be a lot easier for me to this year accept I am doing a tour in MA and I won't have free time to go to one there :(
  13. tmuo

    tmuo professional napper VIP

    what time does it end?
  14. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind Perpetual Mental Maze Runner VIP Elder

    I believe the live stream is scheduled to last about 90 minutes.
  15. tmuo

    tmuo professional napper VIP

    awesome, thanks, rat! :)
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  16. DadMight

    DadMight Hero VIP

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  17. zilory

    zilory Master VIP Helper Elder

    Wow that's short.
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  18. RobinRosewood

    RobinRosewood is a waffle Helper

    o-o hopefully I can get to a nearby one
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  19. DadMight

    DadMight Hero VIP

    I'ma try and convince my parents to take me to the one in Tampa lol
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  20. GrassPelt

    GrassPelt Master Helper Elder

    Not goin anywhere. Nearest one is over 3 hours away from me. Have fun for those who do go though.
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