[POLL] Do you like the combat changes introduced in Minecraft 1.9? Why or why not?

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Do you prefer the new 1.9 combat updates or the old 1.8 mechanics?

  1. I prefer the old 1.8 mechanics

  2. I prefer the new 1.9+ mechanics

  3. I don't know

  4. I don't care

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Now that we have Arenas on 1.11, there has been some dissatisfaction with the vanilla combat mechanics that were changed in Minecraft 1.9.

    I would really like to know what you all think about the combat update, and not just for PvP, but for PvE as well since SVS has been on 1.10 for a while.

    Do you like any of the changes? Do you completely dislike everything as far as cooldowns, shields, bows, food saturation/regen, and golden apples? Please share your thoughts!
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  2. nate_the_crate

    nate_the_crate totally not crazy I guess

    I like the newer 1.9 pvp updates but when i play on other servers i play with 1.9 so i'm more used to it than 1.8. I also think it adds a more strategical element to pvp than hits, strafes, crits etc.
  3. MCOnion

    MCOnion Sandlot Chef VIP Helper

    Hey c0w,

    As a pvp player and survival player, I prefer 1.9+. While I disagree with some aspects of 1.9, I like some such as shields and I feel that the other 1.9, 1.10, and 1.11 features are too big to miss.

    We also could use a plugin called OldPVP that I have heard of that will let the 1.9+ features stay but the 1.9 pvp get deleted.
  4. Kyukuro

    Kyukuro Master Moderator VIP Elder

    I'm a huge fan of the changes to PvE combat. I don't really have a reason for it, but I am just used to it now. The sword swipe ability is useful for mob farms, and you really have to be wary of your surroundings and use them to your advantage now when engaging in fights against mobs; You can't just rush in and click madly anymore.

    I can't give an in-depth answer, as I haven't taken part in any PvP gamemodes with the 1.9 combat system yet, except for a few rounds of Hunger Games when it first updated. I loved it, and found that the fights were much more intense.
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  5. Pigichu

    Pigichu That strange animal in the corner

    I do like 1.9 + PvP, but the regen makes it tale forever lol
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  6. Roxie238

    Roxie238 Master

    Well, I've never fully loved any of the combat updates in the past. I'm not an expert on the exact mechanics, but, why not share my input? :)

    Cooldowns anger me- I wish that could be changed. I asked myself "Is this really necessary?" and after a few weeks of playing with the cooldown in 1.9, I answered that it wasn't. Though, cooldowns are timed in milliseconds, I see no point in having them.
    I wasn't a fan of shields at first, as I'm not a huge fan now. I have seemed to notice that they help a ton! But, I don't like that they take up a huge part of your screen, blocking you to to see in some areas.


    I can say, as well as Kyu, that when in PvE or PvP the updates make combat so much more "intense" and action-packed!

    I wouldn't mind if the combat changed, or stayed the same.
    Now, I'm used to the changes, I guess I'd go for them, even though I don't have much of a preference.
  7. TigerGod295

    TigerGod295 Artisan

    I mean, I'm glad with everything and all the updates, I really am.
    Just sometimes it gets annoying, especially in Arenas.
    You can't get shields, which means you can't block with swords, either. Also, the bow death messages are broken, and now all it says is "X was shot by Y," and sometimes with, "using [sword name if dual-wielding or bow name]."
    With SvS, I'm completely fine with it. The Mesa gold has helped a lot, but the skeleton mechanics are really annoying. Skeletons are now the 2nd most powerful overworld mobs, 1st being cave spiders.
    Honestly, with Arenas, I will miss it being 1.8. I'm finding it hard to get used to the cool downs and not spam-clicking the same as everyone. Soon, though, we'll be able to do it without even thinking, and we'll forget spam-clicking.
    Honestly, this all is an improvement. I still put in the poll, though, that I prefer 1.8.

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  8. MCOnion

    MCOnion Sandlot Chef VIP Helper

    I agree, I think sheilds should be added to the shop
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  9. PowerNOGrief

    PowerNOGrief Artisan

    Truthally c0w 1.9s PVP mechanics not only make the gameplay intresting and borring but minecraft defis the law of physics even more I mean the faster you swing the more damage it should do...right? but instead of that its wait an hour to swing boom 100+ damage :p but on the inside I'm like rly what happens when a zombie is near you and killing you...SPAM CLICK its a habbit that all minecraft players have then ofcourse now the zombie can hit you and be like "ROFL you died because you had to wait 10000 years before you can inflict damage and in that time i killed you" Although i like the sword multi hit so that they do less damage then axes but coolor in multi hitting and attack speed also love them sheilds and new items but why are Enchanted Goldon Apples uncraftable :( well thats pretty much my opinion
  10. NotAwqz

    NotAwqz Master

    I think the 1.8 PvP is better in 1.9 and up it take FOREVER to kill anyone!
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  11. TigerGod295

    TigerGod295 Artisan

    Not necessarily...
    Honestly, I've been using 1.9 PvP to my advantage lately.
    You can easily take down anyone use to spam-clicking, and if you practice, you can kind of spam-click within the cool-down.
  12. Parziale

    Parziale Ruler of all JoJokes VIP

    I dont like the new combat system

    why Every single reason
  13. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind Perpetual Mental Maze Runner Moderator VIP Elder

    My 2ยข (which is probably overpriced): I agree it was hard to get used to the new mechanics, but it does add a new level of strategy to the game. Shields are definitely useful (though I never use them.) Double wielding has useful aspects to it and not all of them related to combat. I agree that swords seem a little under-powered, but now axes are more fun. (But then, I prefer shooting bows over melee anyway.) As an almost exclusively survival player, I have come to enjoy the new mechanics for PvE play. It forces one to be more cautious, attentive, and thoughtful. (Careful where you swing that sword, lest you nick a pigman! D:)

    I have only been to arenas once (yesterday) and I only spectated so I cannot speak to PvP much. Though as one who would generally lose anyway, it might be nice that the battles were prolonged a little so I could actually enjoy them a bit instead of: "Hello!" Dead. I know we all like to win and the diehards want to prove their superiority by ending it quickly, but isn't there value to a prolonged epic battle? How exciting would the movie Braveheart be if William Wallace showed up and said, "Hey King!.." thwack!... roll credits... three minutes instead of three hours of excitement? (Look at me getting all theatrical. :rolleyes:)

    In conclusion (finally!), though I am fairly indifferent either way, my "glass half-full" side says roll with the punches and go with the new mechanics. You may have to find a new approach or a new way of thinking to get the most enjoyment out of it, but isn't that a big part of life anyway? (Ugh, philosophy, too? :eek: Run away!...)
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  14. Diamond314

    Diamond314 Sandlot Video and Audio Artist

    There are resource packs that lower the shield slightly.
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  15. MJB6

    MJB6 savage

    I like 1.9+, but I'd recommend if you did 1.8 and up is possible. Plus, Shields should be able to be allowed at the shop and as well Banners, which would manufacture designed banners. I think it would be an idea of creativity.
  16. Blaise__

    Blaise__ Book Nerd

    I like both. The thing I love the most about 1.9 is that the stone axes are as powerful as the diamond axes. So I don't have to buy I diamond axe to have a powerful weapon. .u. I don't like the cool down though, I have gotten so used to spam clicking. (Since I've been playing Minecraft for a while now...) Personally I wouldn't mid either. But... yeah that's it... ._.
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  17. Cepheusz

    Cepheusz Artisan VIP Helper Elder

    The new one requires more "skill" kind of. As it requires you to time your hits to do bigger damage however the damage per second is pretty horrible, if two players have strong armor and it takes a while for one to be defeated. The thing I like about it is that it discourages sword hit spamming however bow spam is still available. Besides the fact it takes a while to defeat one another I personally think its good.
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  18. MinecrafterMen

    MinecrafterMen Artisan

    If you ever want to play minecraft anywhere but the a few places you will probably stuck in 1.9 eventually. The swipe attack is the best for mob farms I got used to it quickly and now try to no spam in pvp even before the update. SO basically you have to mod singleplayer or pick your servers that use 1.8 only because doing both with down your all around skill. I'm for it I do not think it is terrible and if minecraft started this way people would be mad if they changed to spam clicking
  19. lxvestruck_

    lxvestruck_ Professional Fangirl VIP

  20. Tofflamingo

    Tofflamingo Master

    Since I play arenas quite often, I'm not very happy with the changes. As mentioned, I like the new items you can use in Pvp such as swiping, shielding and more, but the slow PvP just isn't really my thing. While I PvP, often times battles last too long and one of the two people must give up or their armor breaks whether it has unbreaking or not. It's still fun to time your attacks, but longer rounds mean too much armor breaking (As Ceph said). I would really like if at least arenas could get rid of the Timed-PvP with a plugin.