Sandlot 10th Anniversary Party World!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Dec 14, 2021.

  1. c0wg0d

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    To celebrate our 10th anniversary, I am creating a new, temporary survival world where we can party our socks off and have fun! The world is going to be mostly vanilla, but I'm going to make it very easy to get good gear, and you will not lose your inventory if you die! You will be able to blow up the world as much as you want, and you can travel as far as you want, because there is NO border!

    It's really just meant to be a fun place to hang out, but we need your help! We need to have enough cake for every single member that has signed up for The Sandlot in the last 10 years who wants a slice! Each cake has 7 slices, and we have 21,404 members right now. I know some people can't eat cake or won't want any, so I am conservatively asking that everyone pitch in so that we have 2,844 cakes, which will be able to feed 19,908 people!

    This server will open sometime this week, so check back here for updates often, and be ready to bake some cake!

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  2. 00JQ

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    Hey @c0wg0d just so you know, I hacked the server and enabled PVP, I disabled the cake recipe, and the only way people can get cake is if they DIE! HAHAHA, EVERYONE HAS TO DIE FOR CAKE! Have fun DYING everyone! MWUAHAHAHA!

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  3. VolgaLVI

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    Looks cool! Can’t wait until it opens!
    Oh boy, this’ll be good
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  4. LunaLovegood

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    WOW you guys worked fast!! I love the decorations!! Interesting addition of the cryptic 'Time to XpartyX DIE!!!' but I think it adds a nice contrast to the build, great job everyone!
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  5. Just_Juls

    Just_Juls a little strawberry <3

    This is so cool!!!
    Also c0w... just wondering when will the fan arts be shown? ;D
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  6. Just_Juls

    Just_Juls a little strawberry <3

  7. fqirydust_

    fqirydust_ afk king VIP

    Sounds awesome! Well done c0w. ( :

    I like how nobody's concerned about 00JQ
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  8. GrassPelt

    GrassPelt Architect Elder Helper

    Mojang's latest security patches probably foiled any problematic plans he had. nothing to worry about ;)

    BTW, Who wants some cake? we need to build c0wg0d 's farm with plenty of c0ws and wheat, plus some chicka's and sugarcane to make all the cakes we need. (My goodness I put some bad puns in this one)
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  9. KRiskKaT

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    It seemed to me we have to die to make cake? So maybe cover crops for creepers xd
  10. MCtwilight

    MCtwilight Sparkling! Moderator Elder Helper VIP Team Grinch

    THIS IS SO EXCITING!!!!!!!! Time to party!!

    00JQ, I hope you’re ready to eat some cake! :p
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  11. Floofin

    Floofin doesn’t know cheesecakes are real Elder Helper VIP Team Grinch

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  12. kabo0m

    kabo0m I love blowing things up!

    Time For The Explosive Bakery to open!
    Creepers Exploding People for cakes! Sounds like the best way to make cakes ;)
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  13. Cuccos

    Cuccos block guy on a computer

    But what is you die? ; )
  14. Cuccos

    Cuccos block guy on a computer

  15. Disco_Duckling

    Disco_Duckling Possibly A Goose

  16. I can't wait! I got no jokes for now, but I may have to "milk" some!
  17. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

  18. CupcakeRockstar

    CupcakeRockstar Rockin' the Bling! Team Frosty

    yoo i cant wait
  19. SisterRose

    SisterRose She-hulk!

    OMG EE So excited cake for everyone! :354:
  20. KoolWhip515

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    You have cowt to be kidding me. You milking the jokes are making me have to sugarcoat these eggcellent jokes
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