Scheduled Maintenance: Thursday, May 7th

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  1. c0wg0d

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    Beginning at approximately 10pm Arizona time and extending until about midnight, all servers will be unavailable while updates are performed.

    To find the time in your timezone, see here:,1020,cn3

    The entire server will be unavailable for a short time, and the rest of the maintenance window will see the lobby restarted several times. The maintenance will consist of security updates for the underlying OS and (hopefully) updating the lobby to Minecraft 1.8. And just to be clear, nothing about Hogwarts or anything else in the lobby will be changed, only the version update.

    Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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  2. TheSilliest

    TheSilliest Craftsman Helper

    Thank you for notifying us!
  3. GoldenZdude

    GoldenZdude Master

    Thank you for your continued hard work!
  4. Ik it takes a while to update but i have a game ill play while i wait, thx c0w
  5. ishx_

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    Dank ya for notifying me!
  6. Wodddie

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    Thank you for the notification, c0w. I appreciate it greatly :)
  7. Albinia

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    thanks for all of your hard work, c0w!!
  8. Pandi_Monium

    Pandi_Monium Journeyman

    oh okay! but todays wensday and mine wont start see my lastest job to see the details thx
  9. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Maintenance has been completed, and the Lobby is now on Minecraft 1.8! All plugins have been updated to the latest versions also. There are a few new trails for VIPs maybe? And pets as hats look even more hilarious now? Let me know if you see any bugs. :)
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  10. bobandbunny

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    Okay thanks for doing this c0w!
  11. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Master Moderator VIP Elder

    Post Maintenance bug, can't get back to the lobby from Skyblock. Tried using /lobby and got "Apparate! You used magic to teleport to the Hogwarts Lobby!" and "Exception Connecting:ReadTimeoutException : null"
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  12. Kyukuro

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  13. _leishmaniasis_

    _leishmaniasis_ Master VIP Helper

    Yeah I got the exact same error message
  14. LuckyLeo

    LuckyLeo Artisan VIP Helper

    This isn't really a bug, but i'd like to point it out, its really annoying.
    When someone leaves or joins, it says "Lamppost joined the game" and when a player leaves, "Lamppost left the game".
    It's quite annoying if your trying to chat in the lobby, is there a way out of this?
  15. ishx_

    ishx_ So ishie! So squishie! VIP Helper

    Lamppost? ^^
  16. why is the server down???
  17. oh by the way im mc7max