Skyblock 1.8 Test Server Available

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  1. c0wg0d

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    Hi everyone! It's 4 am and I need some sleep. :)

    I have created a Skyblock Minecraft 1.8 test server. There is a very good chance I messed some things up. This is where you come in. Please go to the lobby and head upstairs to cheracc's statue. Behind the statue, you will see a SkyB Test sign. Right click it and you will be transported to the magical new Skyblock test server.

    As you will see from the giant wall of text that greets you as you join, nothing you do on that server will be permanent. I repeat, NOTHING you do on this server will transfer back to the real, original Skyblock server. It is for TESTING ONLY. Try to complete challenges and see if you get rewards, currency and xp properly. Join other islands. Restart your own island. Try to grief spawn. Try to grief other people's islands. Use spawn eggs. Buy stuff at spawn and see if it works. Check out the beacons at Razz and Indrichi's islands and see if you are getting their effects. Try potions. Try to AFK at a mob farm and see how the spawn rates are. Try to give other players money. Reset your island's spawn point. Change your biome to something else and see if it works. Invite, kick, and ban players from your island.

    Challenges have not been modified for 1.8 yet, but that is likely to happen so that we can get the new 1.8 blocks and other goodies. This is not the time or place to ask those questions.

    If you notice anything weird, post it below. DO NOT create separate bug reports for these, just post everything you find below. Thanks!
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  2. bobandbunny

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    They lobby signs do not work, you cant get out. Also lockette signs that would normally lock a chest don't work.
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  3. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    c0w i can't get out of test sky block
  4. TheOneCrafter

    TheOneCrafter PVP Master Helper

    Me neither, i got out using the direct Sandlot IP and ended up in Uhc, but when i did /hub to go to the lobby it teleported me to inside the Skyblock portal, so i didn't have time to get out.
  5. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    bigaht teleported us out but signs not fixed so don't go into sky block test(regulars fine)
  6. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Lobby signs are fixed.
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  7. margaritte

    margaritte Master VIP

    Thanks again, c0wg0d for all the man-hours!
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  8. ThomasFamilyX3

    ThomasFamilyX3 Adept Elder

    1.8 recipes seem to work including wood variations for doors etc. Can't pick up items from others island but can "steal" the XP. Also can not do damage to hostile mobs on anothers island exept for slime cubes... But they will damage you!! Challenges gave you both XP and $ did not try to build to see if island level went up or not. Changing island spawn changed it for others coming to my island but I still warped to the original point I had set......

    Thank You for everything you do C0wg0d!! This is going to be amazing!!
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  9. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I added a 3rd lobby sign in between the two other ones. Does that one work for you guys?
  10. HotNate

    HotNate Master

    Do you mean beside stuff in the chat you should do stuff that might get you banned and post about it? Or just do the normal skyblock stuff?
  11. HotNate

    HotNate Master

    If I you grief someones island do you get banned?
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  12. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Master VIP Helper

    No, he asked you too. :p
  13. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    No, you won't get banned for griefing someone's island, because it just should not be possible anyway. But this is a test, so we want to do everything we can to break it so that when the real server is used there won't be unforeseen problems.
  14. Aerazykil

    Aerazykil Master VIP Elder

    Items Tested so far.
    Invited someone to my island
    They built a Spruce Door and it works
    They put down a chest

    Bought 2 Sheep eggs and 1 lava bucket
    Placed both Sheep
    Attempted to raid Indrichi's island but could not do the following
    • Open Chest, furnace, crafting table, enchanting table
    • Place lava from the bucket i bought
    • Break any blocks
    • Push buttons
    • Kill Animals or mobs (MSG: Animal Protect: You cannot attack mobs here), except for Slimes (which i did get XP for)
    • Pick up the Slimeball loot (MSG: You cannot pick up other player's loot when you are a visitor.)
    Looking for mobs to kill now

    One oddity - The Nether Portal took me to the lobby

    One Benefit! Dark Oak trees form correctly now. No shifting at the top layers
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  15. StarWarsFan42

    StarWarsFan42 Master VIP Helper

    We can't use crafting tables on other people's island, and yes, beacons do work :)
  16. HotNate

    HotNate Master

    When I typed /is and pressed shop it said unown command. I am new to skyblock should that happen?
  17. HotNate

    HotNate Master

    The third lobby sign works.
  18. Indrichi

    Indrichi Master Elder

    That portion of the skyblock plugin has always been disabled. It was meant by the originial plug-in author for server donors to buy special in-game perks.
  19. mgdc_coco

    mgdc_coco Master Helper

    Ill go check it out sounds cool.
  20. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Homesteader in Training Moderator VIP Elder

    LegoBoyo was able to open chests when his name was not on the sign. These chests had signs for myself or PaddlerDude only.