Staff Testing for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

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  1. c0wg0d

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    Hello everyone!

    Some of you may have noticed recently that a few players have logged in to The Sandlot with a dot at the beginning of their name. These are Sandlot staff members testing out whether or not The Sandlot can support Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.


    I realize this is exciting and you probably have a bajillion questions and are thinking about a ton of new possibilities, but please do not get your hopes up yet. This is merely a test, and we are not saying that we will be supporting Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for certain yet. There are still many unknowns. Below I will try to propose and answer any questions you may have. Please read it thoroughly and if you still have more questions, the moderator team will try our best to answer them.

    Please note below that JE means Java Edition and BE means Bedrock Edition.

    Why do some players have a dot "." in front of their name?

    Since BE and JE usernames are different, it is possible that a player can have the exact same name in each version of Minecraft. Because usernames must be unique, BE usernames are automatically prefixed with a dot.

    This is not part of their username outside of The Sandlot--it only appears on The Sandlot. You will use the dot when interacting with these players. For example, to private message me, you would type /pm .c0wg0d8909 Hi c0w!

    Can I help test?

    Not at this time, no. Only staff members are allowed to help with testing.

    How long will the test last?

    We don't know yet. My guess would be at least a month.

    Does that mean we might be able to play on The Sandlot with BE in a month?!

    No. We still have a lot of behind-the-scenes testing and administration to do. We don't even know if some of our systems will support this yet, such as our ban system and our whitelist system.

    Are we allowed to share gamertags or add people as friends?

    No. The Sandlot strives to maintain a safe environment for everyone. Our rules have not changed. I will reiterate two important points from our rules, just so we are perfectly clear.
    • Do not share any usernames, gamertags, friend codes, or any other information on any gaming platforms.
    • Do not attempt to contact anyone from The Sandlot outside of our own servers and forums.
    Will The Sandlot support all devices that run BE?

    We don't know yet. There are a lot of unknowns, and most of the moderator team is not very familiar with the nuances of BE. For example, I know that Nintendo Switch requires a paid subscription to Nintendo Online, but I don't think you can join custom servers without a custom networking work around. These are the types of questions we are trying to get answers to ourselves.

    Will there be a separate server just for BE?

    No. We have no desire to run a separate server or moderate two distinct communities. We are testing to see if our JE server can support connections from BE clients.

    Will PvP/PvE be different on BE?

    Yes and no. While BE does not have the newer PvP mechanics introduced in JE 1.9 by default, while playing on The Sandlot, your attacks will still have a cooldown. Also, it might still be possible to perform fast bridging on BE, which could give an unfair advantage to BE players. This is something we will have to test. Also, BE does not support most items in the offhand slot.

    Will we be able to join all servers on The Sandlot, or only certain ones?

    We don't know yet. Ideally, if we allow BE clients on The Sandlot, we don't want to restrict their gameplay to specific servers.

    Will I need my parent or guardian's permission to play BE on The Sandlot?

    If and when we support BE, all accounts must be whitelisted in the exact same way that we do so now. This means if you are under 13 years of age, you need a parent or guardian to fill out the whitelist form for you. It also means if you are under 13, you will need your parents to enable permissions for you to play on multiplayer servers under certain conditions.

    Will we be able to play with 2 accounts, like on a laptop and a phone, at the same time?

    Yes, if we support BE, you will be able to join with multiple accounts. Each account must still be whitelisted, and must still follow all our rules, especially regarding exploits. For example, you cannot use 2 of your own accounts to play Flight101 in Arenas by yourself to earn money.

    I have a question or suggestion!

    Great! We are open to all questions, concerns, and any feedback you have. This is an exciting yet scary chapter we are writing in Sandlot's history, and we hope it has a good ending!
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  2. Voltage_MC

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    This is so exciting c0w! I'm glad this is being tested
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  3. KoolWhip515

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    won't BE be kinda OP?

    you can place things where you aren't looking
    that gives most BE players on mobile a HUGE advantage against JE players. true the JE players have a mouse but that only gives them so much mobility. also i OWN (not use) an auto clicker that still gives me so much mobility on other servers. "But KoolWhip515! the BE players can't use axes to deal more damage!" and i get that but on things like Skywars and other things bridging is a necessity to get good stuff! so i say that BE is OP
    there are also a lot more bugs on BE then JE
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  4. CNWPlayer

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    c0w, you are right in that Switch requires a workaround to add servers. I've found this out the hard way...
  5. Floofin

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    this is why it's being tested, so all these things can be figured out and (hopefully) a solution can be found to make it more balanced

    This is exciting c0w! thanks for giving us the opportunity to play with more people across platforms
  6. KoolWhip515

    KoolWhip515 Suspicious Suspect

    still there a lot of bugs that may not be solved thoagh
  7. Voltage_MC

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    I think that BE won't work well with the Sandlot. 1. Speedbridging. You would like not believe how many games I've won on bedrock edition by just speedbridging over the entire map. 2. the lag makes you look like a hacker. I have been called a hacker multiple times because I taught myself how to bridge along a wall. even when it is in a claim. In one place it was Capture the Flag and I bridged around the wall and I was too fast for it to stop me. Way too OP. 3. PvP mechanics are different. The cooldown may have been added but still its easier to combo in BE. 4. There's way too many duplication glitches in BE, And BE has a lot of glitches. It's laggier. 5. It has different settings options. Example: BE you cant turn off chat, modify chat, etc. in JE you can do all that. And JE would be simply less glitchier. (if that's a word) and it would be cool if BE was on the Sandlot but its simply unrealistic. But I still do have hope that the incredible helpers and admins will figure this out. :D
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  8. Voltage_MC

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    Will this work on Windows 10 Edition too?
  9. c0wg0d

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    To be clear, our goal is not to solve every bug, but to give a wider audience a safe place to play Minecraft with others. We have turned down hundreds of players who tried signing up for The Sandlot with BE accounts. It would be wonderful to give more people the opportunity to play here, even if it's not a perfect experience compared to JE.
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  10. VolgaLVI

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    This is so cool! I hope it works out
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  11. KoolWhip515

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    please work on windows 10 please work on windows 10 PLEASE WORK ON WIDOWS 10!!!
  12. Voltage_MC

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    Information from c0w... If BE works, Windows 10 will too.
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  13. KRiskKaT

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    BE is windows 10 (and PE, and Xbox…)
  14. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    I have a question

    1. Speed bridging is very easy to do. You can just press a button and shift without needed to hold it down (BE) and for JE you need to hold shift, making it harder to bridge faster

    2. It's easier to PvP because something to with a cool-down, I think. Something with easier combos, and just easier PvP overall. :)

    My bro was telling me about this - I'm not sure if he is right all the way or not. xd

    Would it be different in sandlot? Is it possible to fix those things in sandlot or would it be like that? Correct me if I'm wrong on my facts cause I probs am x D

    Overall, I'm super excited if this will turn out good/work!! All of my friends have bedrock and don't own a computer, so they can't play JE :( With BE being added to the sandlot, (if it works out,) then they will be able to join and that would be amazing! Thanks for the work that's put into these types of things!! :D
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  15. Voltage_MC

    Voltage_MC Just Chillin'

    c0w and life said they added a cooldown to bedrock when on the sandlot miraculously. and speed bridging is much easier. You can make Sneak on Toggle in Accessibility Settings in JE, but in BE you can sprint while placing blocks with no apparent effort if you can click fast. Tested speedbridging in bedrock it works
  16. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    Okay, that's good about the cooldown.

    The speedbriding is something I don't think can be fixed. I'm sure on switch it might be easier but on phone it's harder. :| idk really x D

    Thanks! :)
  17. GrassPelt

    GrassPelt Architect Elder Helper

    I hope this does work out. I have a bedrock account, though I don't use it very often. Would be very cool to see sandlot servers using RTX graphics. Not to mention some other cool things that could be done if you have two accounts, like recording a timelapse, being in two places at the same time, and, well... I'm sure others have more creative ideas for two accounts than I do.

    That said, there are still lots of open questions, for example, will VIP be tied to each account separately, or can all your owned accounts be under the same VIP? How do we address parity issues (ie, movable chests in bedrock, vs not in java)? These are just a couple of questions off the top of my head.

    Nevertheless, I hope we can move forward with allowing bedrock. I think the server would be a lot more lively if we can determine the pros of allowing bedrock outweigh the cons. Pretty exciting :D
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  18. Voltage_MC

    Voltage_MC Just Chillin'

    Of course we can't share the servers, but other servers have done this. I bet the Sandlot can pull it off too!
  19. LuckyDOTjava

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    Oooo hoooo doggy, that’s awesome. Can you imagine — Sandlot on the go?? :D
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  20. Voltage_MC

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    Imagine what Sandlot's player population will be with java and bedrock support! :D:D:D:D:D I'm for sure excited
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