The Sandlot is celebrating 10 amazing years online! Thank you!

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  1. c0wg0d

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    Can you believe it?! We are 10 years old! Double digits! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. When I joined this server in 2013, I had no idea how profound of an impact it would have in my life. I am so grateful to our community. You are all so welcoming, creative, determined, and fun! As far as I'm concerned, The Sandlot is my second family.

    To celebrate such a monumental occasion, we are going to have many special and fun things to do over the next month! Please continue reading to find out what's coming up, and be sure to leave a reply answering my final questions to you all at the end!

    Sandlot Merchandise!

    We have new merchandise available for purchase! Make sure to order soon to get your items shipped before Christmas! Hats, t-shirts, posters, and stickers, oh my!

    Sandlot Fan Art

    Last month, we invited everyone to submit some fan art. We got quite a few entries! Thank you! We will be releasing a video that showcases everyone's submissions some time this month.

    Update! The video has been completed and is now ready for viewing! Please give a big thank you to @GrassPelt for creating the video, and thank you to all our participants!

    The History of The Sandlot

    @hamsrus1 wrote an amazing post about the history of The Sandlot and how far we have come over the last 10 years. Check it out!–-happy-10th-anniversary.37009/


    The lobby has been updated for December with a fun holiday theme and festive new fireworks from Pete the villager. We will be adding more to explore in the lobby just for this month, so make sure you check back for updates!


    The old Christmas Lobby area is open once again, and Christmas Tyree needs your help! Look for the warp sign to the Christmas Lobby near spawn, and check out the sights along the way! All you wizards might be asked to fend off evil monsters in the arena there at some point...

    There is another update coming to Adventure as well. More details will be revealed soon!


    We will be releasing a new, nostalgic course for Parkour. It should be a great trip down memory lane for those players who have been here a long time, and still a fun course to explore even if you are new here!

    Hard Survival

    We have a winter wonderland with all new biomes and terrain to explore in Hard Survival this month. Watch out for the snowmen, some of them have turned evil! Stick together and build something awesome while surviving the harsh elements. Good luck out there!

    Easy Survival

    We had a very close build competition for Easy spawn this month between @Floofin and @MCtwilight, and the winner's build will be built in the spawn area very soon! Thank you everyone for your entries in the contest!

    We will also be bringing back the Moderator Scavenger Hunt in Easy this month! If you missed out last time, or just want to get another set of moderator heads in Easy, be sure to check the spawn area often for instructions on the scavenger hunt! Happy hunting!

    The Return of 00JQ

    I don't know if you all noticed, but @00JQ is back! He told me that he was able to brute force the administrator password on our server, and that he is planning on doing something dastardly to The Sandlot! Oh no! He told me he would only leave us alone after he implemented his plan. I hope it's nothing too serious...

    A Look Back in Time

    @GrassPelt has created a beautiful video celebrating 10 years on The Sandlot. Everyone should watch this video!

    We want to hear from you!

    When did you join The Sandlot, and what does it mean to you? What is your favorite thing to do here and why?
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  2. ladybxg

    ladybxg Never gonna say goodbye VIP Helper

    I joined the sandlot April 25 2015.
    Sandlot means… literally everything to me. It is so friendly, amazing, helpful, funny and it’s like my family/home to me.

    My favorite thing to do here is build with friends on creative. I love spending time with them and getting inspired by their builds!
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  3. Da_Banana_God

    Da_Banana_God Peanut butter Jelly Master

    Sandlot means a lot to me, its the only server I've been in and ever since 2016-2018, (whenever I joined idk anymore,) I've loved it ever since then, the people are nice and fun to be around. There's just so much I could talk about and I am thankful for this server. My favorites are Easy and Creative. Creative mainly because of how much work I put into that one skywars map. And Easy because Ive spent so much time in it. Im glad this server exists. :D
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  4. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood Magizoologist Helper Elder

    Happy 10 years!! Here's to 10 more!!

    I joined in October 2013, and it's been my favorite safe space to play in Minecraft ever since! I absolutely love the community and being free from the toxicity and cyberbullying present on pretty much every other Minecraft server. I enjoy building in Easy Survival, in my own private spot in the End Dimension, but still being able to invite others to hang out with (versus being alone in singleplayer!) I also love flying around and seeing all of the amazing builds on the Easy server, and going to help others with their own builds! Also throwing extravagant Minecraft parties!!
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  5. Floofin

    Floofin The Mayonnaise of Floofiness VIP Helper Elder

    I joined November 20th, 2018, so 3 years just passed! I enjoy the sandlot greatly because it is a nice escape to work on fun projects and to take a break from life for a while. One of my favorite things I do around here is play the survival worlds. Hardcore, SvS, and easy are really fun to play (especially hardcore) because each of them have new and different elements to bring to the table. The sandlot is awesome, and it has been a great way to spend my time these past few years!
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  6. cxttoncandy

    cxttoncandy slay queen VIP Helper

    I joined this server on March 26th, 2016! When my mom and I first found the Sandlot, we were looking for family friendly servers for my 8 year old self to be entertained by; we figured it'd be temporary fun and then I'd move on like I did with most of my phases :)P). Clearly this was not the case, I'm very thankful that I returned and am still as active as I can be today. I never expected a Minecraft server to have such an influence on my life, but it's absolutely a positive one and I don't know where I would be without it now. It's very comforting to have a place to turn to for support, safety, and overall positive energy. I know I can always rely on the community here- it has never failed to cheer me up after a bad day, cause me to laugh until I cry, and give me the best experience possible. The Sandlot is very special place, thanks to all of you guys. :,)

    It's so cool to see how the Sandlot has progressed over the years, even if I haven't been here since the beginning. The server has evolved with us, and it's great to see how the community's builds, suggestions, and hard work has shaped the server in addition to the insane amount of hard work put in by cheracc, c0w, was, and the mod team. I seriously can't thank you guys enough, your patience, determination, dedication to the server and so much more is such a huge reason the Sandlot is as wonderful as it is today!

    It's so difficult to choose a favorite thing, but interacting with the community has to be at the top of my list. I've met so many people here who have had such drastic impacts on me (positively, of course). I've learned a lot from all of you and am very grateful for y'all putting up with me, especially during my younger years. :oops:

    The 10th Anniversary is immensely exciting and I can't wait for all of the events planned! Except maybe the return of 00JQ... although, I'm sure it's nothing we can't handle. :p Thank you guys for putting this together, I'm extremely hyped and the time put into all of these events is very appreciated. Happy (almost) 10th birthday, Sandlot!
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  7. MCtwilight

    MCtwilight Blinded by my smile! VIP Helper Elder

    Sandlot is the best community and Minecraft server out there, and no one can change my mind about that.

    I actually don’t know what I would be doing right now if this server didn’t exist.

    I can’t agree with this more. Sandlot is definitely my second family. No matter if you’re having a good day to start with, or having a rough day, the people of Sandlot can somehow always make you smile and cheer up. I can’t think of a more supportive and welcoming community, and I feel so lucky to be apart of it.

    I joined May of 2017, so I’ve been on about four and a half years now!

    My favorite part of Sandlot is definitely (if you couldn’t tell already from my statements above :rolleyes:) the community. I went from not even knowing if I would chat or not, to probably talking all of your heads off! ROFL

    As for my favorite world, it has to be Hard. I love the concept of getting a fresh start every month, no matter how good or poor you did previously. There’s always a new beginning, and a place to continue playing the cycle of Minecraft!

    I love this community so much. Thank you all for everything, I don’t know what I would do without you all. :)
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  8. Bam_Boom_Boy

    Bam_Boom_Boy Wizard Insaning Helper

    I joined the Sandlot in May of 2015, when I was still a wee little lad, and soon after I had gotten Minecraft. I didn’t do much back then besides ruin my KDR in hungergames and just mess around on some of the servers. I was sometimes inactive for a while then I’d jump back on for some time. It wasn’t until April of 2020 that I actually joined forums (which is a relief, because who knows what cringey posts I might have made) and became consistently active on Sandlot. For me Sandlot means a wonderful chill place with lots of other cool people to hangout with. I can’t decide my most favorite server (I like all the servers) but I really like easy, skywars, and hard. Easy for an easy place to build cool things in survival, skywars for the pvp, and hard for the monthly challenge. To ten years of so much fun on Sandlot and to many more to come. :)
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  9. NotInReality

    NotInReality is glitching

    just came back for my monthly forum check and found that this exists :p

    thanks for 10 years of fun memories! ive been enjoying the 3 years i've been on and all the funny, sad, and wild adventures and memories ive had.
    i joined the sandlot in june 2018, some time before my birthday, and since then ive had so much fun (even though i was very cringe and broke the rules a few times :oops:).
    of course, now im inactive, but im still grateful for everything the sandlot has given me. from friendships, imagination, trust, and even forgiveness when i did something wrong.

    so once again, (and im making a long post because i just dont post a lot lol) i say
    thank you.

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  10. drxgonrainn

    drxgonrainn Agent of KAOS

    I'm not sure of the exactly when I joined, but I have clear memory of in 2015, I was beyond excited to hop on to Easy after school and play with my friends, and I don't remember still learning my way around the server, so my best guess is that I joined between mid to late 2014. Wow... seven years. The Sandlot means many things to me, but I'll try not to make this TOO long. (I'll probably throw this out the window later)
    The Sandlot has been a huge part of my childhood. There are people here that I've known for years. The Sandlot is the best server I'm aware of, and for many years, it was the only one I had! Up until earlier this year, I had no other servers in my list, because the Sandlot contented me perfectly. (Others are for irl friends/school.) And, really, it still does. The Sandlot offers me a place to step away when life gets crazy. To have a laugh with friends, or just take a moment to calm down and focus on something that really makes me happy. Here, I make new friends. (I have more friends here than I actually do in-person.) It brings me so much joy. I've gotten to be a part of this wonderful, growing server for seven years... that absolutely blows my mind. Thank you, to all of the mods. To everyone who has contributed to this server. You've helped bring me more joy than I could express.
    There are too many amazing things to do here to choose one. A few years ago, my favourite activity was to role-play in Creative, or to play with CheetahDog in the old Easy. Now, I love spectating hunger games (and occasionally participating in them,) progressing in SkyBlock, and trying to continue nyankour3 with @cxttoncandy ... I still haven't finished it and I started in April, but it's good fun!
    I love this server. This is an amazing place.
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  11. Cuccos

    Cuccos block guy on a computer

    I joined The Sandlot on July 8th 2020 and since then I have played at LEAST once a week, and I have met so many great people and friends, and I am so grateful for it and it has helped me through these tough couple of years for all of us. <3
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  12. RainbowRat2004

    RainbowRat2004 Practical Dramatical VIP Helper

    I joined on December 27th, 2017- So nearly four years! :D After about 4-5 years of constantly playing minecraft on my single player world, I decided I should be social and join a server. The Sandlot was the first minecraft server I joined, and the only one I've stuck around on for four years.

    I honestly don't know where I would be right now if it wasn't for The Sandlot. I've met so many incredible people on this server, and the community really does feel like a family to me. This community has never failed to cheer me up if I've had a bad day, and I've made many great memories on this server. I'm so grateful to be able to play on a server like this one, and I'm so thankful to the mods and everyone who work so hard to make this server a safe and positive place for us to play on. Thank you all. :)
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  13. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer Moderator VIP Helper Elder

    • I joined literally the same week as you, c0w, which is pretty cool.
    • This server has been absolutely fantastic to me. It has allowed me to develop a perhaps niche skill in block building that has always been a blast for me. It is difficult to describe all of the amazing memories that I have gained from this place up to this point, and I can't wait to continue making more on here. I would also like to mention that the moderators have always been extremely supportive of me, and it's crazy to think that it got to the point where I myself am one of them now. (I was even just thinking this a couple of hours ago.) Not to toot the other mods' horns too much, but you are seriously incredible.
    • I have seen so many people come and go in the past eight years, yet I have always been around kind and talented people on here. You guys seriously make The Sandlot such an amazing place to be on.
    • My favorite activity in terms of sheer Minecraft activity has always been building, and it's crazy to think how much I have developed and improved my skills on here over the years. I also really enjoy parkour and hanging out with you guys.
    I cannot thank you guys enough.
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  14. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Piecing it together Moderator VIP Helper Elder

    :slime:I was just learning Minecraft when I found this server for my son and myself. In January 2015, it was pretty scary just logging into the Hogwarts lobby! All the spiders and commotion were a lot for someone just used to singleplayer. I've learned a lot since then, and got really good at killing spiders before I ventured out into the other servers.

    :blaze:I didn't expect to love this game so much, but it's the Sandlot community that makes it really special here. It's a great place for parents and kids to play and have something in common. Echoing other players, it's a great cheering community, and very supportive. I never used chat much, but it is one of the special features here, as it builds the community. I don't think I would have continued playing here if the community wasn't so kind and supporting of new players (and moms ;)).

    :snowgolem:I never in my wildest dreams thought I would end up as a helper, or a mod. The helpers are all wonderfully helpful and social, and all the moderators here are, to quote Sonic, seriously incredible! The few interactions I ever had with any of them always impressed me with their professionalism (even the stinky socks!) :p I keep thinking it's too surreal to be part of that group, but it is very special (*snif, seriously <hugs>). The teacher part of me still likes working with the kids and supporting them.

    :349:3:I love exploring and finding things (and I never expected I would say that)! It was a leap for me to jump in to the Normal server reset the last time, but I had a great time and played WAY too much for several weeks (ok, months and months!). I've learned how to make it less scary, most of the time (keep running xd). I did the same thing when Easy reset, and after lots of studying, I'm ready to tackle another Normal reset (building anticipation... better than Christmas for me :)). I'm working on my building skills, studying, and plotting :cool:.

    I could keep on rambling about how much I have enjoyed my time here, but for everyone here, if you are reading this, know that you are really special!
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  15. WanderingLlama

    WanderingLlama Wayfaring Drama Helper Elder

    10 years, wow! I have had so many amazing memories and fun times on this server. The Sandlot's community is truly special, you are all amazing friends!
    Thank you for being so supportive and friendly to everyone, as well as maintaining a fun, friendly environment for people of all ages. :)

    I joined the Sandlot 6 days into 2016. The Sandlot means so much to me, and I love spending so much time with the community here. You are all very friendly and welcoming to everyone, and I really appreciate that. :). The Sandlot has also taught me a lot of things that will help me in real life, from time management to various Life Lessons.

    My favorite thing to do on the Sandlot is Skyblock. Skyblock is the first server (besides Creative) that I played on, and I learned so much about minecraft from more experienced players. I've definately spent most of my time in Skyblock, it's fun to build an island and complete challenges. :) I also really enjoy playing and building Parkour courses. Exploring in Adventure and playing skywars are also very fun.
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  16. how_its_neko

    how_its_neko floofer: part 2

    • I joined in August 2016, after playing a bit of Minecraft solo.
    • This was back when Pyros was still big, and I hated them. They always killed the small players. It was an on and off battle for 3 years.
    • I love PVP still, especially skywars. It's very fun.
    • I'll probably never become a Helper or Mod, due to my ban history (mainly due to me being kind of a jerk when I was younger, sorry.), but I still have some hope.
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  17. SwampOFly

    SwampOFly Swampier than You!

    I joined Sandlot December 23, 2020, I remember the Christmas lobby last year like it was yesterday.

    I found myself being very bored playing single player alone on Minecraft, and then I found myself playing multiplayer with my friends, and they stopped playing on [that] and I was left back to single player when my friends (@RonnieRolled and @Phoenix__Queen_ ) told me about the Sandlot.

    - I started playing on easy survival for a time and I then I got too busy to play
    - I then jumped from server to server and discovered that I really liked Arenas (though I usually can't find a lot of people to play arenas with.)
    - So at the moment I am pretty active on forums (not on the server as much) and I'm trying my best to help out and also socialize with people. Sandlot really means a lot to me because there are so many kind and supportive people, and that it is such a safe server. I thank you all for making the Sandlot experience truly amazing. After all, when I play Minecraft, I always look forward to meet you guys on the servers. Thank you so much for making the Sandlot experience truly the best!

    ~ Swampy
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  18. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    The sandlot means so much to be. It's changed me as a person! The sandlot has had a huge impact on my life, even just for a year of being here. I joined July 8th, 2020. The sandlot is like a second family, as those above have mentioned.
    The sandlot is in incredible place and I'm thrilled to be apart of the stunning and wonderful comunity. If you're having a rough day, the sandlot will ALWAYS cheer you up, no matter what. It's just an incredible place to be in, and I'm more than grateful for it. It's so fun to hang out with the people in the sandlot and do all kinds of wonderous things - even the odd times!
    I love to hang out with people that I talk to in any server and do all kinds of things! I enjoy going around in creative and chatting, as well as finding inspo builds from the builds I see dotted around. I love easy, hard, and all the severs! :p The Sandlot is so amazing and I'm so thankful for it! 10 years is HUGE!!! :O <3

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  19. CupcakeRockstar

    CupcakeRockstar Rockin' the Bling!

    I joined sandlot back in september 24, 2020. And sandlot meant a lot to me because i had new friends on there and amazing builds to make :) And my favorite thing to do is playing hardcore survival with friends because december hard is always amazing ( and so is other months but december mostly always has snow in it )
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  20. fancyfinn9

    fancyfinn9 The Good Grammar Guy

    I have a feeling that the admins have agreed with this, and it's all planned... ?