Using Legacy Maps Downloaded From The Sandlot

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    You've downloaded one of the legacy maps from The Sandlot's maps page. You've copied it into your Minecraft saves folder, and are preparing to load it up single player.

    What to expect

    While this may look like the beloved server you've played on for the past weeks, months or years, there are some important differences to remember:

    Most of the commands you have come to know, such as /plot, /is, and /tpa, will not work here. This is also true of other non-vanilla-Minecraft behaviors, including actions triggered by signs, grief/claim/chest protection, warps, resource worlds. These are all special features of the server software The Sandlot uses.

    Remember, if something gets broken in the map while you are exploring, you can always just unzip the map you downloaded, and start over.

    Enable Minecraft's built-in commands

    While these are called cheats, they are only commands used to configure the way that Minecraft works with the map.

    To enable cheats, you must have already opened the map in single player mode.
    First, press the [esc] key to view the game menu.
    Click on the Open to Lan button.

    You should see the below buttons, under Settings for Other Players. SettingsForOtherPlayers.png

    Click on Allow Cheats, changing it to On

    You can change the game mode here if you want, but it won't affect you. There's a command to change it for you once you've finished here.

    Click on the Start LAN World button.

    Now you should be able to enter commands in the same way that you do on The Sandlot. The commands are different, but the way you enter them is the same.

    Set your GameMode

    /gamemode creative

    Disable the spread of fire

    Fire spreading is disabled or otherwise limited on The Sandlot, but not so in vanilla Minecraft. If you would like to keep that skyblock island or other plot from catching on fire and burning down, you can disable spread of fire with this command:

    /gamerule doFireTicks false


    That's it for now. Any feedback or suggestions for additional content are appreciated!

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    In 1.13 and above, The command to switch gamemodes is /Gamemode Survival, /Gamemode Creative, etc.
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    Thanks! /gamemode <mode as word> seems to work fine in 1.12.2 up to 1.15.whatever, so updated to use that.
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    The one problem you might run into with fire specifically is that things may burn quite a bit before you can enter the commands in-game to turn off fire tick.

    You can update things like the game difficulty and game rules outside of the game with a program called NBTExplorer. It has a simple interface that lets you change these values and save them to your Minecraft save automatically:

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