Website, Forums, and VIP Webstore now require HTTPS

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I have updated our website and webstore to use HTTPS. This means in your browser you will see the green lock icon next to our address noting that it is a secure connection. If you have any issues, please let me know and I will resolve them as soon as I can. Thank you.
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  2. TruWolf_

    TruWolf_ Wolf Champion Helper

    Thanks c0w!
  3. __Excel

    __Excel Professional cat petter

    I learned about this stuff... Port 443 is sends data using an encryption key, so that man in the middle attacks cannot recieve your password.
    Basically The Sandlot forums are now more secure from hackers (web hackers obviously, not the minecraft type) :D.
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  4. Webkins1

    Webkins1 Bunny Whisperer Helper

    Thank you c0w!:D
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  5. ARGreat

    ARGreat The Unverified Carrot Taste-Tester Helper

    for me it isn’t a green lock it’s just black probably not a big deal

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  6. Probably a different browser yea on edge it's black 60% of people use chrome so for most people it is green.
    Also thanks for securing the website.
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  7. __Excel

    __Excel Professional cat petter

    There is a difference between encrypting and encoding ROFL
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  8. Yea i changed it to securing cause i wasn't sure.
  9. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

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  10. Pingu632

    Pingu632 Artisan VIP Helper Elder

    No issues for me so far
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  11. Hurrah! I hope you didn't pay too much for your certificate.
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  12. Castellen

    Castellen Villager Expert/Zombie Doctor

    Has The Sandlot actually had any real hackers so far? (I'm not counting 00JQ) I'll include the Minecraft exploiters lots of people call "hackers" too. The Sandlot is whitelisted so I'm not sure if they'd bother with this one.
  13. I recall a thread from old forums a long time ago where cheracc was talking about two people using ore finder, who asked to come back, and cheracc rejected the request because of that. This change won't affect someone trying to do anything to the minecraft server, for the most part, but the security of the data you're sending to the sandlot (username, password, address if you're buying one of the shirts, etc.)
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  14. linmoy

    linmoy Grandma Mickey Helper

    This is awesome. Love it!
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  15. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    For the website, I am using the Let's Encrypt service to get a free certificate, which I must renew every 90 days. The webstore requires an SSL certificate purchase through our provider, which costs £49.99 GBP (about $68 US) per year.
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  16. Castellen

    Castellen Villager Expert/Zombie Doctor

    Yeah I know it's only for the website, but because exploiters are so rare here I just wondered if it ever happened in the first place.
  17. _Taiyang

    _Taiyang Airbender Helper

    I know at least three people have hacked (in-game). I don't remember names, nor would I say them if I did. It is extremely, extremely rare.

    Thanks c0w for helping Sandlot stay safe. :D
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  18. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Cinnamon Roll Expert VIP Helper Elder

    Very interesting! I appreciate the updates!
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  19. Virgeric

    Virgeric The Gorn You Love! Moderator VIP Elder

    00JQ lives!!!!
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  20. FastPablo1

    FastPablo1 Ring-bearer Helper

    Lets see, "words, words, green lock, more secure"

    ...sounds good to me!
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