Sandlot Rules

Last updated on August 2, 2020

The Sandlot has basic rules that everyone must follow both in-game and on the forums. The rules are intended to be simple, clear, and concise. The Sandlot welcomes players of all ages and all walks of life. You are expected to follow these rules, and breaking the rules can result in the confiscation of items or in-game currency, an account mute, kick, temporary ban, or permanent ban. Sandlot staff utilize a combination of human and automated oversight to enforce these rules.

Rule 1: Be safe.

Simply put: Do not share or ask for any personal information. Do not share or advertise any other Minecraft servers, websites, or gaming/social media platforms, usernames, or friend requests.

  • Do not share or ask for any personal information about you or real life friends or family, including:
    • Real names (first name is OK)
    • School names
    • Personal addresses (sharing a state/country is OK)
    • Telephone numbers (including Google Voice/Hangouts, Skype, Facetime, etc.)
    • Local businesses unique to your area
  • Do not mention, discuss, or advertise Minecraft Realms on The Sandlot. For further information on Minecraft Realms and its dangers, please see our addendum.
  • Do not mention or talk about any other servers, including personal/private servers.
  • Do not share names of or links to any social media platforms or websites.
  • Do not share channel/usernames of or links to any audio or video platforms.
  • Do not share any usernames, gamertags, friend codes, or any other information on any gaming platforms.
  • Do not attempt to contact anyone from The Sandlot outside of our own servers and forums.
  • Do not try to make boyfriends or girlfriends or discuss dating or romantic relationships.
  • Do not discuss violence or violent acts.

Rule 2: Be honest.

Simply put: Do not cheat, use hacks or mods, or exploit broken game mechanics. Do not attempt to bypass the AFK system, and do not try to buy/sell anything with real-world money.

  • Do not use hacks, cheats, mods, or texture/resource packs that give you any advantage over other players.
  • Do not exploit broken game mechanics.
  • Do not conspire or work with other players to exploit any gameplay systems for any advantage over other players.
  • Do not "hackusate," meaning do not attempt to report a player for hacking in an attempt to get them in trouble without proof.
  • Do not build or use mechanisms to avoid being kicked by the Away-From-Keyboard (AFK) auto-kick system.
  • Do not attempt to sell or purchase any in-game items or currency for real-world money.

Rule 3: Be respectful.

Simply put: Do not grief other players. If you didn't build it, don't touch it.

  • Do not take items that do not belong to you.
  • Do not modify any player built structure that is not yours.
  • Do not build right next to someone else's build unless they grant you permission to do so.
  • Do not attempt to break in to someone's build if they have locked it.
  • Do not kill other players' animals, villagers, or named mobs or harvest their crops.
  • Do not use Minecraft mechanics to damage other players' property (e.g., letting zombies into a village to turn villagers into zombie villagers).

Rule 4: Be polite.

Simply put: Do not use bad words. Do not wear offensive skins and do not build obscene things. Do not discuss religion.

  • Do not say bad words or acronyms that when expanded contain bad words.
  • Do not wear skins that contain nudity, gore, or are otherwise inappropriate.
  • Do not build anything that could be considered obscene.
  • Do not discuss religion, politics, sexuality, or other mature topics on the Sandlot.
  • Do not attempt to circumvent the chat filter.

Rule 5: Be nice.

Simply put: Be a good role model.

  • Do not spam chat with the same or similar message over and over.
  • Do not type random letters or symbols into chat.
  • Do not chat in languages other than English.
  • Do not use excessive capitals, punctuation, or repeated letters.
  • Do not harass another player with repeated /tpa requests, private messages, or other commands or actions in an attempt to annoy another player or seek attention.
  • Do not beg for items or money.
  • Do not whine to try and get your way.
  • Do not try and ignore a player's wishes. If a player asks you to leave, respect their wishes and leave.