August Lobby Special Event: So Long Summer!

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  1. MCtwilight

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    Amazing work everyone!! I had so much fun, and hope you all did too! You all should be very proud of yourselves; you did amazing! I really hope everyone enjoyed. :)


    We'll be holding another event very similar to the one we had today on August 28th, at 3pm EDT (see original post for time conversions).

    If you'd like to practice any of the events we did today plus ShipEscape parkour, there are warp signs at the end of the Special Events hallway. Names of each sign will be listed below.

    Beachball parkour warp sign name: Beachball Bouncing

    Obstacle course warp sign name: Obstacle Course

    Dropper warp sign name: Undersea Dropper Course

    ShipEscape parkour warp sign name: Ship Escape Parkour

    Thank you all so so so much for coming!!!
  2. LifeLearner

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    This looked like a lot of fun!

    Thanks to our Helpers for making these awesome builds and for hosting this event!

    Here are a few screenshots from the event.


    2021-08-21_14.28.30.jpg 2021-08-21_14.29.20.jpg

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  3. Just_Juls

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    I missed it today, but ill try to be on the 28! I have some plans that day, but ill try my best! So long summer!
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  4. Sokington

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    Aw man!!! (not gonna lie, I forgot about this :( ) but it looked really fun!!! I was somewhere the whole day yesterday anyway
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  5. cxttoncandy

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    The tournaments for ShipEscape, SeaDive Dropper, and Obstacle Course will be this upcoming Saturday, so there’s another chance! :)
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  6. Sokington

    Sokington Never gonna give you up

    OOOO :D
  7. Cuccos

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    SOKA why didnt you ever tell me about this?!?!?
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  8. Cuccos

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    I am so excited
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  9. cxttoncandy

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    Seadive Dropper, Obstacle Course, and ShipEscape parkour tournaments will be starting in 5 minutes!
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  10. cxttoncandy

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    Thank you all for coming today! I apologize for some of the difficulties we had, but thank you all for your patience; we appreciate you guys sticking with us through it. :) Congratulations to our winners!!!
    ShipEscape: _U_ltra_
    Obstacle Course: _dragonflies
    SeaDive Dropper:
    _U_ltra, second place goes to kabo0m!

    Hope everyone had a good time. Until next summer! :D
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  11. Sokington

    Sokington Never gonna give you up

    Congrats to all who won!!! Helpers, thank you all!! It was really fun!! :)
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  12. Floofin

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    Nice you guys! I wish I could have made it
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  13. ladybxg

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    AHHHH candy and mc and the other helpers, you guys did amazing!!!! Thank you so much for hosting this! I had the best time: )
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  14. CupcakeRockstar

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    me when i see fence parkour "*sigh* fine ill do it but it better be worth it at the end"
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