Yee-Haw! Sunday = New Adventure Map!

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  1. LifeLearner

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    Howdy Pardners!

    The Sandlot is pleased to present our newest adventure map, the Wild West!

    Your task is to serve as the new Marshal for the town of High Mesa. You will follow clues to capture four outlaws while adventuring to ranches, farms, mines, towns, and native dwellings. Along the way, you will help citizens resolve disputes and make peace with one another.

    Be warned though, each outlaw is a mob boss with a sharp tongue and quick trigger!

    William Vault aka "One-Eyed Bill" is a legendary bank robber.
    Daniel Dispatch aka "Dapper Dan" is a notorious train bandit.
    Jackson Hereford aka "Cactus Jack" is a sneaky cattle rustler.
    Louis Wheeler aka "Loco Lou" is a wild stage coach thief.

    When you spawn into the world, you'll appear in the Frontier Fort. Clicking a sign will give you two emeralds with which to purchase a book and a map. Then, you visit the Quartermaster to get your supplies, and use another sign to get your horse.

    Once you are all outfitted, read the first book and follow the instructions. Each place you go, you will trade something to get a new book with more instructions. Try to follow the instructions in sequence to limit backtracking all over the map.

    Completing the adventure will require about 3 hours. Your inventory will save, so you can continue the adventure at different times. The town of High Mesa has plenty of ender chests to store items, and every building in High Mesa has disposal signs to get rid of mob drops that clutter your inventory. Invest a little time touring the town to see what it has to offer, but don't spend all your money right away.

    Happy trails!

    Grand Opening - Sunday, 5 December

    10 AM Pacific
    11 AM Mountain
    12 PM Central
    1 PM Eastern
    6 PM GMT
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  2. ladybxg

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  3. cxttoncandy

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    WOOO!!! Thank you to everyone who worked on the map, this is gonna be awesome :)
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  4. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    YEEE-HAW!!!!!! Thank you so much to everyone who worked so hard on the map - it seems so awesome and I can't wait!!!!!
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  5. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Piecing it together Moderator Elder Helper VIP

    I am really excited to be able to play this new map! Falling into random holes totally never happens :rolleyes: (there might be a horse in one). Lots of mob fights!
    I think this thread fell into a hole as it disappeared quickly — Found again!
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  6. CupcakeRockstar

    CupcakeRockstar Rockin' the Bling!

    this is gonna be amazing!
    ( ive always was fasinated by the wild west )
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  7. Floofin

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    Yeeeeeee hawww
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  8. c0wg0d

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    The new adventure is now open! Follow the signs near spawn to take the portal to the Wild West.
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  9. ahsokatxrtle

    ahsokatxrtle Never gonna give you up

    I love the map so far :D Whoever made it/helped with it, I love it!
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  10. MCtwilight

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    Wooooo!!!!!!!! This is awesome!!!! Thanks to all who worked on it!!! It’s fantastic!
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  11. CupcakeRockstar

    CupcakeRockstar Rockin' the Bling!

    question : Will this be here forever or is this just temporary?
  12. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator Helper VIP

    Forever! (Or at least a really, really long time.)
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  13. kabo0m

    kabo0m I love blowing things up!

    This is amazing!
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  14. TruWolf_

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    Whoa there partner!
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  15. SwampOFly

    SwampOFly dragon or cheesemeister?

    Best server on the Sandlot!

    Been playing this for two days now, and I have a horse, and to get into the spirit of the Southwest, I named it Ol' Buckeye Joe (a Buckeye is a shrub).

    Thanks for making this server, I have been really enjoying it!

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  16. fancyfinn9

    fancyfinn9 The Good Grammar Guy

    Is this on the Adventure server? How can I access it? Because it sounds fun!
    (Watch out! Here comes Old Shatterhand! Sorry, I mean Old Finn!) ;)
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  17. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator Helper VIP

    Yes, it's on the Adventure server. Go behind the quartz stairs at spawn and down the long flight of stairs, then look to your right.
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  18. fancyfinn9

    fancyfinn9 The Good Grammar Guy

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