Introducing Factions!

I have heard you out… We are introducing a Factions server! What is Factions? Factions is a popular Player-versus-Player Minecraft Survival game mode which allows players to team up into “Factions” and fight, kill, raid, and pillage opposing factions and their bases. While “raiding” (stealing) and griefing are part of the game on a Factions […]

Public Service Announcement Regarding Minecraft Realms

As you may or may not be aware, Mojang has recently released their “Minecraft Realms” service in North America. Minecraft Realms allows players to purchase a subscription for an additional monthly fee, which will allow them to have control over and run their own “server”, to which they can invite other players to play on. […]

Sandlot’s Birthday Weekend VIP Sale! (Plus New Packages!)

This weekend only, starting Friday March 14 and lasting through Sunday March 16, ALL VIP packages will be 20% off the original price! If you already have VIP, purchasing the same package (or another package in the same category) will extend your VIP benefits. You will now also find new packages made for larger families: […]

Hunger Games Changes

Some changes to the HungerGames servers: Pre-Game time is now 3 minutes instead of 5 minutes You can now break leaves Reduced the height of Kangaroo’s jump (it was way overpowered) The Rapper kit can now place his note block The Linkage kit was added back and can now place it’s teleporter. This is once […]

Server Updated to Minecraft 1.7!

Here’s the down-low: Easy, Creative, and Skyblock are running full 1.7.2 (so you can get new blocks/etc.) Normal, Lobby, UHC, and both HG servers are running the hacky 1.6.4 that allows 1.7 clients (so no new blocks there – still waiting for updates to some major plugins) I had to temporarily disable the shops in […]

New Spawn: Updates!

We are about complete with the new spawn construction. The map has been updated, and here are some more images taken by Indrichi!   At this point we are really just waiting for the server files and plugins to be available so that we can update!

Minecraft 1.7, Server Update Info, and Client Downgrade Instructions

Minecraft Update 1.7 was just released! Your client will automatically update, however the server will not. Server Update Information: I will update the server as soon as I am able to do so. I do not know when that will be. I have to sit and be patient and wait for everything that I depend […]

New Spawn Development: Keep up on our progress!

The staff and a few other select individuals have begun working on the new spawn area for the Semi-Vanilla server! We are working on a “vanilla” snapshot server running the current 1.7 pre-release, all in survival mode (even cheracc does not have op status so that all stays fair and legit), hard difficulty, and collecting […]

Patch 1.7 Announced! Release Expected Friday!

That is correct: What does this mean? As previously announced, there will be major changes on the Normal and Easy servers. You can scroll back through the post history to read more about it, but here is the quick-and-dirty: Normal is being completely reset. Only current ranks will remain. Easy map will be expanded, and […]