The Sandlot is turning 5 and I WANT CAKE!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Wow, can you believe The Sandlot has been online for almost 5 years?! That's incredible! I don't know about the rest of you, but ever since I found The Sandlot, I've never wanted to play Minecraft anywhere else! Our community is the best and I am so proud to be a part of it!

    To celebrate, I have something fun planned, and I need lots of :354::354::354::354::354:!

    I will be rewarding the 5 top voted cakes with one free week of VIP!
    • Build an awesome cake in Creative no larger than 30x30x30.
    • You can use any materials you want for your cake, but redstone machines will not be accepted as part of the build.
    • Post your name (or the name of the primary "owner" if you are posting for someone else) as well as one screenshot of the cake using the default texture pack as a reply to this thread.
    • There can only be one winner per cake. If multiple people helped build the cake, you must all agree to designate one person as the "owner" of that cake. This is the person that will win VIP if selected.
    • Entries must be submitted before the nightly restart on December 18th.
    • If you win and want to give your VIP to someone else, that's fine!
    • If you win and you already have VIP, your current subscription will be extended 1 week.
    • You may only submit one entry per player.
    • Have fun!

    Let me know if you have any questions. :D
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  2. BellStar03

    BellStar03 Artisan Moderator VIP

    Let the Cake Wars begin! :D
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  3. Cepheusz

    Cepheusz Expert Helper Elder

    Bake battle commence!
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  4. Jordy_Keen

    Jordy_Keen Artisan Helper

    This will be fun! I love cake...

    I do have 2 questions, though. Can someone build it and win, then give the VIP to someone else? And how many entereries are we allowed to submit?
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  5. LegoBoyo

    LegoBoyo Expert VIP Helper Elder

    Like what BellStar03 said! Let the cake war begin!
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  6. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP


    Only one entry per player, please.
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  7. Jordy_Keen

    Jordy_Keen Artisan Helper

    Ok, thanks!
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  8. bizarr0

    bizarr0 Zebra Expert Moderator VIP Elder

    Let them eat cake!!!!
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  9. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Artisan Helper

    Thanks c0w!

    For anyone who needs plot space to work on, I can donate a 1 20x20 plot out of my space. First come first serve :)
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  10. I want vip but no I don't have any building skills I must try to win!
    I want it!
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  11. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Artisan Helper

    Contact me in-game. I still have a few left
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  12. TheCrimsonKev

    TheCrimsonKev Artisan Helper

    Here is my submission! :)


    Attached Files:

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  13. TheCrimsonKev

    TheCrimsonKev Artisan Helper

  14. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Sorry, one thing I forgot to mention, please only include one screenshot for your cake. It should look as good as possible so people will want to vote for it!
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  15. TheCrimsonKev

    TheCrimsonKev Artisan Helper

    Thanks for fixing it c0w! ^-^
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  16. Abbz05

    Abbz05 Master Moderator VIP







    Woohoo! I've got something in mind to build! :D

    I'm going to eat all entrees- I mean entries...
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  17. SomethingGreen

    SomethingGreen Adept VIP

    So are you judging the cakes, c0w?
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  18. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    No, you are! :D

    I will make a voting post after all the submissions have been made and then the community will decide the winners.
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  19. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Artisan Helper

    Wanted to keep the screenshot count low but there is many other aspects to the cake such as a creeper. Make sure to explore! /plot v MCUnion 11

    Edit: I can't have 2 but as I said there is many more aspects so make sure to check it out :)
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  20. Can you vote for your own?
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