Adventure Discussion, Feedback Requested!

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    I am considering making some drastic changes to the Adventure server, and I would like to get your feedback on my ideas. I'm posting in the Announcements area for better visibility. I will outline each idea below with my reasoning behind the proposed change.

    1. Remove VIPs ability to fly.

    Rather than having infinite flight, I think it would be nice if flight was only granted as a special reward for a difficult task, and only given for a short time. Another idea would be to add a new magic wand or some other magic item that gives the power of flight (or perhaps levitation, since that is a vanilla Minecraft feature now).

    2. Turn off invincibility and add food.

    This will increase the difficulty, but I think it will make exploration more rewarding, and will give players a bigger incentive to level up their wands to gain more damage. It will also necessitate potions, and using things like golden apples and totems of undying. Keep Inventory would be kept ON so that dying isn't too harsh of a punishment, other than losing your progress trying to get somewhere.

    3. Make the Horcruxes "end game" content.

    It seems to me that when new players come on the Adventure server, the first thing everyone tells them to do is collect moderator heads and horcruxes. Some of these are very challenging, some are not. I would like to make obtaining them feel very special and rewarding, and offer very high level items. I think they should all be very difficult to get, and should require players to be sufficiently geared up with armor, potions, and leveled up wands.

    4. Revamp the current trades available.

    As it is right now, a player could have full diamond gear and a diamond sword within a few minutes of play, if they know where to go and what to do. I think all the trades need to be completely revamped. I think a lot of players completely ignore the magic wands once they have a diamond sword, even though the wands are more powerful than the sword is in certain situations.

    The main point of the Adventure server is to actually go out on adventures and explore. To make this the focus, here are my thoughts.

    4a. Offer non-enchanted iron gear that can be purchased using the Harry Potter loot (Gold Galleons, Silver Sickles, and Bronze Knuts).

    4b. Add enchanted books as secrets or quest rewards. This would allow you to build up a very strong set of enchanted armor the more you explore and do quests. We will have to add a new mechanic that lets you use anvils (there would likely be a cost associated with enchanting your gear).

    4c. Add consumable items to give you something to do with all your loot. I think you should be able to purchase food, potions, and spell books.

    5. Make a more guided experience, using the Harry Potter theme more.

    As I said before, most players don't know what to do when they come to Adventure. You're a new student at the Hogwarts School, and you have a lot to learn and do! I have added the Sorting Hat to assign you to a House, and when you go to your dormitory, you can get a set of wizard robes. From there, I think you should be guided to all the classes to get special bonuses. For example, let's say there's a potion making class that grants you a healing potion, or a transfiguration class that grants you the ability to disguise yourself as another mob. Going back to point 1, maybe there's a class that teaches you how to fly and gives you an item that lets you do so.

    This was my original intent for the Teleportation book (by going to the Teleportation 101 class to get it). We eventually added it in the spawn area because people couldn't find it, but I want to change that and make it something really special that players only get if they've put in the time to go there on their own. It would grant the ability to teleport all over Hogwarts, making it a very powerful item (yes, the book will be updated).

    New players should be told about the magic wands, the sorting hat and dormitories, the villager traders, the loot system and Diagon Alley, the new classes we are adding, and more.

    I have a lot of other ideas, but these are the major ones that I think require some in depth discussion. I'd really love to hear your feedback on all these ideas. Thanks!
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  2. TruWolf_

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    This sounds awesome, I highly agree with all of these
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  3. Floofin

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    These ideas sound awesome! I have a some suggestions:
    • add a one use (or at least few days wait) on the sorting hat, and make the dorms only accessible (at least easily accessible) by your sorted house
    • add some sort of reward for exploring each dormitory (a better reward if you had to sneak in)
    • Since food is being added, use the great hall as a place where food is easily accessible
    • maybe add house points, and at the end of the in-game day you get a reward for being first/at a certain number of points
    Thank you for revamping Adventure c0w! :)
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  4. Funkies

    Funkies The mystery continues

    yeah and maybe make a quiz that decides which house you get put in
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  5. MCtwilight

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    I agree with all of these. Thank you so so so much for all the work you do, c0w!
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  6. WanderingLlama

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    This sounds amazing! My thoughts on it:

    1. I agree, I think it would be fun to earn the ability to fly or levitate sometimes.

    2. Currently, invincibility is off in head challenges, and it's on in the Hogwarts castle and the surrounding area. I support invincibility being off outside Hogwarts castle, but ff it is off in the Hogwarts castle, I suggest that there should be less spawners and a slower spawn rate, to allow things like trading with villagers and helping people without being attacked and killed by spiders.

    3. This one is more difficult. I agree that they are too easy to get once you know where and how to get them. Maybe head and other item signs could have a cooldown? As of now, not many people even know how to get every head and item. I do think that head challenges should be harder, though, and some of them (like Hams) should be a lot harder. The difficulty comes with players new to Adventure. It is extremely hard the first few times, both in finding where the head is and completing the challenge, which is why I suggest having a cooldown on some of them, while the easy ones need to be harder. I'll put more head suggestions in the Adventure suggestions thread.

    4. Agreed. Maybe heads and other items could also be traded in for Adventure currency or other better items?
    4 a, b, c. I also would like villager trades to be revamped.

    5. Yes! This would be amazing!
  7. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! Helper VIP

    I like all your ideas! I really think that should be a detailed adventure guide though. Even me, a 6 year Sandlot player has no idea where the Sorting Hat, Teleportation 101, etc is.
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  8. zilory

    zilory Watching the days go by Elder Helper

    I'm happy that Adventure is getting some attention! Although along the lines of what you've already said, here are a few thoughts that come to mind right now.

    First, I think the number of different items you can acquire throughout the entire world adds up to a considerable amount. A problem I have struggled with for a long time is having space to manage all these items (a problem that also exists in Arenas). I think that in general, the amount of different items you can get and some of the warps that lead to no longer relevant places could be consolidated/removed for a smaller set of items that are more important (at the moment you can buy 4 different sets of armor at spawn alone).
    Otherwise, I would suggest a plugin that allows more personal storage space... like a backpack.

    The second thing that comes to mind is that a large part of the gameplay always seemed to be killing spiders. I found this to be a boring task, which is why I never put in the time to purchase all the wands. I think the gameplay should consist of more actual adventure and less grinding.

    I think players need to be able to play with each other in some way. Right now, the only way to interact is mostly by chat. It would be more fun if players were able to work with each other toward a goal.

    In essence, I think there should be a clearer goal and path which players are directed onto from the start.
    The world is cluttered with things that are part of sandlot's history like the mod statues in the spawn area. But for many new players, these things don't have any bearing, and are likely a distraction rather than a happy memory.
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  9. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandificent Grandmama Mickeyosity Moderator Helper VIP

    I agree with all of the above statements. I am glad adventure is getting more attention, and I look forward to playing on it shortly!!

    Once again, thanks for everything you continue to do. :)

  10. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood Magizoologist Elder Helper VIP

    These sound like great ideas! Just curious, will the houses be randomly assigned or can you pick?
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  11. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator Helper VIP

    I agree with this. I will make efforts to "spawn proof" the room where you spawn, and probably add a beacon with regeneration as well.

    This is part of what I'm trying to address. There are dozens, maybe even hundreds of secrets all over the map, and people have never seen them. I think a good way to fix this issue is to lead people on quests/scavenger hunts. Another way is to utilize "random" encounters like you find at the library. I think both methods can be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

    Yes, it is a bit of a boring task, but it is very satisfying to have max level wands. I think having a reason to do the grind makes it worth it. For example, maybe killing a creeper with a max level flower wand would drop a special token that grants you a special TNT magic spell? What if we added a new wand that, when maxed, will cure poison, or kill all mobs instantly in an area around you? I think it would be really fun to lean into the "magical" aspect of the Harry Potter universe more and have cool stuff like this that's less focused on vanilla Minecraft combat mechanics. Seeing spiders all around you go up in flames, or get teleported into the air and dropped is pretty satisfying!

    Can you provide an example?

    I'm okay with distractions, as long as there are still clear goals to work toward. I mean, the Helper Garden doesn't have anything to do in it, but it's still a really nice place to visit, and I don't think there's anything wrong with teaching new players about our history as a community playing together. :D

    Thanks for all the feedback so far everyone! I'm really excited to make these changes, but I'd like to hear more feedback first! Thank you!
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  12. zilory

    zilory Watching the days go by Elder Helper

    Currently, everything you can do can be done on your own (killing spiders and searching for items). I'm proposing some things that require/allow more than one person to cooperate to get a prize of item for example... Maybe a boss that requires everyone to help kill it, or a puzzle that requires multiple people to complete it.
    I think this would encourage more people playing together and perhaps a stronger player base in Adventure. After all, playing with others is one of the main purposes of multiplayer.
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  13. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator Helper VIP

    They are randomly assigned for now, and it's not really permanent. People had some good suggestions on how to be added to a specific House and what gameplay elements could be utilized with it, so maybe we can expand on this further.
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  14. SupersonicE9

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    The fact that Adventure is getting some attention is really cool. The third, fourth, and fifth points sound really promising. I also like the idea of using the "Harry Potter" theming specifically to our advantage in revamping the world.

    However, I have to be honest about a couple of aspects. I do not like the idea of getting rid of flying whatsoever because Hogwarts has always pain to navigate even without hunger. I actually really appreciate the VIP benefits, and don't particularly want to see them be removed. Maybe that's partially because I am a VIP, but it's something I personally don't want to lose. Also, adding hunger would only make navigation infinitely worse. I want this experience to be fun, but that aspect seems much too tedious in my opinion.

    Also, if you absolutely have to get rid of flying, could you at least keep the hunger bar as is? I do get the point of exploration, and flying may make that a bit too easy (that's reasonable), but the hunger part just seems unnecessary. Adding hunger, in my opinion, is going too far.

    By the way, from my experiences at Adventure, invincibility does not apply to every area, even as of now. I just heavily dislike the idea of hunger being added to that. I agree with some of the other tweaks, but I'd probably go to adventure even less than I do now if I had to deal with hunger. Just my personal take on this
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  15. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood Magizoologist Elder Helper VIP

    Ooooh that'd be so cool! Even just like a couple question quiz or something like that? Maybe there's specific quests for specific house? Possibly like effects for each house? Like for example, strength for gryffindor, speed for slytherin, night vision (or something like that) for ravenclaw, and like health/saturation for hufflepuff?
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  16. how_its_neko

    how_its_neko floofer: part 2

    I'd feel like maybe the potion thing isn't a good idea. It seems like it could be not very fair. Especially with night vision that seems really lot less desirable then stregnth.
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  17. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandificent Grandmama Mickeyosity Moderator Helper VIP

    Perhaps we could have the player choose their own house by standing in front of one of four designated “houses”. Here, they can choose one of the four by triggering a tripwire that activates a command block (coded to deliver a message across the screen of that player.) the message could say “you are a part of the _____ (fill in the name of the house) house”.
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  18. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood Magizoologist Elder Helper VIP

    Yea, it was just an idea, maybe something else, I just thought it'd be a cool bonus.
  19. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandificent Grandmama Mickeyosity Moderator Helper VIP

    Going off of what I had previously stated, instead of a message coded on a command block across the screen, we could also have a "sign plugin" similar to that of the easy survival plugin, where you can click the sign to join a "class" of job - instead of joinng the class of the job, you can join the "house" that you wish to join. This would allow players to join and leave different houses as they please, but there can be a "class limit" of 1, similar to that of the easy survival plugin in which you can only choose a maximum of 2 jobs.

    I am not sure, logistically, how this could work, but I am sure it is possible!

  20. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Piecing it together Moderator Elder Helper VIP

    I do appreciate the flying, as it helped me overcome my fear of the spiders. There is the one block in the lobby where they can kill you... I like the idea of some kind of a pathway to learning about the adventure, and maybe the better rewards. One place that takes two players (at least for me) is getting into the Whomping Willow. Never could/have been able to do it by myself o_O Hidden adventures were always the best part of the Hogwarts map, and there are so many places that would be ideal to place a reward sign. I don't think there is any reward for finding the Spiders Lair, and it can be pretty scary.
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