April Lobby Special Event: Easter Bunny Bonanza!

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  1. LifeLearner

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    Hey Sandlot!

    Our awesome Sandlot Helpers created a special event for the month of April. You can play this event whenever you want this month. Look behind the Normal portal in the lobby for our Special Events hallway.

    The Easter Bunny needs your help! All of the eggs were lost. Spring into action to help find them. Visit the Easter Bunny’s farm to begin your mission. Meet 9 bunny friends along the way, and save Easter for everybunny!




    For those intrepid players who love a challenge, we have a special treat for you. In a limited-time appearance, the Killer Bunnies have returned. Collect your enchanted wooden sword at Bunny Village and show those Killer Bunnies who is boss in the Arena!

    Easter Event Killer Bunny Arena.jpg

    At the end of your adventure, trade your Easter Eggs to a shopkeeper for some delightful refreshments at the Party Room.

    Easter Event Party Room.jpg

    Special thanks to all the players who made decorations for our lobby!
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  2. YSElectro

    YSElectro tesseracting since 2016 VIP

    this looks fun but the first three images don’t work
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  3. Swamp_Monster232

    Swamp_Monster232 Making Googly Eyed Monsters

    Yes the 1st three imgs don't work but I am so excited anyway!!!
  4. waseric

    waseric Skyblock! Now even Floatier! Sandlot Administrator Moderator VIP

    This is (hopefully) fixed now.
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  5. YSElectro

    YSElectro tesseracting since 2016 VIP

    cool it works now
  6. It’s already out :) but i think u can only be there on a certain day but i agree
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  7. kabo0m

    kabo0m Master

    You used my idea :D
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  8. cxttoncandy

    cxttoncandy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court VIP Helper

    i hope everyone has/had fun!! we all had a great time working on this and we're so glad we were able to help plan :) let us know if you guys are confused at any part or need help finding some of the stations!
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  9. Moosh_Dude

    Moosh_Dude Expert VIP

    It was fun playing it! Thanks for building it everyone!
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  10. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Moderator VIP Helper

    Have fun everyone!!! :D It was super exciting to help out with, and we’re really excited for y’all to check it out!
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  11. MCtwilight

    MCtwilight First President VIP Helper

    Yay!!!! We hope you all have so much fun!!!! xd
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  12. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer Moderator VIP Helper Elder

    Thanks for your hard work! I had fun getting a bunch of eggs and cookies. :)
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  13. Floofin

    Floofin Floofier than you! VIP Helper

    Slippers r comfy
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  14. GruffsMom_

    GruffsMom_ Adept VIP

    It looks great everyone! I was wondering why I was attacked by a killer bunny the other day when OmanGruff had me come back there. I will have to go through it all and collect the eggs. I think someone already walked OmanGruff through it.
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  15. Primmrose4665

    Primmrose4665 Apprentice

    Hi, I'm just now joining, thank you! In the Lobby area but don't know where the "Normal" portal is! I really want to play but don't know where to go. Thanks!
  16. Primmrose4665

    Primmrose4665 Apprentice

    Oh, wait, I just found it! Going to check it out now!
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  17. Primmrose4665

    Primmrose4665 Apprentice

    Hi, I tried typing help in the game. Can't find station 2. This is hard but fun!
  18. MCtwilight

    MCtwilight First President VIP Helper

    Hey! If you go to the left out of the first barn, you’ll find the 2nd station :)
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  19. Primmrose4665

    Primmrose4665 Apprentice

    Thank you! I will try it again.
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  20. Swamp_Monster232

    Swamp_Monster232 Making Googly Eyed Monsters

    Hello there! When you get to the lobby (the exact spot you get to when you press /lobby) look around and at the top of the portals (they look like waterfalls) and you will see what they are called (example Easy). Once you find the portal you want to go through walk towards it and go through the water. If you are lost, there are always signs next to the portal telling what that portal gets you to. I hope this helps!