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Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by addyomg8, Apr 13, 2019.

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    My daughter and I are new to Mincraft and have been white listed on Sandlot. We were able to connect to the server last night but now we are not able to. We checked Mojang's servers and everything is fine. Lastly we tried to connect directly with the IP Address and it did not work. Can someone please help? Thanks!
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    Hey, addyomg8!

    Welcome to the Sandlot!

    Unfortunately, there has been some strange behavior with the server, and it has been determined as a hardware problem. This means that emergency maintenance is taking place.

    I assure you, this is not a regular occurrence! Haha!

    For more information and regular updates, see this thread;

    Thanks for choosing the Sandlot.

    Many thanks,
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    Hello! Welcome to Sandlot! Sorry that this is happening at the time of your joining Sandlot, but I'd like to add (and assure you) that this sort of occurrence is such a rare one that I cannot recall a similar time in the 5.5+ years I've been on Sandlot. (Main information and link to updates on maintenance progress can be seen at the posts above mine on this thread)
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