Easter 2020 Easy Survival Scavenger Hunt!

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  1. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 unmoderated Moderator VIP Elder

    Happy Easter from The Sandlot! We hope you all have a great holiday with you and yours.

    We have prepared a little something for all of you playing in our new Easy Survival server... a scavenger hunt! All of the Moderators have been scattered around the Easy Map... if you can find them, you will be rewarded for your efforts and receive the Moderator's Minecraft head! Here is a picture of what you will be looking for:


    Of course, we won't leave you to traverse the whole map with nothing! Below are clues for each Moderator. (These can also be found in-game at Easy Spawn.)

    Wolves dwell in the taiga... Abbz05 dwells near Taiga Spawn...
    adminidad dwells in the snowy taiga near Mesa Spawn…
    BareClawz hides in the final mesa biome on the map…
    BellStar runs the West Spawn road, stops at the first Extreme Hills on the right…
    bizarr0 sets up shop at a desert biome parallel to Mesa Spawn…
    Blokjekopf hides in the mesa at the northeast corner of the map…
    bobandbunny is likely hopping with the others near Forest Spawn…
    c0wg0d watches dilligently on the outskirts of Spawn in the wheat plains...
    hamsrus1 is hiding on an iceberg near the southeast frozen ocean…
    JackenKracken roams the fields around Savanna Spawn…
    Kyukuro is scoping out the coral reef north of Spawn…
    LifeLearner walks with polar bears near Snowy Spawn…
    Monkey_Chicka sunbathes around Desert Spawn…
    RatMazeMind plots in plains adjacent to the southmost snow plains…
    Needs no introduction… the trubuhl-some troll lurks near Jungle Spawn…
    Virgeric mulls over his plans in the waters of Swamp Spawn…
    Name: waseric // Status: Active // Coords: X:-4632 Z:2352 // Biome: Savanna
    _Razz might be collecting terracotta near Mesa Spawn…

    We hope you all enjoy this little gift from the Easter (boband)Bunny!

    -The Sandlot Moderator Team
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  2. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 unmoderated Moderator VIP Elder

    hi all!

    the live map is VERY USEFUL for this hunt, use it well! https://www.sandlotminecraft.com/pages/easymap/

    all heads are above ground in the Easy overworld. when a clue says a head is "by" or "near" a spawn, it typically means it is in the SAME BIOME AS THAT SPAWN. only one head is placed directly in a spawn...

    good luck and have fun!
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  3. StoneCommander

    StoneCommander Somebody Let Me Out!

    how long will this go on. Cause i cant get on tomorow.
  4. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 unmoderated Moderator VIP Elder

    no need to rush, the heads will be up for quite a while :)
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  5. zilory

    zilory How did I get here? VIP Helper Elder

    Thank you to everyone who helped put this together. I had a great time playing! :)
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  6. DogboyOz

    DogboyOz Yeti from Down Under VIP

    Today was a blast! Thanks for all of your hard work!
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  7. Cherichu

    Cherichu Tiny, but fierce! Helper

    I got a little excited and collected them all, finally... 2020-04-12_01.34.20.png
    It took me so long to find Monkey_Chicka and trubuhl's heads lol

    This was super fun, thank you guys for setting this up :)
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  8. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Entitled

    woah! Already!
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  9. NightKing16

    NightKing16 Mad_ VIP

    thanks to everyone who put this together for the players, it’s great! i can’t wait to get on later and take part :D
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  10. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    Note this: PLEASE try and put away each head as you get it in a safe spot. Each place has a seven day cooldown. (It will be up longer but if you don't want to wait a week try to be careful about it.)

    Otherwise, have fun. Thanks to the people who put together the hunt. :) Happy Easter! It looks like the Easter Bobby came!
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  11. Paw_English

    Paw_English OG Trendsetter VIP

    PHEW, it took a LOT of looking and searching but I found them all...

    thank u @hamsrus1 ur an absolute life saver
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  12. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Helper

    i’ll try it later!!!! (-: thank you for all you do!
  13. __ari_

    __ari_ Alpha Cent

    I've got like 3-4 more to do! thank you everyone who put this up! c:
  14. tmosley34

    tmosley34 Witch doctor VIP Helper

    2020-04-12_12.12.59.png 2020-04-12_12.14.29.png

    It was so much fun to find! (even if I cheated a few o_O). Thanks to everyone who put it together! :)
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  15. AndromedaJulie

    AndromedaJulie Queen of Spacey Helper

    So just checking (don’t mind my confusion)... more than one person can find the heads? Are we supposed to break the head and take it? If so, what about the next person?
  16. __ari_

    __ari_ Alpha Cent

    No, they are giant heads like on the first post. With signs you right click to give you a head c:
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  17. lardydare

    lardydare King of confusing name changes

    I've done it, yay! I love doing activities like this on the Sandlot and this is one of the many things that makes this amazing server stand out from other servers. Thanks for organising this guys! 2020-04-12_18.34.00.png
    Edit: Whoops! I was wearing trubuhl's head so I forgot to add him to the collection. Here is the updated version :D
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2020
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  18. GemTheGerbil

    GemTheGerbil Tasty Rodent lover VIP Helper

    I’ll try!! :)
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  19. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    I had a lot of fun today getting all the heads. Thanks for setting this up! :D
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  20. cheracc

    cheracc Master Founder VIP

    OK I finally found them all! I only needed help finding trubuhl's, and even then I only got a general direction (thanks zilory!)

    Some of those it seemed like you all purposefully tried to hide them from the live map, which definitely increased the challenge of finding them all. And I also question your definition of the word "near" - some of those were quite far away from the spawn you had us start at!

    Nicely done and a great way to spend some of Easter with my daughter!
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