Easy Scavenger Hunt!

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    Hello everyone!

    The last few weeks, @_Onion and some other helpers have been preparing a new activity in Easy Survival for this spring/summer... a scavenger hunt! For this scavenger hunt, 20 different block-themed 5x5 squares have been hidden around the Easy Survival map. If you can find them, you will be rewarded with some rare prizes! You'll be able to find a "SANDLOT" banner set (picture below), diamonds, emeralds, beehives, and more!


    But, you won't be left to find these prizes with nothing! We will be provide you some hints, which are listed below.

    Netherrack: Lives near desert spawn on a patch of ice.
    Magma Block: Resides in the dark forest near swamp spawn.
    Pumpkin: Is ice skating north of Icy Spawn.
    End Block: Resides on a remote island off of the east road.
    Soulsand: Is mining terracotta south of Mesa Spawn.
    Sand: Lives on the outskirts of Spawn,
    Quartz: Resides northeast of Taiga Spawn.
    Light Blue Wool: Is on the treetops near Jungle Spawn.
    Yellow Wool: Lives near Mesa Spawn.
    Lime Wool: Biome: Savanna Coords: 2279, 1548
    Redstone Block: Resides in the southernmost Icy Biome.
    Oak Wood: Is in a Savanna near Desert Spawn.
    Acacia Wood: Is on an island north of Taiga Spawn.
    Dark Oak: Is Sunbathing in a desert near Mesa Spawn.
    Oak Leaf: Resides on the icebergs of Ice Spawn.
    Bricks: Resides in the eastern part of a Mesa Biome south of spawn.
    Orange Wool: Is swimming in a Coral Reef near spawn.
    Purple Wool: Resides in the southeastern corner of the world.
    Mycelium: Lives in a Swamp west of Jungle Spawn.
    Grey Concrete: Is relaxing in a Desert northeast of spawn.

    Once you find a "station", you will need to claim your prize a bit differently then you did on the Easter Hunt. First, you will need to click a sign that says "Click here to receive your prize ticket!" Make sure you don't have a full inventory when you do this. If you do, you won't be able to claim your prize for another week. Then, that sign will give you a special book. You must then PM one of these 6 players (these names are on a sign at each station, also): _Onion, Mickeyheart, tmuo, KriskKat, GemTheBackRibs, and FastPablo1. They will TPA to you, and give you your prize for that station.

    If one of these players is not online, you can save the book, and then when you see one of those 6 players online another time, just message them and they will TPA to you and give you your prize then.

    The live map will be very useful for this hunt! Each station is just a 5x5 cube of the respective block, so the stations are pretty obvious on the map once you find where they are. You can find the live map here: https://www.sandlotminecraft.com/pages/easymap/

    Happy Hunting! Please reply to this thread if you have any questions!

    - _Onion, tmuo, Mickeyheart, FastPablo1, GemTheBackRibs, and KriskKat
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  2. _Onion

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    Woohoo! Happy hunting everyone! Hope you have fun with this scavenger hunt :).

    One quick thing: The hints will also be on signs in the middle of the Easy Spawn Mall, so you don't have to check on forums every time you want to find a hint :)

    Also, the signs on each station list each helper's name who can award you your prize. These signs list GemTheGerbil and MCOnion, who are now GemTheBackRibs and _Onion, respectively.

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  3. tmuo

    tmuo Witch doctor VIP

    yay ya!

    i hope u all have tons of fun on the hunt!!! :) good luck everybody!
  4. Monkey_Chicka

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    Thank you, _Onion, Mickeyheart, tmuo, KriskKat, GemTheBackRibs, and FastPablo1!
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  5. _Onion

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    Looks like I made a tiny error in the Lime Wool hint. The coordinates should be 2279, 1548. @c0wg0d could you edit that into the original post when you have a chance?
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  6. Funkys

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    i got all letters yay
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  7. Monkey_Chicka

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    @c0wg0d and @_Onion, I updated the original post with the coordinates. :)
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  8. Good luck everyone!!!! Me and lardy will most likely be hunting this weekend.
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  9. tin_miner

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    Hi, just wanted to say that the grey concrete is northeast of spawn, not northwest as it says on the signs/the post- thanks! :)
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  10. TheJavaCoder

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    i'm excited
  11. Edentify

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    Welp sorry, I just finished :p 2020-05-30_13.49.14.png
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  12. GemTheGerat

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    I’m so happy everyone’s enjoying it! :)
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  13. Mickeyheart

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    Hi everyone! Happy Hunting! I will be online within the next 5 minutes, but I do have to go to work today. :)

    Can't wait to see you guys ingame :D
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  14. c0wg0d

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    Updated! Thanks!
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  15. c0wg0d

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    Got them all! The Redstone one took me the longest...
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  16. Edentify

    Edentify Garden of Eden

    Here's my prize collection!
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  17. tin_miner

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  18. AndromedaJulie

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    This looks like so much fun. Thank you guys so much for putting it together! This is a lot of hard work!
    I hope it will be up through most of the summer. I've been having a hard time getting online recently and I really want to make my way through this!
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  19. DomBXC

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