Easy Survival Re-Opening Information

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  1. Neko42

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    Did some research, 9:00am.
  2. trubuhl

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    Actually I believe it's 10am Pacific Time (and Arizona time), because right now Pacific Time is the same as Arizona time due to daylight savings differences.
  3. trubuhl

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    Oh wait, is it only Thursday today? OMG THIS WEEK HAS TAKEN FOREVER!

    It's Saturday at 10am :p
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  4. TheBigBurger

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    im the lone aussie here :p
  5. RubyGirl

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    You’re forgetting someone...
  6. TheBigBurger

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    we r the lone like 3 aussies here
  7. DogboyOz

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    Will the live map be available from launch?
  8. zilory

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    Typically it is available, but the map is loaded as players load the chunks (the rest of the map is blacked out) so you will have to explore yourself... No cheaty looking at the map :p
  9. DogboyOz

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    Dang! I was going to use it to find a base location
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  10. trubuhl

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    One never knows what c0w will do. It is the Easy server after all... but I don't know either. Only the c0w knows for sure. Moooo!
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  11. reminds me that i'm now poor in easy lol

    i was a billionaire for a while till the new generation came along ROFL:p
  12. trubuhl

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    Well, I guess you'll just have to get back to work!

    Diggy diggy hole!

    Did you know people will look at you weird if you go to the hardware store, buy a shovel and a pick with your wife, and you both go marching through the store to the registers while singing? Yeah we did that. We wanted to bring the kids but they were too embarrassed, the little weirdos.

    Brothers of the mine rejoice!
    Swing, swing, swing with me
    Raise your pick and raise your voice!
    Sing, sing, sing with me
    Down and down into the deep
    Who knows what we'll find beneath?
    Diamonds, rubies, gold and more
    Hidden in the mountain store
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  13. Kyukuro

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    I believe the chunks have all been generated already, so the live map should be completely loaded in when the new world launches
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  14. RatMazeMind

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    It's Almost Here... Finally!!

    We're all really, really, really, really excited for Easy to reopen in just a few hours! Before it does, I wanted to share a few reminders and requests with everyone who reads the forums.

    1. Be Prepared
    - Remember to login with MineCraft version 1.15.2 to play on the Easy server.
    - Remember that resource worlds are temporary and regularly reset and that the main world's Nether will be reset sometime after the 1.16 Nether update comes out. Do not build permanent bases or store your stuff in these areas.
    - Remember that The End resource world will not be available right away. It will be opened at a later date with a scheduled community Ender Dragon fight.
    - Remember that Optifine is still the only mod you are allowed to use on the Sandlot. If you use mods on single player or other servers, disable them before joining Sandlot.

    2. Be Patient
    - This is the first server to be a fully functioning 1.15.2 map. There is always a chance that we will have some hiccups along the way. If we do experience any difficulties, please be patient as c0wg0d and the mods work to sort them out.
    - With many people stuck at home and the overall excitement about this event, the server is likely to be full of people. c0wg0d has taken many extra steps to try and prevent or reduce lag, but there may still be some lag at times, especially if using a slower or older machine. It is not necessary to announce in chat every time you experience a little lag.
    - There will be lots of helpers and mods on to take care of issues. That said, there will be lots of people to help and lots of chat to sort through. Please do not be upset if we miss something that you said to one of us or if we do not respond right away. We're all only human (or c0ws or rats or bunnies or monkeys or jungle trolls, etc.)

    3. Be Helpful
    - Many of our players do not read forums and many are very young, so they may not know all the information about Easy that you do. We will have helpers and mods to help them as much as possible (answering questions, showing how to make claims, dealing with disputes, etc.), but you guys can help, too! If you can answer someone's question in chat, please do. It will be much appreciated!
    - Despite our wonderful powers, even mods can't be everywhere at once. If you notice someone building what looks like a permanent home or base in a resource world or in the Nether, you can remind them that this is an area that is temporary and will be reset. Or use /helpme to inform the staff so we can explain and help the player find a more suitable place to live.
    - If you notice someone building outside of a claim, you can remind them about claims to protect their stuff or use /helpme to inform the staff so we can show them how to claim.
    - If people are asking for specific stuff, you do not have to give it to them. However, if you know where they can get it, you can politely point them in the right direction. There are shops for most of the basics and they may not be aware of that fact or aware of where to find the appropriate shop.
    - Same goes for money. If someone asks for money, politely direct them to the job board at spawn.

    4. Be Nice
    - If you didn't build it, don't touch it. If it's not your stuff, leave it be. Everyone should know this, but it doesn't hurt to have a reminder.
    - There is likely going to be a rush for resources and land to claim. Please be respectful of others and remember that this is a huge, empty map. There is plenty of space for everyone!
    - If you find yourself in an argument with someone that you feel you cannot resolve peacefully, please use /helpme so that the mods can mediate and help resolve any problems before things get out of hand.

    5. Have Fun!
    - I mean, that's why we're all here in the first place, right? :D

    Let me know if I missed anything...
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  15. i wont break a sweat getting back to my original spot. i just got to get time to play on the server