Email said whitelisted, but server says we are not

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by Jaybird4440, Sep 17, 2023.

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    I am very new to Minecraft. I am helping my daughter get on a family server. She's only allowed to play in my office when I am playing. So we applied, and we got approved. However, when I connect she is not whitelisted. I registered using my gmail account, but my Minecraft account is hotmail. So I updated my email on Sandlot to the hotmail account, no luck.

    I have no idea what I am doing. Please assist as she is jumping up and down to play.

    A Clueless Minecraft Dad.
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  2. LifeLearner

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    Hi Dad!

    No worries, we've all been new at one point. Let's see if we can figure out what is happening.

    I see that our logs show the Java-edition account, JayBird, as whitelisted at 6:30 PM EST.

    I reprocessed your application just to doublecheck. You should have gotten another email around 10:11 PM EST saying that you are whitelisted. I got a return message from our logs saying that your account is already whitelisted. So whitelisting the Java-edition account is not our problem.

    I see that the name JayBird is both a Java-edition username and a Bedrock-edition gamertag. You signed up for the Java-edition.

    Can you double check your usernames for us? One possibility is that you have a Bedrock-edition account. We whitelist each Minecraft version a bit differently. If that is the case (Bedrock-edition instead of Java-edition), we can fix the application and process it again.

    In the screenshot in the spoiler, you can see my Bedrock-edition gamertag circled in the upper right corner. It has numbers appended at the end. My Java-edition username is circled in the bottom left corner.

    Example Usernames - Java vs Microsoft.jpg

    I also see that someone tried to log onto the server with a different username. Sometimes the Java-edition username is very different from the gamertag. If you see that yours is different, please advise the correct name. We can change the application and reprocess it.

    If none of these suggestions helps, please reach out again and we'll figure out what's happening.


    Sandlot Moderator
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  3. Jaybird4440

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    Thanks for the detailed response. We do indeed have the Java Edition. It took me a minute for find the spoiler image. As it turns out it was my gamer tag from years ago. I have since updated her user name to JayBird4440. Is it possible to change that? Thanks again!
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  4. LifeLearner

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    I am sending you a conversation. You will find it in your Inbox on the forums.


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