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    This post assumes that you have already followed the instructions in the "How to Join Our Server" post, and have received your confirmation email that you have been approved and white-listed. If you have not, you will need to register for our website and submit an application.

    Connecting to The Sandlot
    Simply watch this video for simple step-by-step instructions to add The Sandlot to your Multiplayer server list:

    Getting to Know the "Lobby"
    When you first connect, you will join at the center of the "Lobby". The Sandlot is home to several different types of Minecraft servers, and the Lobby is where you will choose which one you want to play on. You can return to the lobby at any time and choose to play on a different server.

    Each of the roads/walkways in the Lobby leads to a different server. At the end of each path you will find a structure with a "Teleport to:" sign inside or on it. Click or right-click that sign to join that server.

    The Lobby may look different at different times of the year. We like to have fun on major holidays, and will often decorate or have fun events during these times. Don't be afraid, nothing here can hurt you or kill you, even though it may sometimes look scary (especially around Halloween!)

    Choosing a Server
    You can read about our individual servers on the "About" page on the navigation bar at the top of this page.

    You may join any of the servers by simply clicking or right-clicking the "Teleport To:" sign. It will look like this:
    On the Hunger Games or Creative servers, you can type "/lobby" at any time to return to the lobby. On other servers, you will need to return to that server's "spawn" area by typing "/spawn" or by returning there on foot. The spawn area has an identical sign that you can use to get back to the lobby.

    Protecting Your Land
    If you are playing on a survival server, it is VERY important that you protect your stuff! Once you protect it, you will not have to worry about any other players bothering it or breaking it or stealing from you. You can watch this video for instructions on how to protect your land:

    Playing Nice with Others
    Be kind, be nice, and be respectful with other players that you encounter, and they will return the favor! It is against our rules for you to take anything from other players, or add anything to their homes or buildings without their permission. Please review our rules so that you don't end up in trouble with the moderators! You can find them using the link at the top of this page.

    Enjoy, and have fun on The Sandlot!
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    I have made a land claim tutorial video specific to Sandlot also.

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  4. FishiestCatfish

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    Yes, thank you for making this thread. it'll make things easier for the new players! :D
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  5. babbypea

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    How do I get some Money so I can buy stuff I allready have gold.....
    Thanks in advance!
  6. Quercus

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    Hi, I have a question about land claims. Can I have more than one? i'm running into the problem where there is an adjacent claim, but i want the stuff next to it, but can't expand in that direction unless i make a second rectangular claim. does that make sense? all claims have to be rectangular, right?
  7. c0wg0d

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    Yes, you can have more than one. They must be rectangular.
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    How long does it take usually for confirmation after applying for whitelist?
  9. RexofAvalon

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    roughly between 1 hour and 3 days it all depends on moderator availability
  10. ninjarabbit8

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    cow god I have a question for you why don't you let me be a moderator plz let me ill be great at it plz let me plz im great at the sandlot rules and I know some other moderators plz
  11. ninjarabbit8

    ninjarabbit8 Novice

    I know ham
  12. ninjarabbit8

    ninjarabbit8 Novice

    hey cow god and the maker meet me in creative tomorrow at 5 or tomorrow at 5 plz meet me
  13. Zoolola07

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    Hi--I can get in the lobby and see the worlds, but I can't get into them. im kinda new to this. How can I get into creative, survival and others? THank you!
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  14. GoldenZdude

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    Are you using 1.7 or 1.8? for a lot of our worlds you need to be in 1.8
  15. Zoolola07

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    I am on 1.8.
  16. ninjarabbit8

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    go on 1.8.1
  17. GoldenZdude

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    ok you should be able to log on to all worlds then. could you tell me exactly what its saying when you try to log on?
  18. Abbz05

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    Make sure you are right-clicking (or the button you use to place a block) on the sign.
  19. Zoolola07

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    i right- clicked on a teleport sign and i think I am in Hunger games! wow
  20. Zoolola07

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    I can enter the games by teleporting, then right? then I think I go it!