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  1. Bunnyzilla

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    Hi, when im mining and i get something reallly good like diamonds, people ALWAYS teleport to me. And when i accept and i uncover something good, they immditally snatch it up.
    Can you guys put a stop to it? Thanks!
  2. tmuo

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    The best way to stop this from happening is

    1, Don't let people teleport to you while you're mining, if you do, ask them not to take the stuff you're mining. (If you've asked them not to take it and they still do, let a Helper know).

    Or 2, You can also disable/enable TPA requests with /tptoggle
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  3. LifeLearner

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    I think you can remember who those players are doing this and not accept a TP request from them when you are mining.

    You may also report this behavior to us on our Report a Player forum. Only Moderators will see your report. Please include the player name, date, time, and server. Post a screenshot if you think of it.
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  4. DomBXC

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    I can give you diamonds, how much did you have?
    If it was in Easy, then I can give you. And please tell us their names, the staff can sort it out. And I can be flaming mad at them (lol).
  5. TheBigBurger

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    i dont think that she should tell us their names, because we dont want those people to be embarrased or sad and we dont want other people to be mad at them.
    If she wants to, she can report them or just ask them to stop it,.
    This isnt a big problem, and we dont want to turn it into a big problem.
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  6. Mickeyheart

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    I would not mention their names in this thread - if you wish to report them, you can either use the "report a player" tab like LifeLearner suggested, or you are welcome to PM me in game and I will gladly talk to them if the issue persists. :)

    I'm sorry that people are stealing your ores. That's not very nice. Definitely refrain from /tpaccept when you are collecting ores if this is a recurring issue!
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  7. DomBXC

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