How to buy a second Minecraft account?

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by AndromedaJulie, Jun 15, 2020.

  1. AndromedaJulie

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    Hi Geniuses,

    I'm trying to purchase a second account for my youngest child. I wouldn't have thought this would be so darn difficult, so I'm coming to you for the answers. helpfully (!) informs me that I have Minecraft already. As far as buying a second account, though, I can't figure out how to do that. The only thing they show is a link to a list of stores that sell gift cards. I can't find anywhere to actually buy a new account.

    I tried going through the game to add a second account - it takes me back to but still does the same thing.

    I'm on a Mac.
  2. MinecrafterMen

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    Have you been using the same email for the second account I have not made a second account but I assume each account must have a different email attached to it?
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  3. _Onion

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    Have you tried logging out of the AndromedaJulie account on If that dosen't work, try using a different broswer.
  4. Yekulten

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    You might have to make another mojang account to use. Then use that account to buy minecraft.
  5. Pigichu

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    I might not fully understand the situation, so I'm not sure if this will help.
    But from you should be able to log out, and then buy another Minecraft copy.
    Not sure if this is helpful at all, I haven't bought an account for about five years.
  6. AndromedaJulie

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    I had to log out first. Duh! Thanks guys!
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  7. Pigichu

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    So glad we could help!! It can be so easy to miss little steps sometimes, so don't feel bad! Cant wait to see your son/daughter online! xd
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  8. NightKing16

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    Make sure to give us your child’s name so we can give him a warm welcome! He is the bloodline of Sandlot royalty, after all!:p
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  9. LilAdamBrooks

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  10. AndromedaJulie

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    thanks :)
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