Hunger Games Community Tournament and Free Kit Weekend!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, May 11, 2020.

  1. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Helper

    I wish I could come... I'm working. But I hope everyone has a great time! :D
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  2. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Homesteader in Training Moderator VIP Elder

    You can do it! Go to sleep at 7PM, sleep for 8 hours, get up at 3AM, and you still have time for a shower and snack before the tournament.

    (In the military, we sometimes had to get up at those odd hours. You can do it!)
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  3. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    You were in the military? I didn't know that! Wow!
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  4. CoolKaterz

    CoolKaterz Expert VIP

    Ah cool, thanks for the info :)
  5. RubyGirl

    RubyGirl Queen of Redstone


    *has a heart attack*

    I- my whole life is a lie.

    P.S. Neither TheBigBurger nor I are in the military. All we do all day is sit around on the couch watching TV and eating junk food or blobbing around the house on our iPads and refusing to go on walks or do chores (but eventually we have to).
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  6. RubyGirl

    RubyGirl Queen of Redstone

    That actually seems feasible. If he eats something for dinner that makes him sleepy, it could potentially allow him to sleep at 7PM (way before his body clock would tell him to). Then he can set an alarm to wake up at 2:45 or 2:50am or something, then prepare some apples (he’s not allowed a lot of coffee- bonus fact, apples help keep you awake better than coffee does) and get ready.

    Option #2: go to sleep at the normal sleep time and wake up for the tournament and do the apple prep (ac Then, after the tournament, sleep for as long as required to clear your “sleep debt”.

    lol here iz me taking thingz seriouzly.
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  7. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Entitled

    *cough* witching hour *cough*
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  8. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Cinnamon Roll Hairbuns! VIP Helper Elder

    Adding to what LifeLearner said... I'll be up getting ready for work, so it's really not so bad. Besides... Minecraft! and Sandlot!
    (Protip: get the coffee ready the night before)
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  9. KRiskKaT

    KRiskKaT Cinnamon Roll Hairbuns! VIP Helper Elder

    I like the apples idea! I didn't know that, and I can only allow myself one cup of coffee (with milk...) otherwise I get jittery. The apples can be prepared ahead if tossed in a baggie with lemon or lime juice (then they stay fresh looking and tasting). Changing up my breakfast routine. (I usually roll an egg in a tortilla and eat in the car on the commute).
    I'll be cheering you all on..
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  10. TheOneCrafter

    TheOneCrafter PVP Master Helper

    Have fun guys, I wish I could be there!
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  11. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Hope to see you in HG soon! It would be cool if @zxmonster came back, then we could have a ZX vs TOC vs Kyu vs RMicky match! That would be awesome to watch!
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  12. llamas22

    llamas22 Artisan

    Can we spectate all the rounds? Can players spectate the final rounds by going into HG after the final rounds start?

    Hopefully we can, it will be fun to watch :)
  13. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Yes, you will be able to spectate all rounds after they start.
  14. llamas22

    llamas22 Artisan

    Let's say I use a kit to make a trap and someone falls to their death from falling into it. Will I get that kill counted for me? Or will the kill not count? (Specifically, linkage trap) I keep debating what kit to use :)
  15. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    In an ideal world, yes, but sadly, we don't have someone watching every player at all times. So, unless the game says "PlayerA was slain by PlayerB" or something like that, it isn't counted as a kill. If anyone has any other solutions, feel free to share them :)
  16. NekowoNyan64

    NekowoNyan64 Programming Neko VIP

    We could have a set of people monitoring. That could help.
  17. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Help I'm stuck in a simulation! Helper

    Ask the person who died who or what killed them, if it wasn't specified by the death message?
  18. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    It would just be hard, because it depends on the trap. If someone had the kit linkage and placed a linkage block over a big drop so that they could trick someone into dying, that probably wouldn't be a kill because they didn't directly hurt the player. If they punched a player into lava, that may be a kill because the pushed/hurt the player into dying.
  19. RMicky

    RMicky One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater VIP Helper

    if another player admits to being killed by another player, i think that should be counted.
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  20. _Onion

    _Onion Farm Fresh Onions! VIP Helper

    Yes, but would using a linkage block and then dying because of that be counted? But I do agree that if 1 player says they were knocked into lava by another I would count that as a kill.