Important info about Hunger Games

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. JohnySandN

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    Sounds good @c0wg0d ! Thanks for all your hard work to keep this amazing server going!
  2. Mickeyheart

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    Lk. Thanks!
  3. CreeperSword

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    Can you copy over the balance of tephaneuf (my old name)
  4. TigerGod295

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    I think he said after all the bugs are fixed...
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  5. CreeperSword

    CreeperSword Artisan

    yeah i meant when that happens :confused:
  6. tmuo

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    c0w, I just wanna say, thank you and thank you to all the mods/helper/admins who help make the sandlot possible. I love the sandlot so much, and everyone on it. I was very welcomed about a year ago and I have made many friends. I've also become better at pvp and being a better person just in general. Thank you to everyone who makes the sandlot possible. It means a lot to me, and all the sandlotians! :) <3
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  7. MegoLego7

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    I understand, c0wg0d.
  8. FunGiFunGuy

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    I got my kits back! Thanks c0w!!!
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  9. ohMars

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    COW MY MONEY IT GONE! (Lol But seriously I'm glad this is being fixed keep up the good work c0w :D)
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  10. ohMars

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    Pfft, Seriously, 1.10 battle physics are weird why would you update it ugh they are so hard to use why- *OnlyInTheShadows has been banned for Being Annoying.* (ROFL lol xd)
  11. ohMars

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    Don't wanna get in the way of any important bug fixes or anything you want to do, this is just a recommendation. Could you make lapis available to get in chests? Because there are enchantment bottles and tables, but since the minecraft update we haven't been able to use them. Keep up your hard work :D !
  12. ohMars

    ohMars Master VIP

    Uhh.. So I was spectating and right clicked on the ground and it gave me the compass tp thing so...
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