IMPORTANT! Minecraft 1.16.4, the new Social Interactions Screen, and Microsoft account migration

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Nov 3, 2020.

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    Ok, thanks for the info!
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    This sounds like better than nothing (which is what parents currently have for doing this).
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    So I'm quite confused about this but what what I gathered is that in 1.16.4, they made a new feature which you can acses by pressing the p key, but the Sandlot are blocking that so you can't use it properly
    Can someone tell me if l have my facts mixed up?
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    The sandlot is not blocking it but other than that it is right! :D
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    Ah hah thanks a lot!! :D
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    oops just re-read it and the sandlot does not use the standard format for sending messages and it does not work.
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    Yeah, as CNW just stated, The Sandlot isn't exactly blocking the feature, but it just won't work due to the fact that the server does not use the game's default chat system.
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    You had me at free cape. Free cape! Free cape! :D
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  10. YSElectro

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    I think some players are confused by this, so I just want to point out that you will not need to buy the existing Xbox gaming console, you just need to create an account for Xbox, you will not have to spend any more money I think. :)
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