IMPORTANT Protection Updates on SVS and Easy!

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    UPDATE: I will be removing the Lockette plugin on Easy and Semi-Vanilla Survival this Thursday, April 21st, after the nightly restart.

    UPDATE 2: I have updated the QuickShop plugin to the latest version which supports UUIDs. All your shops *should* have converted successfully, and all commands should be identical. Please post in the Bug Report forum if you have any issues.

    I am (slowly) trying to prepare to update Easy and SVS to Minecraft 1.8. Before you ask, I cannot do a straight upgrade from 1.7 to 1.9 because there are too many problems that could arise, and too many other factors to consider. I want to make the transition as safe and seamless as I can for you.

    There will not be any map resets for the 1.8 updates. We have not yet determined if there will be map resets for the eventual 1.9 update, but if there are, you will be given ample notice.

    Chests, Trapped Chests, Furnaces, Anvils, Brewing Stands, Droppers, Hoppers, Dispensers

    We are currently using Lockette to protect these items on SVS and Easy. To make it more consistent with our other servers (and for my sanity), we will be switching to LWC. This is the same protection plugin we are already using on Skyblock and Hardcore. Both Lockette and LWC will be enabled on SVS and Easy for a period of about two weeks. Any new chests placed down will be automatically protected with LWC. During this time, please update all your chests and other items you want protected to use LWC. To do this, type /cprivate and then punch your chest. If you have lots of chests, you can use /cpersist first, then /cprivate, then punch all your chests. You can do this for people you want to allow access to the chests as well with /cmodify <name>. Make sure you type /cpersist again when you're done. Once all your chests are protected with LWC, you can remove the Lockette signs (or leave them, it doesn't matter).

    I will also note that LWC is just an extra layer of protection. The claim plugin (with the gold shovel) also protects any chests inside your claim. LWC protection is really only needed if you want full control over what chests people can access inside your claims. As long as the chests are inside one of your claims, only those who have /trust or /containertrust can open those chests (until they are protected with LWC, then they need both /trust or /containertrust as well as /cmodify permissions on each chest). Hopefully I explained that well enough...


    Land claims should be unaffected. We are many, many, many versions behind on our Grief Prevention plugin, so there should be quite a few bug fixes and other features added in the upgrade. A couple notable things I saw are protection for item frames (which is something I've wanted to fix in Easy for two years now!) and no longer getting the error "That belongs to {0}" when trying to get on a horse in someone else's claim. Just to be safe, you might want to take note of where all your claims are and write them down, so that you can verify they are still yours after the update.

    Block Protections in Easy

    We are currently using a second block protection plugin in easy called BlockProtect. This is the plugin that protects every block you place, and only people on your /friends list can break your blocks.

    We initially had this plugin in place because our very young players are sometimes forgetful or naive and do not properly claim their builds with the gold shovel, so we added this second layer of protection to help prevent griefing from other players. Now that we have powerful tools for block damage lookups and rollbacks, I feel this plugin is no longer needed and is more of a headache than a help when players find random blocks they can't remove in their claims.

    When this plugin is removed, the associated commands will no longer do anything, and blocks placed by players will no longer be protected. I encourage you to double check all your builds and make sure they are claimed with a gold shovel.

    Horses, Donkeys, Mules

    We are currently using a plugin called HorseKeep to protect our horses and allow teleportation of our horses to anywhere. This plugin has been abandoned. I have some ideas on what to replace this plugin with, but I don't want to commit to anything just yet. Therefore, I want you to take the time to teleport all your horses inside one of your claims, and make sure they cannot wander freely outside the claim. Put them in a pen, and do not just rely on tying them to a fence with a lead, because leads are not very reliable in Minecraft. If your horses are inside your claims, they cannot be harmed by anyone and they will be safe. I do not want anyone to lose their favorite horse, so please do this as soon as you can before the upgrade takes place.

    After the update, there will likely be a time where horses cannot be protected or teleported around the map, but as long as they are in your claim, they will be safe from griefers.

    If you have any questions about the transition, ask away!
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  2. @c0wg0d, I'm unsure about when I punch my chests, it doesn't say something like 'Chest protected'?
  3. FastPablo1

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  4. Does this become effective Monday?
  5. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    That is likely, but not a definite. LWC is already installed and available though, so you can begin the transition now.
  6. On the new horse plugin can you make it to where you can ride in others claims. And can I ride in others claims while their is no horse plugin? don't want my horse to get stuck in their land!
  7. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I would not recommend riding your horses around during the transition period.
  8. Virgeric

    Virgeric AraGorn Moderator VIP Elder

    What about door access? I think we use Lockette for that. Is there an equivalent in LWC? I really liked the timed close you could do in Lockette. Is that gone?
  9. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Doors can also be protected with LWC. Sorry I forgot to mention that! Right now it will only support oak doors, but once we update to 1.8, all door types can be protected with LWC.
  10. SnoopyBanna

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    I don't think LWC allows for a timer so that's a downfall. Otherwise I really like it - no more signs everywhere and it's pretty handy for adding and removing people efficiently. It was the system we used for Factions too.

    I protected my iron door with LWC and it works fine - all I have to do is left-click it to open it and close it, and I was able to add another player to it (I haven't tested if they are able to open it or not yet though). It's essentially the same door-locking mechanism as Lockette, just without the sign and timer.
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  11. Avatar_plays_MC

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    I have been able to protect all types of doors in skyblock- password protected, other players added to it, and just plain old locked- Works perfectly fine.
  12. _IshDeFish_

    _IshDeFish_ Expert VIP Helper

    Whats the command for tping horses
  13. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    /horse tp <name or id>
  14. JackenKracken

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    Sounds like the end of the JackenKracken road network in Easy Survival...but an upgrade overall.
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  15. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

    made an LWC guide here
  16. pizzadog2

    pizzadog2 Artisan VIP Helper

    Can you protect iron doors? Plus, how will "Timer" with lockette be affected?

    By the way, c0w, thank you for doing this update! The signs with lockette can be very annoying.
  17. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

    You can protect iron doors, but you cannot put timers on any type of door with LWC
  18. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Yes, I forgot to say iron doors and trapdoors can also be protected. Once Lockette is removed, unfortunately there will no longer be a way to use timers.
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  19. pizzadog2

    pizzadog2 Artisan VIP Helper

    I think I found a problem with the two plugins...
    I was in my old base, protecting some old chests, when I protected someone's chest who moved out by accident. I tried opening the chest that they protected, and in chat, this popped up (In yellow, and I didn't put it in yellow for the sake of squinting eyes) :" [Lockette] You don't have permission to open this container. "Below it, I saw:" [LWC] You have a pending action but another plugin cancelled it! "

    The chest was only protected by Lego
    He hadn't tested if he could open the chest
  20. Prestihatitator

    Prestihatitator Weird Science! Helper

    I've lost my horse in SVS (I've tried tping it in every dimension, yes) but other than that I've had no problems, thanks for taking your time to do this, c0w
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