Introducing Arenas 1.8! (Detailed Info)

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  1. c0wg0d

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    Today, December 30, get ready to enjoy a brand new Arenas 1.8 experience!

    Arenas? We already have that. What's the big deal?

    Arenas is a popular server where people go to play minigames like Capture the Flag and 1v1 with their friends. There's also a shop where you can buy new weapons and armor and have a free for all PvP match.

    Not only is the Arena server being updated to version 1.8, but we are adding awesome new minigames and a much larger spawn area!

    All of these new features have been tested by our awesome helpers, but they are only a small group of people. There may be unforeseen issues that arise when we release this new server to everyone, so continue reading but keep in mind that we may need to adjust or disable some or all of these new features.

    Bomb Arena

    We have a new arena game called Bomb Arena. In this game, there are two teams that try to take a bomb to the other team's base and plant it. If your team plants the bomb and it goes off, you win! There is also a bomb gauntlet game where the bombers have to run through an obstacle course while avoiding the arrows of the enemy team. It's a lot of fun!

    Build Battle!

    Yes, you heard me right! Build Battle is being added to The Sandlot. This is a game that many of you have asked for. You go head to head with up to 15 other players to build a representation of a word that you are given at the start of the round. After the build time is up, everyone votes on everyone's build. The player with the most votes wins!

    The plugin is, unfortunately, somewhat glitchy, but hopefully we can get it stable soon.

    Hide and Seek!

    Yes, you heard me right again! Hide and Seek is being added to The Sandlot. In this game you spawn as a random block if you are a hider, and you have to find a place to hide that looks inconspicuous. You get 30 seconds to hide, then the seekers go out and try to find you!

    The game has an economy system, and the more you play, the more upgrades you can buy! Get better gear or the ability to choose specific blocks to hide as!

    Oyster Stadium PvP

    The free for all PvP area is now in Oyster Stadium. This is where you go to battle with the gear you purchased from the Dunces and Dragons shop. Remember, if you die, you'll have to go play more mini-games to earn money to buy more gear!

    Slap Happy and King of the Ladders PvP

    Slap Happy is a boxing ring where you PvP without any armor or weapons. Once you enter the boxing ring, your inventory and armor is cleared, so make sure all your valuables go into an enderchest before you play! The same rules apply to King of the Ladder. How long can you stay at the top?!

    Hunger Games Lobby

    The Arena server is now going to be home for all our minigames. This means to play the Hunger Games, you will now connect from Arenas instead of the Lobby. There are gates made out of water near spawn. When you walk in a gate, you will be instantly teleported to the selected game!

    Using /lobby in Hunger Games will now bring you back to Arenas so you can play over and over without going through the lobby every time.

    Thank you to all the moderators and helpers for all your testing and support. It is greatly appreciated! I hope you all enjoy the new Arenas!
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  2. LunaLovegood

    LunaLovegood original JUNA VIP Helper

    OH my gosh!!! Build Battle and Hide and Seek! Wow you must've worked hard c0wg0d!
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  3. mgdc_coco

    mgdc_coco Artisan VIP Helper

    bam second post! Lovin the new update!
  4. ljl23

    ljl23 Artisan VIP Helper

    I am in love with the new arenas :)
  5. Prestihatitator

    Prestihatitator Weird Science! Helper

    I love the new layout and the new games. :D
  6. ChefOnion

    ChefOnion Sandlot Chef Helper

    Thanks c0w for doing this! Will Hunger games be in 1.8 now?
  7. Avatar_plays_MC

    Avatar_plays_MC Airbender Helper

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  8. Cherry_Keen

    Cherry_Keen ham’s daughter VIP Helper

    This is so awesome! Thanks to everyone who worked on all the new awesome stuff!
  9. Kyukuro

    Kyukuro Ronin Moderator VIP Elder

    Great work on the 1.8 Arenas! Thanks also to all the Helpers who tested everything out.
    I've found my new favourite gamemode - Hide and Seek. (Turns out I'm pretty good at it, too!)
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  10. Monkey_Chicka

    Monkey_Chicka is stumbling along as best she can Moderator VIP

    Wow, thanks, Cow! My kids might actually play more Minecraft here now. :) My daughter loves hide and seek, we all like Build Battle. Yay!
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  11. GoldenZdude

    GoldenZdude Artisan

    So much fun! Thank you cowgod!!!!!
  12. Gigithepuppy

    Gigithepuppy Expert

    Why did it have to be the day I wouldn't be on all day :( which means I have all day tommorow to take a look :)
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  13. GoldenZdude

    GoldenZdude Artisan

    Its worth te wait :)
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  14. Gigithepuppy

    Gigithepuppy Expert

    That's good to know can't wait :)
  15. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 is hiding Moderator VIP Elder

    thank you again for your continued dedication and hard work on The Sandlot!
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  16. _Razz

    _Razz Redstone Warrior Moderator VIP Elder

    Some great additions. I've been having fun just watching everyone enjoy themselves.
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  17. starri

    starri Expert VIP Helper

    Thank you c0wg0d and moderators! Sandlot wouldn't be as great as it is without you guys! We admire each and every one of you! : D
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  18. Dotted_Zebra

    Dotted_Zebra Artisan Helper

    Amazing! Thanks @c0wg0d for all yours, and anyone else, who helped/ made this happen! :p
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  19. BellStar03

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    The new arenas is amazing! There is something for everyone! Thanks, @c0wg0d !
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