Is redstone enabled in the Parkour server?

Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by TotalDominotion, May 21, 2020.

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  1. hamsrus1

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    short answer, technically yes but not really.

    long answer, I would recommend having as little redstone in parkour courses as possible. I do not want any redstone clocks running endlessly in the Parkour server. there have been issues with different updates where at one point players could press buttons, then couldn't, or where a piston door broke from spamming it, or where a Minecraft update broke a redstone contraption that worked in a previous version, etc.

    off the top of my head I can only think of 2 uses where redstone would really contribute to the course quality and experience: piston slime block launchers and timed jump sections. (piston pushes blocks out and you must complete before they retract) I would be fine with the slime block ones as I don't see a whole lot of ways they can be broken by the player, but as far as the timed jump ones it would depend.

    if/when you build something redstone related for Parkour, you're free to contact me in-game to take a look.

    hope this helps, let me know if you have other questions about Parkour
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  2. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks is kinda sus

    No wonder my piston door was gone in the supermarioworld parkour (which wasn't much SMWish)
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  3. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks is kinda sus

    Does the server still accept parkour sequels? I'd like to make a sequel to supermarioworld (which is mine) once I can. The rules say the theme must be unique, but since supermarioworld is not very SMWish, so the next one I make would be more better looking. Does the whole reason put together make it a yes to a sequel of SMW?
  4. hamsrus1

    hamsrus1 unmoderated Moderator VIP Elder

    that sounds fine to me