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Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by Pauly_Wauly, Jul 24, 2020.

  1. Pauly_Wauly

    Pauly_Wauly Adept VIP

    I accidentally died earlier on Easy and I dropped my Elytra...it then despawned. Is there any way to get it back or is it now gone forever??
    Hoping peace can be restored as it was gifted by somebody and had it a long time
  2. YS_Electro_Wiz

    YS_Electro_Wiz tesseracting since 2016 VIP

    oh no! I hate when that happens, feels bad man. when can you be on, I can just give you a new one.
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  3. LifeLearner

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    I'm sorry that you lost your Elytra.

    Staff do not replace items lost on survival servers. We try to keep the game play as close to vanilla Minecraft as we can, excepting the specific mechanics that make each server unique (jobs, ranks, etc.)
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  4. lardydare

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    I'm sure someone would be happy to sell you one, I think I have a spare so just contact me in game :)
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  5. Pauly_Wauly

    Pauly_Wauly Adept VIP

    Ok, thanks for the advice and I understand. TY.
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  6. Pauly_Wauly

    Pauly_Wauly Adept VIP

    All, thank you for your help and offer to sell/replace...will see you in game and do a deal :)
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  7. lardydare

    lardydare The Voice of Reason

    I hope you enjoyed that dragon fight we just had :p