Minecraft Realms - The Sandlot's Position

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LifeLearner, Dec 24, 2015.

  1. TrueVioletMU

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    mhmm! ^^
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  2. Monkey_Chicka

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    I'm a 48 year-old mom and I will only go on a realms with people I know in real life. It's a good way for friends who know each other in real life (like at school) to play while each is in his or her own home, but a moderated server is a much better place for people who don't know each other in real life to play together safely and have fun. And now that we have the arenas, why play anywhere else? :)
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  3. Indrichi

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    Until mojang establishes a vanilla means to protect your builds, realms is a waste of time to me anyway:p
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  4. zuzudanger

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    Moms are the best. (no offense to dads) They are nice, and cool, and welp, motherly. Then again, dads are awesome too. I happen to have a great dad who is never afraid to help me with math problems.
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  5. Parziale

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    sounds like a session id taker
  6. Alliecatgirl

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    yeah thats why me and roundhousezach have a realm for him and me and our friend (irl) who dosent play the sandlot
  7. saudkasumbi

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    Life, this is a great reminder, and also i agree.. great idea:57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::57::159:and have a melon:103:
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  8. charlemane72

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    You are completly right, lifelearner.
  9. FastPablo1

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    And science
  10. and also,
    Even 5 year olds can be swear-filled bullies. Don't go 'Aw, they are harmless, they are 5'.
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  11. EkulPvP

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    This is why I shared my real age so people aren't like "Hey mum/mom I'm playing with my 12 year old friend TotallyNotYoda!" Because I'm older than 12. And I don't want anyone thinking I'm someone I'm not. :)
  12. BellStar03

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    This is still relevant today. FYI for new parents/members and reminder for all. We care about your safety.
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