Mod Head Scavenger Hunt in the February Lobby!

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  1. WanderingLlama

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    Hello everyone! This new and improved February lobby will be full of fantastic fun! You will have a chance to win a mending elytra, shulker boxes, and 15 moderator heads in the February lobby scavenger hunt!

    There are 15 moderator challenges that are scattered around the lobby, with a cool game or adventure for each one!
    At the end of each challenge/adventure, click the sign saying that you found a moderator's head. You will get a token, which you can use to trade with villagers for any of the 15 moderator heads listed below, a shulker box, and a mending elytra!
    The villager is located in the sunken shops next to the Hunger Games portal.

    Depending on how the scavenger hunt is going, clues will be provided.
    Always remember to push buttons, swim, and walk all around the lobby to find the entrances to each head quest.

    You will now be able to get and store items in shulker boxes in the lobby!
    Trade two tokens with the villager to get a shulker box.
    At the purple/magenta beacon (a ways in front of the Skywars/HG portal), there is a dispenser and a piston. Put the shulker box into the dispenser and activate the dispenser using the lever next to it. Then, fill your shulker box and activate the piston using the other lever to get the shulker box back.

    You will also be able to exchange 10 tokens for a mending elytra! The signs that give tokens have a cooldown of 10 days.

    The moderator heads you are on a quest to find are:





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  2. KRiskKaT

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    I had a lot of fun finding these! Thanks WanderLlama and MCtwilight for a fun adventure! and the prizes are cool too!
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  3. LegoBoyo

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    Thank you to everyone who made this event possible! I'm sure this was fun to a lot of players! I have yet to find all of the moderators heads.
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  4. JamPastry

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    This was a really fun event, thanks to those who made it! Finally found the last head ;)
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  5. LunaLovegood

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    My flight had 3 hour delay so I was able to get the 10 heads which is enough for the Elytra :). I don’t know if I would have done it otherwise.
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  6. KRiskKaT

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    If you get really stuck, you can ask for help. I'm sure someone will be around eventually to show you a couple locations ;)

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  7. LegoBoyo

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    Oooooh! This should be extremely helpful! Thank you very much!
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  8. Mizalin

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    Nicely done on the treasure hunt! Was interesting working through all of them. Fun fun!
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  9. c0wg0d

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    This was great! Thank you @WanderingLlama! I was able to find all the heads and get a swanky new elytra! It took me forever to find Life's!
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  10. LegoBoyo

    LegoBoyo Pop Culture Enthusiast Elder Helper VIP

    Still have yet to find all the heads... am really behind on this :oops: