Name changes are now live! 1.9 and 1.10 clients now supported!

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by c0wg0d, Jul 6, 2016.

  1. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    I have updated all servers to support name changes, as well as being able to connect with 1.9 and 1.10 clients. I recommend that everyone update their profile in the Minecraft launcher to use 1.10.2 now (or just Use latest version).

    If you have any issues with your name change, please post a bug report. Forum name changes are not supported yet.
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  2. HamYoyo

    HamYoyo Adept

    Thanks for all your hard work @c0wg0d! Oooh first comment.
    I can't wait for my polar bear party in Creative @LegoBoyo (you said you wanted to see it I think in Basset's polar bear thread... muahahahhaa I will take over it)
  3. :) thanks c0w
  4. BunnyGirl38

    BunnyGirl38 Adept

    Thank you c0w! :D
  5. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandma Mickey Helper

    Thanks @c0wg0d for everything you do for us. You truly work very hard, and us Sandlotians are truly ,truly grateful to have such an amazing administrator. Same goes for you, @cheracc :)
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  6. Pippi509

    Pippi509 Artisan

    I don't think he meant the server is 1.10 now, just that you can connect using those. I could be wrong, tho :p

    Anyways, thanks for your hard work, c0w!
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  7. T0x1cJunip3R

    T0x1cJunip3R Expert

    Thanks so much for all your hard work c0w! We really appreciate it! One question though, will our usernames be automatically changed when we enter Sandlot?
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  8. Your not he said you could connect with either and if it was 1.10 you wouldn't be able to connect with 1.9
  9. Kyukuro

    Kyukuro Ronin Moderator VIP Elder

    That is correct.
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  10. HamYoyo

    HamYoyo Adept

    PLEEEEAAAASE MAKE SURE YOUR MC USERNAME IS 100% family friendly and doesn't break any of the rules/guidelines please! :)
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  11. CaptainFinner

    CaptainFinner The Funny One VIP Helper

    OOH! Thank you c0w!
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  12. TRBHCharlie

    TRBHCharlie Adept VIP

    Thanks c0w! Your hard work is giving us joy everyday!
  13. T0x1cJunip3R

    T0x1cJunip3R Expert

    Oh, also is it possible we not tell everyone who we are? I was kinda hoping for a fresh start
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  14. Kyukuro

    Kyukuro Ronin Moderator VIP Elder

    Your name will change when you log into the server today.

    You could have a "fresh start", but anyone has access to your name history.
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  15. T0x1cJunip3R

    T0x1cJunip3R Expert

    Okay, thanks so much for your help Kyu!
  16. zilory

    zilory Expert at Dying While AFK VIP Helper Elder

    Thanks so much c0w! This will be a game changer!
  17. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandma Mickey Helper

    Remember: NO ONE change your name to something close to the mods'. We can't pretend to be moderators

    Also, your new name must be 100% KID FRIENDLY. If it involves anything your parents wouldn't want you to have in your name, or something a child under 10 may not benefit from, don't include it.

    All in all, if you think your name may have something Questionable in it, please ask someone first. :)
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  18. HamYoyo

    HamYoyo Adept

    Eg: V1rgeric, cOwg0d, hamsruz1, etc...
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  19. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Grandma Mickey Helper

    Some examples:
  20. RennyBoi_320

    RennyBoi_320 Expert

    Wow!! I never thought I'd see the day! Thank you so much c0w! And any other mods that worked on this! :D

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