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Discussion in 'Get Help!' started by SullyTheUnusual, Jan 4, 2019.

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  1. SullyTheUnusual

    SullyTheUnusual Expert VIP

    Hello, I'm trying to travel to the nether from a portal I created in the overworld at my home. When I go through the portal, it links to another player's portal inside their claim. They have a room built around the portal with a locked door, and I'm unable to get out. I tried /trapped, but it said that it couldn't find a suitable location to teleport me to.

    I'm wondering what my options are, since the game mechanics would require me to make a portal about 1000 blocks away from my house in the overworld to make sure this other player's claimed portal in the nether is outside the 128 block radius the game searches to find a receiving portal when traveling to the nether.

    I didn't see anything in the rules about this, but are players allowed to block nether portals? Also, this player hasn't logged in for 45 days. Will his claim expire at some point, so that I'll be able to set up a receiving portal in the nether?

    Thanks in advance for the help!
  2. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind Perpetual Mental Maze Runner Elder

    Here's how I usually link up portals:

    Step 1: Get the x and z coordinates from your overworld portal and divide them by 8 to get nether coordinates. (Example: If your portal is at x= 800 and z= -800, the nether coordinates would be x= 100 and z= -100.)
    Step 2: Find another way into the nether. (Either through spawn or another players portal.) Make sure you take obsidian and flint and steel to make a new portal.
    Step 3: Travel to the nether coordinates.
    Step 4: Build a new portal exactly at the nether coordinates you calculated.
    Step 5: Light the portal and go through it. It should link up to your overworld portal since they are essentially in the same spot. Go through your portal back to the nether and it should take you to the portal you just made.

    If that doesn't work, then maybe a helper or mod can help you in-game.
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  3. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Sully, I came in-game to try to free you, but you weren't here.

    A moderator can teleport you out, or another player with teleport rank can do that.
  4. SullyTheUnusual

    SullyTheUnusual Expert VIP

    @RatMazeMind Thanks for the advice. I am familiar with how the portal mechanics work, and I would have created a nether portal at the correct coordinates, if I wasn't trapped inside the claim. My next step was to travel more than 1000 blocks from my home so that the game would not use the same receiving portal, but would create its own.

    @LifeLearner Thanks the the assistance, I had to log out when I encountered the problem, however. I did notice there is a nether portal at spawn, so I think I'll try and get to the proper location in the nether that way. I was still wondering though, if the proper coordinates for my receiving portal in the nether are within a player's claim, am I just out of luck at that point? The player in question hasn't logged in for 45 days. Will his claims expire after a certain number of days of inactivity?

    Thanks again, both of you!
  5. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Claims don't expire for a long time. If your desired location is within that player's claim, when you go to the exact coordinates, then you would not be able to build your portal.

    At that point, a Moderator can intervene on your behalf to get your portal built and claimed. We have several options, but would first like to know if this is a problem.
  6. SullyTheUnusual

    SullyTheUnusual Expert VIP

    I was able to build and claim a portal at the correct coordinates, so all is good. Thank you! :)
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  7. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Wonderer, Philosopher, Scholar Moderator VIP Elder

    Thanks for letting us know!
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