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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by LifeLearner, Apr 21, 2020.

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  1. LifeLearner

    LifeLearner Homesteader in Training Moderator VIP Elder

    Sandlot Community,

    We revised our policies regarding the posting of Photos, Videos, and YouTube Channels. The existing threads were locked and removed from public view.

    Effective immediately, no photos or YouTube channels may be published on The Sandlot. Videos must conform to the requirements at the bottom of this post.

    We discussed this issue among the Moderator Staff for an extended time. We believe that these are the best decisions for our community. Following are some of our reasons for these decisions.

    Personal Photos: These are photos which show the real-life human behind the keyboard, as well as pets, gardens, cars, art projects, etc. Our reasons for prohibiting these photos relate to hazards associated with social media. The Sandlot forums are a type of social media. Additionally, we believe that providing a repository of player photos is incompatible with our online safety ethos.
    • We have no way to know if parents approve of these photos or their public posting, and we do not want to create a mechanism for parental approval.
    • Some photos included images of other people, who might not consent to having their photos posted.
    • Posting one's image online can be a safety concern.
    • We must screen photos to ensure they have no personally identifiable information, and this process adds work for staff.
    • Some players, especially adolescents, compare themselves to others, and such comparisons can contribute to lower self-esteem.
    • Getting feedback, in the form of "likes" or comments on social media, is known to produce a burst of dopamine in the brain. This chemical reward can lead some people to crave the attention and become addicted to social media.
    • Seeing others doing fun things can create a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) and lead to feelings of depression.

    YouTube Channels and Videos:
    • Staff do not have time to continuously screen YouTube channels to ensure the content meets our standards of propriety.
    • Players can post inappropriate content on their channel at any moment. Even if we screen a channel, the content can change within minutes of our screening and we would not know.
    • Players can post personally identifying information in their channel page or within videos, which violates Sandlot policies regarding information sharing.
    Acceptable Videos:

    The only videos that may be posted on The Sandlot must be of Minecraft gameplay only and recorded in Singleplayer Minecraft or on The Sandlot.
    • Any posted videos must conform to all rules of The Sandlot.
    • Videos must be embedded into a forum post using the Media button. This button is located at the top of the post, between the Image and Insert buttons. The icon looks like two pieces of film.
    • Links to external videos may not be posted anywhere on The Sandlot, including in conversations.
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  2. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Helper

    thank you for all you guys do to continue to keep the sandlot a safe and family friendly community!

    i understand why these measures needed to be taken. thank you for providing reasons so that we can understand.
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  3. ShadowKeen

    ShadowKeen Ham's son VIP

    I don't really agree with these rules but okay...
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  4. Cherries_02

    Cherries_02 Tiny, but fierce!

    Real life photos and videos I can understand but the art and pets part really confuse me...
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  5. Irishgirl_Keen

    Irishgirl_Keen Master VIP

    As Shad’s and Cherries’ mom I agree. Wow, this is becoming a draconian group. This is sad.
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  6. LilAdamBrooks

    LilAdamBrooks is kinda sus

    No wonder that thread @Abbz05 made was closed. Rest in Piece, thread that allowed you to post your face.
    But at least you are making Sandlot safer.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2020
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  7. GertAlert

    GertAlert Gert Alert! Warning, Gert Alert! Helper

    I completely understand the new rules put in place thanks for making sandlot a safer environment for kids to playing on
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  8. tmuo

    tmuo Witch doctor VIP

    As someone who has always had a lot of insecurities, posting on the thread was a huge step for me. It actually boosted my confidence & I posted another picture.

    I’m going to be honest, these rules don’t make sense to me. I don’t understand why after a few years the threads have only now been ‘taken care’ of. I don’t know who’s going to agree and who isn’t - but I feel like something should be said. I’ve met some of my best friends on here - the family photos thread I can understand, to an extent. But, art, pets, photography, etc. I truly do not understand.

    While I will respect these rules, I do not agree with them. I hope you all can understand my viewpoint.
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  9. spenksmells

    spenksmells :P VIP

    I agree with tmo. I've met a lot of my best friends on here, and I like to see what they're interested in. All of them are so talented! And while I understand people being insecure, this is a safe place. Everyone reacts positively and is so kind, and a lot of the players here have boosted my confidence. :)

    Also, a lot of younger kids aren't allowed to have social media, and this is their only platform to post their hobbies and accomplishments. I struggle with self doubt a lot, so when I'm actually proud of something I do, I like seeing the positive feedback.

    I also think it's important for kids to be able to post here rather than social media. People on other platforms won't be as nice, and that can really negatively effect self image or pride.
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  10. funkyfreakmalik

    funkyfreakmalik The mystery continues VIP

    Yeah, we can't post art but there is a whole category for art and story threads???
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  11. RMicky

    RMicky One-eyed One-horned Flying Purple People Eater VIP Helper

    I agree with a lot of the people who have already posted. I get that sandlot is meant to be a safe place for players of all ages, and we have a lot of strict rules. However, i think a large portion of this updated rules seems to be a bit much in my opinion. I agree with the updates to policy for youtube. However, not being allowed to post a picture of yourself seems way too strict to me. The post made by Abbz05 has lots of encouraging comments and in general i think improves player moral then worsens it. I dont see how posting a picture of yourself online is any danger. We already had rules to not allow personal information. Im just kinda confused of why this is necessary. I highly doubt anyone on the server has had any danger come to them because they posted their face or their art.
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  12. TheBigBurger

    TheBigBurger Time Traveller

    Yeah, I agree with you guys. I understand that you might not be able to post pictures of yourself, but I don't really get why you can't post art. As long it fits the rules, that should be allowed.
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  13. ishx_

    ishx_ So ishie! So squishie! VIP

    Every time a player has posted on this thread, there have been nothing but loads of replies hyping the player up. I have not seen any negativity resulting from this post. I also feel that posting art and pictures of pets should be kept open, as it is another way to express ourselves. There are tons of limitations on how we are able to express ourselves now and I feel that it impacts the playerbase negatively, although its silent because people won't speak out about it in fear of backlash from staff.
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  14. Pokiechu

    Pokiechu I poke at you! VIP

    I understand how all the moderators want what's best for us, but I also know they want our feedback as well, so here's my thoughts on this. The real life family photos thread was really the one thread that honestly I felt like everyone loved the most. Seeing everyone post pictures of themselves and getting the hype that they may have never even gotten before and seeing how excited they were to see someone say "I might be posting a picture soon!" was so sweet and beautiful. But, I can understand as to why the mod team prohibited the sharing of pictures with people in them, but what I still do not understand is prohibiting the posting of pictures of pets, cars, and even just art. I love seeing players grow in their skills in their hobbies they enjoy and seeing them get the positive feedback that even a lot of times fuels them to continue doing what they are passionate about. I say this with all due respect, but I do not agree with this.
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  15. c0wg0d

    c0wg0d Master Owner Moderator VIP

    Never in the history of The Sandlot has anyone gotten backlash from a moderator for speaking their mind. I am respectful to all of our community at all times, and I expect the same from our community toward our moderator staff and myself, and I am saddened and frankly I am upset that there are some who feel like they can't speak their mind here or feel we are being draconian. As we said, we have discussed this at length amongst the moderator staff and have come to this conclusion. That being said, as always, we may not have thought every single aspect of this policy through, and we are only human. We always value everyone's opinion, whether good or bad, and may adjust this policy based on your feedback. Thank you.
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  16. Cherries_02

    Cherries_02 Tiny, but fierce!

    Unfortunately, we have gotten some backlash from speaking our minds in the past too. We're always told as Helpers (and players) to give feedback and are quite honestly calling it as it is. I genuinely mean this in the most respectful way, as you have always been such a kind person c0w. But sometimes rules can be taken too far and don't allow any type of individuality. It is becoming a harsh environment, it is effecting the playerbase negatively. Those comments were not meant to be offensive, they were meant to voice their feelings.
    You are respectful towards our community, some times others are not.. however, they weren't being disrespectful towards you or anyone in particular, they were just voicing opinions that are based on the rules that impact the players, not on an individual. Many do unfortunately feel as if they cannot speak their minds sometimes because we are worried of the harsh repercussions, when it really needs to be an open space for us to give feedback. Personally, a good idea may be creating a feedback thread available towards moderators if opinions are preferred to not be discussed openly.
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  17. Irishgirl_Keen

    Irishgirl_Keen Master VIP

    I don’t believe that anyone has been disrespectful in these posts, but only expressing their feelings. Yes, I do believe that these new rules are overly strict, or draconian, I mean no pictures of gardens or art...? There are ways to keep ones safe without being so restrictive.
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  18. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    The one aspect about this I don't understand is that forums generally seemed to be slightly more lenient when compared to in-game because forums tends to serve a slightly older audience. I'm sure you guys are just doing what's best; however, the reason we all even play on this server regularly is because of this encouraging community. Just look at the forums website. It is almost entirely locked to those who don't play here for extremely good reason. Social media is extremely open most of the time, but the "you need to log in to see this post" Sandlot Minecraft Forums is already protective of this by nature.

    I do want to add, though, that I have been seeing some peer pressure by some people trying to get one person to post a picture who doesn't want to, and I am extremely disappointed that Sandlot members would do that. With that being said, that shouldn't take away another person's choice of wanting to post a picture.

    When I heard there was going to be more information, I was looking for a reason. Most of it stems from comparison to "social media", which I think is an extremely unfair comparison given how the Sandlot, in general, has so many gates to keep everyone here safe that there is no comparison to it in my opinion. I see some resemblance in how it functions mechanically; however, the true thought put into everything that Sandlot does is why it isn't like any of the popular mindless sites I condemn on a daily basis. I know the negative affects most social media areas have, but the Sandlot Forums just simply isn't that. For me, it's going to take more than just the cliche presentation on social media's obvious negative affects to justify a thread's removal; I'm sorry.

    "Seeing others doing fun things can create a "fear of missing out" (FOMO) and lead to feelings of depression."
    Since when are you not going to see others doing fun things? This particular point bothers me a bit, because you will always see other people having fun, both on forums and in-game. It's okay to not be involved in everything! Nobody can be in two places at once. If people's fear of missing out is one of the main reasons a thread is being taken down, then The Sandlot Minecraft shouldn't exist. The whole point of Sandlot is to have a fun time, and I can't tell you the number of times I've seen somebody a bit down because they see others doing something else fun. You know what I do? I have fun with them. The Sandlot community isn't the average teenage brain, and treating it as such undermines every great value the Sandlot stands for.

    None of this is a personal attack on anybody. I will respect any final decision given, but the current reasons greatly concern me. At the end of the day, if these are the reasons for a thread removal, all of the pixels on all of our screens should be off right now.
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  19. bobandbunny

    bobandbunny Virge's 3rd Favorite Mod Moderator VIP Elder

    Hey guys, it's getting kind of intense in here! I know that right now everyone is going through a lot. We have never experienced something like this quarantine before.. and I think I speak for most when I say it is stressful and confusing.. I guess I don't like not knowing what the future holds.

    I want to say that I respect every single one of your opinions, and they will be taken into consideration, because we do want there to be a good balance between being safe, but also being a supportive community. Without all of you, the sandlot would not be the amazing place it is today, and I thank you for that. I know that it is really hard right now, but lets try to keep an open mind about everything.

    I know that we all want the same thing, which is for sandlot to be a wonderful safe community, and that right now we need each other more than ever. You can tell we've all been inside too long when I am asked to tp for a picture with many players wearing my head...... (It was fun though!)

    We understand your concerns, but remember that everyone needs some more positivity right now, the mods need your help staying up beat because we are feeling the same way as a lot of you.

    I am so glad to have sandlot during this time, c0w and the other mods have made this such a sanctuary when real life seems so surreal. We all need each other to be thoughtful and understanding right now, and I think the best things we can do right now is think of the things you are thankful for, I for one am thankful for the sandlot. Moving on in this thread, if I don't see at least 3 smiley faces in your posts I will add them myself! Things will work out, even if not immediately. We hear you guys, we understand, but most importantly thank you to c0w and everyone on this server for giving me something to look towards each day.
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  20. GertAlert

    GertAlert Gert Alert! Warning, Gert Alert! Helper

    I get these rules are rules but I think in some way there a little much
    But in my opinion i have mixed feelings about it. I honestly didn't see a probably with the "In Real Life Family photos thread." I honestly saw a lot of really positive stuff said and nothing negative. I really don't see why it needs to be removed but I understand if its for the safety of the players if this is the case. But i really don't see a issue with the thread but I understand from a mods viewpoint that maybe it could have some personal information on it. But I hope that everyone is ok and just stay positive during this going on and during the quarantine and I hope everyone is doing ok and just stay positive about everything even if some of y'all don't agree with somethings we all need to stay together and be the best we can! :) Love y'all and the community stay positive we will get threw this together <3
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