Outdated server! How to play on The Sandlot

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  1. c0wg0d

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    As you probably know, Minecraft 1.13 was recently released. If you are trying to connect to The Sandlot and get the error "Outdated server!" that means you are trying to connect using Minecraft 1.13. The Sandlot does not yet support this version of Minecraft, so you will need to change the version you use to join us.

    In the Minecraft launcher, open the Hamburger menu.


    Select Launch options.


    Select Add new.


    Create a new Minecraft Launcher profile. In this example, I called mine Minecraft 1.12.2, but you can call it whatever you want. You can also assign a new icon to it by clicking the furnace and selecting your desired block. For Version, make sure you select release 1.12.2 (or your 1.12.2 optifine version if you use it, as you can see in my example).


    Select Save at the bottom of the page, then click News in the menu at the top. Click the triangle next to the Play button and select your new profile.


    Click Play and connect to The Sandlot to start playing!
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  2. AndromedaJulie

    AndromedaJulie Queen of Spacey Helper

    This should perhaps be a sticky, entitled something like “Can’t connect to Sandlot when a new release comes out?”

    Some of us have this problem over and over and over.

    You know, a sticky in every single forum.
    And on our foreheads.
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  3. Giraffon

    Giraffon Expert Helper

    Great job on the step by step instructions! If you like a less techy feel, you can just name that launcher profile "The Sandlot". When you start Minecraft you'll have a little drop down menu to choose from and it will be really easy to spot the correct one for what you want.

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  4. Virgeric

    Virgeric Social Distancing since 1982! Moderator VIP Elder

    This has happened to me every upgrade since 1.8, and I always get momentarily confused... :p
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  5. dj_H

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    Mmm! Hamburger menu! Hold the pickles!

    Edit: Oh my goodness!! I just realized who the OP was!!! (Original Poster).

    ..and hamburger might not be a subject that... ...well... nevermind!
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  6. SupersonicE9

    SupersonicE9 Retro Gamer VIP Helper Elder

    I didn't even know that the newest menu was called the "Hamburger" menu until I read this yesterday. lol
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  7. Mickeyheart

    Mickeyheart Wielder of the Forbidden Ukelele Helper

    Thank you! I till have the old launcher o.o
  8. sdailey

    sdailey The Hunter of Secrets

    Oof... I don't downgrade. I choose to leave the past in the past. I do find something odd though. Why hasn't Sandlot been able to be updated to 1.13 when another popular server, with a ton of plugins, just updated to 1.13 the day after it came out?
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  9. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    Maybe they have dedicated programmers working to get everything updated and they may also create their own plugins. We have one guy who has a family and a full-time job and who uses third-party plugins (meaning he has to wait for other people to update them.) As of right now, Spigot/BungeeCord which makes the whole server even possible is not yet updated to the full 1.13 release. That's not to mention all the plugins we use.
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  10. littlehamsters

    littlehamsters OG Trendsetter VIP

    Do you know when Sandlot will support 1.13 yet? Just curious lol I saw 1.13 and it was so cool and I'm going to love SVS/creative
  11. RatMazeMind

    RatMazeMind The Scapegoat Moderator VIP Elder

    No, but I would put on your patience hat. The basic server software that Sandlot uses (Spigot/BungeeCord) is only updated to 1.13-pre-release-7 (there were 10 pre-releases.) But right now, it is really only for developers so they can work on updating their plugins; it's not yet ready for actual server use. After that's done, we still have to wait for all the key plugins we use to be updated and deemed stable. I know that it's hard waiting even more after we waited soooo long to get this update in the first place, but we don't want to push out something that is incomplete and could crash or corrupt the whole server. So while c0w and others do their work behind the curtain, the best thing the players can do to help is be patient. :D

    From SpigotMC:
    "Please stop asking when 1.13 builds will be ready. They will be released only when we are comfortable with the stability and completeness of 1.13-pre7.

    It's a big one!

    After over 200 days of work and more than 500 commits, it is time for me to announce that the first 1.13 versions of CraftBukkit/Spigot/BungeeCord are now available to the public. Before continuing further I must stress the point that these are not release builds. They are not designed to be used on live servers, and if you run them without creating backups you will lose data. They are being released now to 1) allow plugin developers to begin porting their plugins, and 2) allow community members to contribute the finishing touches and improvements.

    1.13 is different from any previous versions in several key aspects. As evidenced by some of the numbers above, it is the largest release of Minecraft ever, with a huge amount of changes, features, and bugs introduced. It is difficult to put an exact assessment on the scope of the changes, but a jump from 1.8 to 1.12 all at once is a fair approximation (i.e. all 4 previous updates merged together)."
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  12. FastPablo1

    FastPablo1 Faster than a speeding Pablo! Helper

    What do these look like? Are they stylish?

    Oh, and thanks c0w for the informations c:
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  13. AndromedaJulie

    AndromedaJulie Queen of Spacey Helper

    On this note (as we remain patient): thanks @c0wg0d for running Sandlot as a labor of love in your spare time in order to keep it not only free of charge, but also free of advertising. I know that I forget that this is unusual and I don’t remember to appreciate how unique this is. Not only is Sandlot family friendly and all around awesome, but it’s free. But beyond that, we don’t have sponsor notifications interrupting play all the time, or posted on our forums. This is huge!

    And hey, once in a while it’s fun to go back to single player and struggle along from the beginning. I don’t maintain single player games so whenever I want to check something new out I have to start from scratch. Which is kind of fun too!
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  14. Abbz05

    Abbz05 Excess in Moderation Moderator VIP


    I've got mine on!
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  15. ARGreat

    ARGreat Not just good. Great! VIP Helper

    I looked over this comment a bagillian times, and just now realized that the settings is shaped like a burger
  16. Jen_and_Rey07

    Jen_and_Rey07 Dancer For LifeLearner

    Wow!! I always thought it was three lines!